4 Top Luxury Lingerie Companies

Happy New Year Guys!!! 

Can you guys believe this is my first post of 2017?!  I had an ah-mazing winter vacation.  I was able to spend it with friends and family, but I also used the down time to create a TON of content for 2017!  While I still have a lot to do I look forward to putting in the hard work to make this brand even bigger for the next 300-and-something days!

Speaking of hard work, one of the HARDEST things one does for a boudoir session is pick out lingerie.  You can only imagine how much I LOVE lingerie.  It's no secret how I love to use none traditional lingerie items to style boudoir sessions because it's more cost-effective,  but sometimes a girl HAS to dream about splurging and buy buying classic pieces from some of the top names in the luxury lingerie industry.  Today, I want to share with you guys four of my favorite high-end luxury lingerie brands.  I am not ranking these companies in any particular order.  I just love the art of their pieces equally.


1.) For Love and Lemons

I for one  LOVE lemons.  I eat a lemon with every meal.  I also adore luxury lingerie company For Love and Lemons.  For Love and Lemons (FLL) was started by best friends Gillian Rose Kern and Laura Hall.  While this brand did originate in Jackson, WY they now operate out of the Arts District in Los Angeles, California.

You can spot a For Love and Lemons piece almost instantly.  This brand has dominated my Pinterest mood boards for a few years now and I die over and over again with each new season and design.  FLL pieces are very feminine, sexy, classy, and timeless.  If you're into a lot of soft sexy lace in pastel hues this brands is for you.  The best things about FLL is that they offer very unique pieces that I have never seen anywhere else.  Pieces average about $200 each.

My Fave Pieces: 1/2/3
Site: http://www.forloveandlemons.com
IG: @forloveandlemons


2.) Agent Provocateur

Unless you live under a rock, you know of Agent Provocateur.  They are THE NAME in luxury lingerie.  Let's be honest, they are THE STANDARD in luxury lingerie.  Listen, I know For Love and Lemon can run about $200 per piece but that’s going to look like a bargain compared to the $3400 this gorgeous piece cost

Prices aside, I love how unapologetically daring this company is to the world.  They thrive on women dominating and owning their sexuality.  They teach women not to be ashamed of being their true selves.  Yes, you can be sexual, still run a household, all while balancing your Fortune 500 company as the COO.  Because this brand knows exactly who they are they know exactly what type of clientele that it wants to attract.  A lingerie company with confidence is sexy AF!

My Fave Pieces: 1/2/3/4
Site: http://www.agentprovocateur.com/
IG: @agentprovocateur






3.) Natori

Natori was my first luxury lingerie set I ever purchased.  I was shopping in the flagship Neiman Marcus located in Downtown Dallas when I opted to just check out the lingerie section before leaving.  Let me tell you something, EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. I go into Neimans the employees treat me so well.  They get to know you by name and take the time and pleasure to help you look for items, especially in the lingerie section. They also take your name and send you PERSONAL emails when new pieces from your favorite designer comes in.  I mean, how is that for customer service?!

You have got to LOVE the backstory of owner and designer Josie Cruz Natori.  She is of Philipino decent and states that in the Philippines women are encouraged to be entrepreneurs.  Her grandmother gives her a quote we should all live by, “Don’t put yourself in a position where you have to depend on anyone.”

Natori designs have a very Asian aesthetic to them while balancing the traditional Western influence in the design.  Compared to For Love and Lemons and Agent Provocateur this line is a tad bit more affordable with prices starting at $28.

My Fave Pieces: 1/2/3
Site: http://www.natori.com/
IG: @natoricompany




4.) La Perla

Can we take a moment and just marinate over the exquisite beauty of Italian lingerie company La Perla?  In 1954, the luxury line was created by Ada Masotti in the town of Bologna.  Ada created wearable works of art that celebrated the beauty of women that has caught the attention of the entire world, including some top name celebrities.  In fact, Kendall Jenner is currently the face of this season's campaign.

Key pieces are priced over $2300 but you have to keep in mind you are wearing genuine pieces of art.  As we know, art is invaluable.  

My Fave Pieces: 1/2/3/4
IG: @laperlalingerie









These four Luxe lingerie brands are some that I daydream about shooting.  While the price points are super high you have to consider many of these pieces are handcrafted works or art.   This is why they are considered luxury lingerie. 

Which brands were your favorite?  Please leave your top four list in the comment section below.

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