"Nothing Can Dim That Light that Shines from Within." - Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou Quote

She is one of the most prolific writers of modern day history. Now that she has passed she will now be a legend. She will rank with Winston Churchill and William Shakespeare as literally geniuses. She lived in a time of immense adversity, and she didn’t let that define her.

Imagine being born in 1928 in the Mid West as a young black woman.
Imagine being raped at the age of 7 and not speaking for 10 years because of your over whelming guilt that the person who raped you was killed because of your confession.
Imagine working with Malcom X and Martin Luther King Jr during the Civil Rights Movement… and then living this life to see a Black President.
Imagine living through hate, but still seeing the love in everyone.
Imagine even after death you are still the victor.

Could you imagine?

By today’s standards Maya Angelou is who we should want to aspire to be. To touch more lives than you can ever see. To know that you have self-worth, even when EVERYBODY around you says differently. Not harboring hate in your heart, but still not scared to tell you the difference between right and wrong.

Dr. Angelou did not have a formal education, but still taught at Wake Forest as a professor, has 30 Doctrines, and spoke six languages.

So tell me about your struggles?
No. I’m not saying that we should compare to see who has it worse.

But consider your life in someone else’s shoes.

She did not fall victim to this world. This very hard world. Instead  choose to turn on the light in the darkness.

In order to do this. You have to shine from the inside out. You must love yourself. You must appreciate your flaws. You HAVE to love your differences… because what makes you different is the offering that you give the world.


Happy Friday Y'all!

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