5 Sexy Items of His to Include in Your Boudoir Session

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When it comes to boudoir many woman want to include some type of reminder of their significant others to include in their photos.  I believe in this method because it shows that you really considered this person in your session even though they are not physically with you.

In today’s post I will give you 6 ideas that you may want to considering bringing with you to your pending boudoir session.


1.) His Shirt

This tried and true methods is always a winner.  A woman in a man’s button is always a sexy idea because it brings a sense of longing into the photos.  A man loves to know that you miss him.  He will also love your scent in his clothes.  They all do. 

Another idea would be to bring his favorite t-shirt.  I believe t-shirts are often overlooked and the default has always been the button up.  However, T-shirts, to me, are way more intimate as they are work in a more every day and casual basis.  Seeing you in his favorite tee is a sure fire way to hit a homerun in his book. 

Also, if your beau it a peace officer, firefighter, or athlete I suggest bringing his uniform with you to wear.  There is something to sexy and coy when a woman does this.

Tip: Rather if you choose to wear his button up or t-shirt be aware that both items may swallow you up because men are typically larger than women. Therefore be prepared to tie the button up or t-shirt to fit to your body better shape to your body better.

2.) Lingerie He has Purchased for You

This is a no brainer.  Lingerie is always important for a boudoir session, but it’s even better if you are wearing a piece that he picked out for you.  Also consider wearing his favorite color of lingerie in your set. 

3.) Anything Monogrammed

To really reel it in I suggest wearing anything of his that is monogrammed.  This would include cuff links, hats, or even customized jerseys he might own.  Seeing his name or initials in these photos will make him feel really honored and know that this is HIS woman making this for him. 

4.) Wear his Favorite Team Jersey

Many men have a ride or die team that they love.  Show him some love by wearing that shirt, jersey, or ball cap in one of your photos. 

Tip: Crank up the sexy by wearing thigh high sport socks.  Trust me your man will love them in the photos, but he would love them better in person.  My favorite version of this sock can be found in American Apparel.  Check them out HERE!

5.) Wear Jewelry He has given You

Gifted jewelry is a sign commitment.  Unless our man is Floyd Mayweather he’s not passing out engagement rings and diamond necklaces to every girl that he meets. Wear important pieces the he has given to you.  What was the first necklace?  Or how about earrings he has given to you.  Yes, lets not forget that engagement ring.  Be sure to wear pieces of jewelry on you that he gave to you as constant reminders of your life.


Men LOVE to feel appreciated and a great way is to include him in your photos even if he’snot  going to be there.  Wearing his team jersey, favorite color, his favorite tee, or even lingerie that he picked out for you is a great idea because it will make him feel the love that you have for him.  The photos will be individual to him and no one else.


In the comment below please let me know what other items a woman should consider bringing to her boudoir session where she can include her man?

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