Top 5 Things Needed for Every Boudoir Shoot

Here are the Top 5 Things Every Woman Needs for Her Boudoir Shoot



01 Confidence:  This is the number one thing you need for your shoot. Yes, exposing your most physical self to someone is very intimidating, but it can also be liberating.  Any man of quality will tell you that the most important thing a woman can have is confidence.  I have grown up with my dad, two brothers, and a gang load of male friends and I CANNOT tell you how many times they have complained about insecurity of their women.  Yes, being shy and innocent is one thing, but insecure and relishing on your flaws is not sexy.  Trust me. Just let your inner vixen reveal herself in our session.


Before and After False Lashes.jpg

02  False Eyelashes: Your eyes are going to tell the story.  We need that connection to make the photos work.  Fake Lashes may not seem like a whole like, but TRUST me, they make a world of difference.  False Lashes are important because they add drama to your face and somehow brings out the inner vixen in women.  They add more definition and character to the face. 

Not only are we all unique as people so are our eyes.  Michelle Pham has created a great article that talks about the best eyelashes for every eye shape.

Click HERE to see some before and after shots of false eyelashes.




03 Great Make-Up:  I am a natural girl myself.  99.99999999% of the time I will be without makeup up.  However, when doing a major shoot it’s best to go all out and not skimp on getting a QUALITY make up artist.  DO NOT do it yourself,  unless you are professional make up artist.   Hire someone of quality.  From my experience a good make-up artist will cost between $75-$150.  Yes, that can seem like a lot of money, but trust me your images will be well worth it.  In fact, when I shoot all the models that you see have had VERY little photoshop done on them.  What you see is the magic of having a great make up artist.  If you’re in Dallas I have a list of the 5 best make up artist that I work with on a constant basis.  They are people I can count on, and if they are not available they will let you know who in their network is. 


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04 Hair: The bigger the hair the closer to God.  Is that just a Texas saying? LOL.  No you really don’t need big hair for a good shoot, but full hair is always preferred when you look at your photos.  NO matter what your aesthetic you want to go for glam.  Your boudoir session is an investment in yourself, why not have your best hair forward.  If your in the Dallas area I know many great hairstylist that I have worked with and who have a diverse portfolio.




05 Array of Colorful Lingerie: Yes, you can go for the standard black or white but life isn’t black and white so why should your lingerie be?  I love when women bring vibrant colors and all sorts of cuts and styles to our shoot .  I will go through what you have an help you decide what would like good on your body and with the setting.  Also, different colors work great on different skin tones.  If you have a darker to warmer complexion vibrant jewel colors are always great.  If are warmer to fair pastel colors are always a plus.  Lace booty shorts in hot pink, teal, and a jewel blue are always winners.  Trust that your significant other will love see you in booty shorts. 


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