Swimsuit Shoot at the M-Line Trolley In Dallas

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I’m going to start doing all my blogging Tuesday and Thursdays!  I’m highly considering creating vlogs when I get a second camera… but I really don’t know if I can see myself making vlogs.  You know how some people hate the sound of their voices?  Well, I’m one of those people.  However, we will see.

I love Sundays.  Mainly because I use Sundays as the days I do my personal work.  I was commissioned by a local Dallas magazine to be one of the photographers for their June swimsuit issue.  Last week I shot a beautiful model named Elaine and this week I hosted a session with Alexis. 

Alexis and I have been trying to work together for the longest time, but you know… life gets in the way. Well, she saw that I had an ad needing models for this project and she sent a message directly asking if she could be a part of this unique assignment.  So of course I said yes! 

While I can’t show you guys the final photos as of right now I wanted to showcase behind scenes pictures of what happened that day. 

I worked with the infamous Dallas Make-Up Artist Jazzy Baptiste for this project.  I spoke to the operation staff for the M-Line Trolley and they agreed to pull out Rosie for our shoot.  Rosie is a GORGEOUS Victorian style trolley.  The seats are a luscious burgundy backed with beautiful wood.  The trolley is actual runs on full electricity!  Alexis even rang the trolley bell at the end of the shoot.  Joe, who is part of the M-Line family, let us shoot for 30 minutes.  While shooting he was nice enough to monitor traffic.  I want everyone to take the time to LIKE the M-Line Trolley Facebook page.  He highly requested it since he’s the one who runs it!  So please like HERE!

The photos show Jazzy putting the finishing touches on our girl Alexis on location. 

Here are some instagram photos of me hard at work! 

The last photo is probably one of the few sneak peeks I will be giving people before the magazine gets published. 

So I hope you guys like these behind the scenes photos of this swimsuit shoot we did.  My goal was to make it both high fashioned and sexy. 

Happy Thursday!


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