8 Things to Bring to Your Boudoir Session

8 Things to Bring to your boudoir session, Dallas Boudoir

Another common question I get asked is, “What should I bring to my boudoir session?”  Well, today I’m going to give you you 8 tips that will set you up for a sexy and successful boudoir session.



Bring your A game to your boudoir session!  That means staying hydrated and getting a great nights rest.  Last month I wrote a post called 7 Ways to feel Comfortable before a Boudoir Session.  This blog post is imperative because it will give you the tools you need to bring your A game for a success boudoir shoot.


In my piece on 7 Ways to Feel Comfortable before a Boudoir Session I suggested to try on your lingerie before you get to your boudoir session.  The last thing you want is ill fitting clothes for such an important occasion.  Most lingerie shops and boutiques will measure you for free to make sure you are purchasing the right lingerie pieces that fit your body correctly.  They will also have personal shoppers that will give you a second opinion and only suggest pieces that will flatter your body.


If you are doing your boudoir session as a gift for a loved one then bring something of significance to that person.  If your partner is an athlete or is into a particular sports team then wear his favorite team jersey.  If he’s a fireman bring his helmet and suspenders.  Or if he does a certain pose that’s an inside joke to you and him then make sure you do that during your session.  This is something that is going to be sacred between you two so make sure you include him in… even if he’s not physically there.


In Texas we love our Bling!  Wearing bling to a boudoir session is a must!  Big gaudy pieces always photograph well and gives the photos a taste of luxury, especially if you are going for a full on glam look.  Chandelier earrings are also a great form of bling.  There is something sexy and sophisticated about chandelier earrings in photographs.   They really step up the luxe factor.


Bringing a pair of black and nude thongs to your boudoir session is a must if you plan on wearing lingerie provided to you by the boudoir studio.  Therefore, if you use one of our pieces we ask that you wear a thong between your body and our clothes.  We suggest you wear either nude our black depending on the color of the lingerie piece you wear.


Wearing black closed toed pumps to your boudoir session is always a classic move.  I suggest the heel be, at the very least, 3 inches high.  Be to be honest, any heel 4 inches or higher is better because it really leans out the legs and makes your bum pop even more. 


When you come in for your boudoir session always bring extra rubber bands and bobby pins that match your current hair color.  For some reason clients always need one or both of these for their session.  Never fails.


Wearing clear deodorant is essential to your boudoir session.  Part of the light airbrushing is evening skin tone… and typically the skin located in the armpit tends to be shades darker than the rest of your body.  Wearing clear deodorant to your boudoir session will eliminate bar residue under your armpits making airbrushing more even in post production.   Furthermore wearing clear deodorant eradicates the problem of getting deodorant on your body, lingerie, and the sets. 

Don't Leave Home Without These Things!

Bringing these 8 essential items to your boudoir session will not only set you up for a win but makes you calm because you will have less to worry about.  With so much going on there is no need for add stress.

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Tell me one thing you never leave home without.  For me, it’s sunglasses.  I always have to rock my Rays!

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