6 Excuses to Sneak out of the House... for a Surprise Boudoir Session

6 Real Excuses to Sneak Out the House for a Boudoir Session

“I am SO excited for my boudoir session, but I need an excuse to sneak out of my house as this is a surprise anniversary present for my husband.  Do you have any suggestion on what I should say?”

“How can I sneak out of the house for a boudoir session without my husband finding out?”   Is probably one of the common questions I get asked by clients who are hosting a boudoir session as a secret present for a significant other. 

While I do not advocate lying to your partner I think sometimes we can make excuses, especially if they are the greater good.  I’ve had some clients come up with some creative ideas and today I want to share with you five excuses that will buy you a numbers of hours out of the house for your boudoir session.

1. Schedule Your Session When You Know He’s Busy

Many couples know their partners routine by heart and because of that can anticipate what they are doing and when they are going to be home on particular days.  For example, my father would play basketball every Saturday from 9AM to 2PM and then we would hang out at the park another hour so he could speak with his friends before we all headed home.  That was six solid hours we were out of the house.  What my mom did on those Saturdays I still have no idea.  However, anticipate his schedule and schedule your boudoir session around that. 

Does he spend Sunday with his parents?  Or does he have an old friend from High School coming into town for the weekend?  Does he spend a certain day of the week meeting up with his boys and playing video games or catching up at the bar with them?  Know his schedule and anticipate what he’s going to be doing so you can go to a session without him getting wind of your surprise.

  • Cons: His plans may fall through and opt to hang out with you instead.  It’s a good idea to have a contingency plan in place just in case things go awry.
  • Pros: No need to make up a story about what you’re doing because he will probably be too occupied with his own schedule.

2. Girl’s Day

Tell your man that you are having a girls day.  Most men respect the sanctity of the sisterhood so there will probably be very little questioning.  If he does ask for details explain to him that you are planning on getting a late lunch and then seeing a movie (pick a long movie that you know he will have no interest in).  Informing him that you will be seeing a movie will eliminated a need to call or text you since he will know you won’t be looking at your phone. 

  • Cons: Your man may be a movie buff and invite himself to the movie section of your day.  If that is the case tell him that Cindy (Insert your BFFs name here) is currently going through a tough time and just needs a friend.  This will ensure that he won’t ask any additional questions or invite himself along.  Just make sure to tell Cindy that you will be using her as an excuse.  The last thing you want is him calling/texting Cindy to give her his condolences and Cindy responding back extra confused. 
  • Pros: There is probably very little chance of him barging in on your girl time so this will be a solid excuse.

3. Brunch

This is a lot like the girl's day, but you can use the excuse of brunch if you need to get out of the house earlier in the day.  Brunch gives you a solid 5 hours to host a boudoir session. 

This plan will work because there is even less of a chance of your man calling you because he will know you will be out with your girls. 

Cons: Now you have to let a number of ladies know your secret.  We know the more people you let in on the covert mission the more likely it is for someone to slip up and ruin your surprise.

Pros: There is only a VERY a small chance that he may call you.  However, you can actually have brunch with your girls after the session.  Especially since you will be dolled up you will look extra glam and when you get home you will have a valid excuse for the amazing hair and makeup.  Plus if you’re looking extra hot there won’t be too many questions after you walk in the door. 

4. Getting Your Hair Done

It’s no secret that it can take HOURS for your hair to get done at a hairstylist.  Most stylists are juggling two or three other clients and this typically adds on to your time.  Let him know that you are getting your hair done and tell him that later that evening that you want to have a night out on the town. This gives you reason to be very glammed up. 

  • Cons: he drops by the salon to see you get your hair done and you’re not there.  If that happens tell him you went to see a new girl.  It’s not like you won’t have valid proof.
  • Pros:  You don’t have to scrub the beautiful makeup off or wash your gorgeous hair.  You already look amazing AND you get a date the end of the night! Sounds like a win to me!

5. Spa Day with the Girls

Maybe someone is getting married or one of your girls is having a milestone birthday party.  Whatever the case maybe tell him you are going to treat this friend to a girls spa day.  Don’t give him too many details about where you’re going or how long you are going to be.  Just let me know you are doing it because it’s Cindy birthday (she’s the best isn’t she) and you want to treat her.

  • Cons: He may text you to see what you’re up to.  So you need to have an idea of how a spa works and let him know what you are doing… or about to do at the spa.  One of my clients actually had to do this because her hubby would text her every hour to 90 minutes.  You will also have to wash all that beautiful hair and makeup off so it really looks like you went to a spa.  I know.  Sucks!
  • Pros:  Being at a spa gives you a good reason as to why you didn’t answer your text right away. 

6. Volunteer Work

This is a solid excuse you can use to leave the house with little to no suspicion.  Make sure you tell him that you are volunteering at a girls/women centric organization so he doesn’t invite himself to come.  Many women organizations don’t allow men to be around for a number of different reasons so you won’t have to fear him wanting to join. 

  • Cons: You will most likely have to wash all your hair and clean your makeup off to not garner any questions.
  • Pros: This gives you a valid reason to be out of the house for an unlimited amount of hours and a good reason why you didn’t answer your phone/text when he called to see how you’re doing.


So There You Go!

I hope these six excuses to sneak out the house for a boudoir session helped you!  Again I don’t promote lying, but you are doing something for your beau so I hardly think he will count this against you. 


In the comments below let me know what additional excuses you can come up with to get out of the house. 

If I can get at least give good reasons I will create a second blog post!

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