What to Wear to a Boudoir or Lingerie Shoot


Many women want to know what to wear to their boudoir shoot.  This really depends on your body type and what you want to highlight or hide.

For example, if you want to hide your stomach, don’t just bring a bra and panty set to your session.  That’s not fair to you or your photographer.  You may want to bring a corset or a cute sheer robe.  Also, a sex bondage dress goes a very long way.  This post will show you some items you may want to wear to your boudoir session. 


Bondage Dress or a Little Black Dress

You don’t have to wear lingerie to have a great boudoir session.  Boudoir photography is about FEELING sexy.  You don’t necessarily have to dress in Agent Provocateur to obtain that feeling. 

Bebe and Express make some BEAUTIFUL bandage dresses.  These dresses do a great job by to accentuate your frame while hiding your tummy.  These dresses are perfect just about any woman.


If you do go with a bondage dress I suggest that you wear Spanx or some other brand of control shapewear.  The best place to shop for these types of items, in my opinion, is Neiman Marcus.  Yes, Neiman Marcus may be on the more expensive side, but you will get the time and attention of their very educated associates about these items.  I purchase most of my undergarments at Neiman Marcus.  The more you go and befriend the associates the better they get to know and your purchasing style.  They will also email you personally when your favorite brands go on sale.  I LOVE the people at Neiman Marcus




Trust me when I say that there is nothing sexier when a woman rocks a sweater in a boudoir shoot.  Lets really be honest.  Men love how their women look, but many love the sweet and simple nature of how women looks in just a cute oversized sweater.  I suggest cutting the sweater like I did in the above photo.   A sweater like this adds a touch of innocence.


Boyshort or Booty Shorts:


The best thing to pair with a sweater is boyshorts.  Men really love seeing a full buttock and then the cheeks just peeking out from below.  They are subtly sexy underwear that will never go out of style. 


Teddy & Chemise


Teddies and Chemises are another great yet sexy option for women wanting to conceal their stomachs.  These pieces come in all fabrics and sizes.

Below are some options that I think would look amazing on a plethora of different women and sizes.


Bra and Panty


Yes, sometimes we just like the classic bra and panty sets.  There is NOTHING like just regular bra and panties.  Men love to see that booty. 


These are some ideas for you on what to wear to a boudoir shoot.  Let me know which look you all like the best in the comments below!


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