Your Photographer.

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Hello, my name is Korin and I will be your photographer.

Our Mission.

Wonderland Boudoir aims to provide a personalized experience where woman can fully own their unique and powerful femininity in an intimate boudoir session.  We will work together to create powerfully evocative photos that you will hold on for a lifetime. 


Why Do I Love Boudoir Photography?

I love shooting boudoir photographer because I enjoy getting to know the ladies that walk through our door on a one-on-one basis.  Getting to really know someone helps create a better product because I learn your style, understand your needs, and discuss your desires for this important moment in your life. 

Getting to know someone on a more intimate basis allows us to create a better product that way. I love seeing and hearing everyone's reaction after they view their final photos!  I love knowing that they are, and have always been, that sexy woman they yearned to be.  


Why You Should do a Session!

We go above average.

We are not your typical boudoir studio.   I have been shooting for over 19 years and I know that your personal experience and engagement is a value that has no monetary assessment tied it. Time is the most expensive commodity that we all have to give.  I want to make sure that you feel it has been very well spent.   

We create a comfortable environment by keeping in contact with you prior to your session so you know what to expect.  We discuss your needs, and then have you partake in an exercise to really get to know the mood, style, and direction of your shoot.  After you complete this exercise we will then discuss the results to help finalize the prep of your boudoir session.

I want you to know that I will not take this experience granted.   We will work together to create beautiful art.  


Photos courtesy of the Boudoir Divas, San Diego!  Thank You Marissa!