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Jessica Rabbit has nothing on Mrs. B.  While I love the clients who come in with an open mind and like for me to plan everything I also appreciate when a client knows exactly want she wants.  This was Mrs. B.  She came in to our Dallas Boudoir studio with a definite idea in her mind.  Typically I tell clients to build a Pinterest to help streamline the ideas, style, hair, and makeup they really want from their session, but not B.  She came to me with all that information. LOVED IT!

The inspiration for her session steamed from a Vicotoria's Secrets holiday ad with Bank's Waiting Game playing in the background.  Check out the video below!

After this session I just fell in love with this song. 

Dallas Boudoir

Mrs. B wanted to go for a very classic bombshell look.  Therefore Jazzy, the makeup artist,  gave her a classic red lip and amazing face to draw focus to her beautiful eyes.  The hair game was ON POINT! *snaps* Dominique Dai from Mane Affair located in Mesquite, Texas is master when it  comes to hair.  Let me tell you something.  I did not know that one could do pin curls with someone with so much hair.  WOW!  I’m still floored… but I guess that’s because I can barely do my own hair… moving on. 

Dallas Boudoir Makeup

The day started with Jazzy and Dominique getting in super early to set up.  Not long after that Brian the owner and videographer from BKM Films came in and set up.  Watching a videographer work is just so amazing.  I really felt like I was on a movie set.  I really enjoyed seeing the work it takes to make a professional video and then the final product.

Mrs. B first look was a little black dress.  I’m not sure who made it, but for future post I will see if I can get the designers of the clothes for all you fashion junkies out there.  The shoes were Louboutins.  Her second and third outfits came from Victoria’s Secret.  The shoes from the second look (in the red piece) are from Betsy Johnson.  They are one of my best buys from 2014!  The necklace in the third look was by forever 21. Yes!  Another wonderful purchase made by Wonderland Boudoir! 

Mrs. B did not choose any of the productions. She actually chose to do her session al cart.  She booked a glam squad, 3 sets, a videographer, and wanted 75 digital photos.  

The first set was on the beautiful Colette couch that I actually purchased from Pier 1.  Another amazing buy in 2014! 

The second set was a simple white studio theme.  This is where she did a lot of floor and bed work.

The last set was the Moroccan set.  This whole set came from Pier 1 as well. Yes, Pier 1 has A LOT of great items there that you should check out and purchase. 

We had so much fun shooting with Mrs. B.  I loved how she came in with a plan and how she wanted it executed.


Without further ado please enjoy the photos!

Dallas Boudoir Studio, Wonderland Boudoir
Dallas Boudoir Studio, Wonderland Boudoir
Dallas Boudoir Studio, Wonderland Boudoir
Dallas Boudoir Studio, Wonderland Boudoir

I hope that you enjoyed this post  and all the photos series!  I’m going to TRY and do one every Friday.  While I do stay booked it’s really hard to tell because many of the ladies like to keep their photos private.  That is why I offer a 10% discount if you allow us to feature you on our blog and other social media accounts. 

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