Your Photographer.


Hello, my name is Korin and I will be your photographer.

My style is…





Modern Classic

I find that there is nothing more empowering than feeling at one with you.  Everyone woman should take the time to appreciate who they are in the here and now.  We are all beautiful and sexy beings and it’s important that we never forget that.  How many times have you thought you didn’t feel pretty in the past, but go back and look at those photos years later and thought, “What was I thinking?! I was so beautiful.”

Never make that mistake again.

 Relish in your own unique beauty, let go of the shyness, and invest in a boudoir session.  I am so easy going you will feel comfortable around me instantly… that or the champagne will do the trick.

I fell in love with the camera at age 10 and started shooting about 16 years ago.  I decided to pursue being a professional photographer in 2012 after a push from my beautiful host daughter from Germany.  I began UrbanJunglePhotography and have become successful and well known in the Dallas and Austin area.  I shoot with magazines, couples, weddings, but now I will concentrate primarily on boudoir photography.

Please contact me if you like more information about booking a session with Wonderland Boudoir.  Currently I shoot on location.  Yes, I am  willing to travel! 

Photos courtesy of the Boudoir Divas, San Diego!  Thank You Marissa!