Hi-Key Lighting for Boudoir Photography

A Dallas Female Boudoir Photographer…

While in San Diego I FELL in LOVE with Hi-Key lighting.  I think that once I get this style completely down that Hi-Key lighting might come to be one of my signature styles for my boudoir photography.  During my stay I was able to meet and simply adore Hannah.  She was the model for all the Hi-Key looks featured today.  Yes, she looks like a super model but the reason is she is confident. 

Confidence is the sexiest thing a woman can have. 

No matter your age or waist size the beauty of confidence can always be captured, and Hannah had confidence to spare. 

Of the two styles I have to stay that I LOVE the red body suit the most.  Many people think boudoir is about lounging around in lingerie while having your photo taken.  No.  Boudoir is about the experience capturing your beauty through confidence on camera.  You can wear a Natori lace bra and panties, a bandage dress by Bebe, or just simple jeans and t-shirt and still look incredibly sexy in front of a camera.  This is why I love Hannah.  She encapsulated all of that. 

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Thank You!

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