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4 Tips for a Successful Bridal Session & Bridal Boudoir Lookbook

Bridal Boudoir Lookbook plus 4 Tips for a Successful Bridal Boudoir Session.  Dallas Bridal Boudoir Photography

Bridal boudoir in Dallas is a huge thing and it's important that you pick a photographer that will match your aesthetic and vision.  Here at Wonderland Boudoir in Dallas we love doing Bridal Boudoir!  Its fun, sexy, and a great gift for your husband to be.  

Bridal Boudoir Lookbook plus 4 Tips for a Successful Bridal Boudoir Session.  Dallas Bridal Boudoir Photography

 Here we have Ciarra as our bride.  The wedding dress is from Simply Bridal.  Isn't this dress breathtaking?  Would you believe me if I told you that the purchase price of this dress is less than $500?!  That's without a discount!  The name of this dress is Lianne and can be found HERE!  To know more details about this dress and her full look I did a really detailed post last week about how to style a Boudoir Wedding Session

 Today I wanted to provide a full spread of Ciara's Bridal Boudoir session and 4 Tips for a Successful Bridal Boudoir Session

 Tips for a Successful Bridal Session

 1.) Include the Dress

Bridal Boudoir Lookbook plus 4 Tips for a Successful Bridal Boudoir Session.  Dallas Bridal Boudoir Photography

 You spent a large sum of money on a dress that you may only wear once. This dress may end up living in your closet until it’s donated it or passes on to a daughter or a family friend.  I think taking as many pictures in your dress, even prior to your wedding is a good idea.  

 A boudoir session is an excellent place to get a lot of detailed shots of your dress.  A wedding dress has tons of detailing and it's important to get as much detailing as possible.  Also, having a boudoir session done in your gown allows you to show off you sensual and sexy time to your future husband in a way that expresses commitment to only him.  You have most likely dieted and worked out to get the perfect body for you dress.  It’s your time to shine and look amazing in your dress. 

 2.) Lingerie that Matches the Dress

Bridal Boudoir Lookbook plus 4 Tips for a Successful Bridal Boudoir Session.  Dallas Bridal Boudoir Photography

 Styling and aesthetics are everything in photoshoots.  This isn't the first time I have stated this and it won't be the last.  For your boudoir session to be impactful it's important to have clothes complement each other, the decor of the room, and the reason for the session.  Most importantly, your lingerie should complement your dress.

 3.) Accessories Make your Boudoir Experience Unique

How you decide to pair your accessories to your dress is an individual decision that will be based off many factors. One of those factors being your personal style. However, I have to say that if your lingerie and dress are really detailed then it may be better to not go with too much bling. Yes, I know the Texan ideology is that there can never be too much bling… but in the case of your boudoir photos, it can. 

 On the other hand if your dress and lingerie are really plain then bring the bling on!


Bridal Boudoir Lookbook plus 4 Tips for a Successful Bridal Boudoir Session.  Dallas Bridal Boudoir Photography

Getting a tan or a spray tan a day or two ahead of your boudoir session is a complete mistake!

 Spray tans have a tendency to leave residue.  If you are wearing white then the last thing you want to do before your big day is have orange marks over you dress or our sets.  If you must have a spray tan please schedule to have it done at least 5 days before your planned boudoir session.

 Tans are also not a good idea because they have a tendency to make you look orange in photos.  This causes a huge issue in post processing work for the photos and they may not be able to correct your skin complexion due to the unnatural skin darkening.

I hope these four tips helped you out before your boudoir session.  Including your wedding dress, accessorizing, wearing the right lingerie, and not tanning before your session will help lead to a successful bridal boudoir session.

I know... You want to see more photos of Ciarra so lets go!

Bridal Boudoir Lookbook plus 4 Tips for a Successful Bridal Boudoir Session.  Dallas Bridal Boudoir Photography
Bridal Boudoir Lookbook plus 4 Tips for a Successful Bridal Boudoir Session.  Dallas Bridal Boudoir Photography
Bridal Boudoir Lookbook plus 4 Tips for a Successful Bridal Boudoir Session.  Dallas Bridal Boudoir Photography
Bridal Boudoir Lookbook plus 4 Tips for a Successful Bridal Boudoir Session.  Dallas Bridal Boudoir Photography
Bridal Boudoir Lookbook plus 4 Tips for a Successful Bridal Boudoir Session.  Dallas Bridal Boudoir Photography
Bridal Boudoir Lookbook plus 4 Tips for a Successful Bridal Boudoir Session.  Dallas Bridal Boudoir Photography

 Didn't Ciarra nail it?!  . 

If you’re in the Dallas Fort  Worth area and in need of a boudoir photographer prior to your big day please check out our investment page and then contact us for more information!  We would love to be part of your big day!

 In the comments below let me know if you have any additional question a bout Bridal Boudoir.

What You Should Buy from Your Boudoir Session

One of the most common questions we at Wonderland Boudoir get asked is, “What do I do with my boudoir photos after they are taken?”  Today we are going to answer that question by showing you our four different photo albums and multiple sized frames that you should consider with your boudoir production.

Which Photo Albums Should I Buy from my Boudoir Session?

8x8 Photo Album Plush Album

Imagine an Instagram feed in 3D.  This is what our 8x8 photo alum offers.  This 20 page book boast vibrant photography paper for an authentic and old school feel.  What sets this book apart is the square shape and plush cover.  The front cover has a 2x2 cut out for which ever photo you want to the show off the most. 

8x11.25 Hardcover Album

This 20 page portrait sized photo album also boast 100% true photography paper.  This is perfect because it showcase true and vibrant color.  One of my favorite attributes of this book is that you can customize the hardcover book with a horizontal photo.  The book always lays flat which is perfect for two page spreads.

8x11.25 Acrylic Covered Italian Handcrafted Photo Album

This is my personal favorite book.  This hand crafted Italian album takes six weeks to create.  It’s worth every second.   This 30 page portrait sized album is just breathtaking.  You can feel the weight of it’s quality when you hold it in your hands.  This portrait sizes album is made with PVC pages to ensure quality that will last for years.   Yes, I know that you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s it cover, but the acrylic cover adds a touch a fantasy and flair that can’t be found anywhere else.   While you may want to keep this boudoir book all to yourself at least you will have a beautiful cover to admire.

8x11.25 Italian Handcrafted Book with Private Box and Customized Casing

This book is the real MVP.  It’s a fan favorite.  Just like our Acrylic covered book this masterpiece is handcrafted in Italy.  It’s comes with a beautiful hardcover casing that you can customize to your liking.  My favorite part of the book is the embossed graving that you can have stitched into the cover.  The pages are also PVC grade and will stand the test of time.  This 30 pages book is my number one seller and women love to give it as gifts.  If you do want it please keep it mind it takes six weeks to create and get back from our Italian Team.


What are the Best Frames to Buy from My Boudoir Session?

We offer a number of frames in different sizes that will fit every space.  We have the 11x14, 16x20 canvas, Matted frame, 20x30 Matted Frame, 20x30 Canvas, 36x48 Canvas Print. 

Our number one seller is our 20x30 matt frame! I know!  The photo is huge but many women hang the photos in their bedrooms, closets, and bathrooms.  I believe that your boudoir photos should be hung up be placed on display.

You worked so hard to look amazing in your photos you should do more than have digital copies that will live in your computer on on your phone.  You should display in them in a beautiful frame or if you want to be more conservative create an album  for them.  Your significant other will appreciate it.  Men are such visual creatures and having a full book or a single frame of your someowhere special in your room will mean the world to him.


To see the prices of each one of our albums and frames please visist our investment page! 


In the comment below please let me know which book you like the best. 




4 Awesome Ways to Present Your Boudoir Photos as a Gift

4 Awesome Ways to Present Your Boudoir Photos as Gifts. Giving your Boudoir Photos as a present can be weird. Here we give you 4 ways to make it fun for both parties!

You finally got your boudoir photos back.  You have the album you purchased, the digital photos in hand, and maybe even a frame, but how do you present these beautiful gifts to your husband?  Today we have four unique ways on how to give your sexy boudoir gifts to your significant other. 

Presenting Boudoir as a Wedding Gift

I shot my sorority sister's boudoir photos as a wedding gift to her and her husband. She gave her photos to her, then fiancé at the time, in the best manner ever.   They decided that six months before thire wedding they were going to be abstinent.  On the wedding night she would give herself to him.   She said the six months was a real struggle, but they had made it.

 Well,  the week of their wedding each day she decided she would send him a boudoir photo every day to his phone until the big day.  He was so happy to get each one of those photos that he couldn’t wait to leave the reception to claim is bride!   Trust me.  I got the biggest thank you ever from both parties.  

Boudoir as a Valentine’s Day Present

Set up a scavenger hunt for your man.  Use your boudoir photos as they cards where the message can be found.   With each clue make sure each  picture becomes more and more sexy.  Have the scavenger hunt end in the bedroom where he finds you with an album and wearing the lingerie that was featured in all the photos. 

Boudoir Photos as a Birthday Present

Many people these day have huge screen TVs.  Have a slide show playing for him when he comes home that features all your beautiful photos from your boudoir session.  Don’t be in the room when he comes in.  After the slide show is complete slowly walk into the room with a small birthday cake and perhaps one of your favorite photos framed that he can keep in his room.

A Boudoir Present Just because the Day Ends in "Y"

You don’t need a reason to have a boudoir session.  Do it because you want to not because something special is about to happen.  Live life to the fullest.   Therefore give your man an unexpected surprise just because he makes you happy.

I know this is modern times and most men don’t carry around briefcases anymore, but most do carry around backpacks or messenger bags to hold their laptops for travel. I suggest buying an album and slipping it into his backpack the night before.  When he opens his bag the next day he will get the surprise of his life. 

Just make sure you know what he plans are for that day.  You don’t want him to head into a very important meeting with the CEO, CFO, or COO and your boudoir book falls open in front of everyone.  Please take his day plans into consideration to avoid any embarrassment. 

I hope that these 4 ideas help inspire you on creative ways to present your boudoir session.  No matter how you do it he will appreciate the time and effort  you put into making something special for him. 

In the comments below please let me know of any other creative ways to present your boudoir photos to your beau. 


What is a Boudoir Party and How Does it Work?

What is a Boudoir Party? A boudoir party is a great for wedding's gifts, groom's gift, birthdays, and a girls night out. #Dallas #Boudoir

Some girls want to have a boudoir session but they don’t want to do it alone.  Some people just do things better when they have their partners in crime in tow.  This is the beauty of a boudoir party.  They allow you to take part in an intimate form of photography with without the fear of doing it alone.  

Today’s post will touch on why Boudoir Parties are awesome and why you and your closest friends should book a session as soon as possible!

A #Boudoir #Party is a great idea for bachelorette parties, bride gifts, groom's gifts, birthday parties, or a girls night out. Here is why you should book a #boudoir Party

5 Reasons for a Boudoir Party

  1.  Bachelorette Party: Boudoir parties are a great Bachelorette gift!  They can even be a wonderful bonding activity for the bride and her maids before the big day.  Not only do you have a great time with some of your closest friends, but you will also create a wonderful groom’s present for you future husband!
  2. Girls’ Night Out: Sometimes girls just want to have fun (okay. That was cheesy).  Spend the afternoon being pampered by an amazing artist and allow the photographer to make you feel like a supermodel.  After your last girlfriend finishes her shoot you guys can catch a Lyft and celebrate a night on the town while looking like celebrities.
  3. Birthday Celebrations: What better way to celebrate a milestone!  Are you turning the Dirty 30? Perhaps the Fabulous 40?  The 50 is the new 25? (Hey! Even Madonna kissed Drake!) This is a great venue for a birthday party.  Why not celebrate the woman you have become over the years?  A boudoir party is a great way to really embrace your beauty and see the hot girl your friends see in you every day.
  4. Bonding Events:  Bonding events are great team building exercises.  Women own companies book boudoir parties to help teach their teams to let go of any flaws or insecurities they have about themselves.
  5. Girls’ Day: This is a lot like Girls’ Night Out… expect it’s during the day.  Lets be honest, some women are mothers and don’t have the ability to stay out all night when she has mouths to love and spend time with.  Therefore book an early boudoir party and then finish the day off with brunch. During brunch you guys can chat about your personal experiences and still be home in plenty of time to have one on one with your kids and husband.


A #Boudoir #Party is a great idea for bachelorette parties, bride gifts, groom's gifts, birthday parties, or a girls night out. Here is why you should book a #boudoir Party

5 Reasons why Boudoir Parties are Important

A #Boudoir #Party is a great idea for bachelorette parties, bride gifts, groom's gifts, birthday parties, or a girls night out. Here is why you should book a #boudoir Party
  1. They are fun!  I know boudoir sounds super intimidating but they aren’t.  They are really fun and allow the subject to let loose. 
  2. Great bonding experience with your friends:  Boudoir Parties are enjoyable because ladies are often laughing and cracking jokes on each other while simultaneously cheering each other on.
  3. Great start to a wild evening: Plus you won’t have to worry about hair and makeup. Bachelorette Parties or Girls’ Night Out can be super exhausting because you have to do your hair, makeup, and then decide on what to wear.  After you look at yourself in the mirror the only thing you will want to do is go out and show the world how amazing you look. 
  4. Your friends can be your biggest cheerleaders:  I know I mentioned it before, but it’s not something you should look over.  Lets’ face it.  Having supportive friends around you will be amazing boost for you confidence.   Just imagine having  your BFF cheering you on, making you laughing, and just having a good time. 
  5. Get out of your comfort zone:  There are times we just need to get out of our comfort zone.  We have to do things that we never thought we would do. A boudoir session with you closest girlfriend in a safe and controlled environment is a great way to do that.


How Does a Boudoir Party Work?

A #Boudoir #Party is a great idea for bachelorette parties, bride gifts, groom's gifts, birthday parties, or a girls night out. Here is why you should book a #boudoir Party
  • Every boudoir studio is going to have a different process.  When booking with Wonderland Boudoir you must have a minimum of 4 girls with a maximum of 6.  If you have a total of 6 girls each person pays about $100 per boudoir session! 
  • Each party is given a complementary bottle of champagne (as long as you are of legal age.  We do reserve the right to card anyone who looks under 40 years old or cut anyone off.). 
  • Each girl will have their hair and makeup done by our amazing team. 
  • The background we use is our regular White Studio. 
  • Each girl is given a 30 minute session. 


When do we get our Boudoir Party Photos Back?!

A #Boudoir #Party is a great idea for bachelorette parties, bride gifts, groom's gifts, birthday parties, or a girls night out. Here is why you should book a #boudoir Party

After everyone’s edits are complete (usually 30 business days) each person is given a private gallery to pick their final photos for editing, albums, and frames.

Depending on the number of photos purchased the photos will either be emailed or you can come back to the studio and pick up your USB file and any additional products purchased.  All digital copies can be printed up to an 8x12.

Please Note: I DO NOT SNAIL MAIL BOUDOIR PHOTOS!  There have been too many times were USBs have been lost by the USPS and due to the sensitive nature of the photos I require clients purchasing 6 or more photos to come to the studio and pick up their digital copies.  Wonderland Boudoir is not responsible for any lost or stolen photos. 


How much is a Boudoir Party?

A #Boudoir #Party is a great idea for bachelorette parties, bride gifts, groom's gifts, birthday parties, or a girls night out. Here is why you should book a #boudoir Party

Prices for boudoir parties are going to change from studio to studio.  For Wonderland Boudoir our prices for a Boudoir party start at $650, The Queen’s Court.  This $650 amount can be split amongst attendees. 

The deposit for a Boudoir party is 25%, $162.50 (prices are valid as of 05/04/2015. Prices are subject to change without notice).  The remaining balance will be due at the time of the session.  Prices for additional photos, albums, and frames can be found on our investment page.  Any additional products purchased (such as additional photos, alums, and frames require a 50% deposit). 


The Moral to the Story?

Book a boudoir party session!  It’s a great bonding experience for you and your closest girlfriends.  Rather if you are getting married, celebrating your dirty 30, or just want to have a girls day a Boudoir Party is a great way to have a fun and memorable time with you and your friends.

To learn more about our Boudoir Party, the Queen’s Court, please check out our investment page.  Please contact us to secure your spot for this fun  ride!

In the comments below please let me know if you have any additional questions I did not answer about a boudoir session!

7 Things you should do Before a Boudoir Session

What to Do Before a Boudoir Session

Your boudoir session is booked but you still don’t know exactly how you should prep for the big day.  Today we have seven things that you should do before your boudoir session.  Following these seven rules will help you relax and get you ready for your important day.


You want to look refreshed before your boudoir session.  Yes, you may have hired a hair and makeup artist, but being alert and well rested before you session is where you want to start.  When you are well rested you are also more relax which.  Being relaxed before your session is always a great idea. 


Yes, I know this is cliché, but the last thing you want is to look dehydrated in your photos.  The skin is your largest organ and it needs water to survive.  Do yourself a favor and make sure you are hydrating yourself very well a week before your session.  Drink a cup of water first thing in the morning and right before you head to bed. 


I know!  With all the planning, and purchasing the one thing that a lot of girls miss are the nails.  We use our hand everyday and take them for granted.  Even if you don’t like to get faux nails nor have they painted make sure you have them manicured and polished to least a natural color.  I am very hard on my hands so when I get a mani-pedi I always ask for the natural pink clear coat.  It’s typically the clear pink they use for French manicures. This version of clear makes your look more natural and healthy!


I am a person who is 110% guilty of buying off the rack.  You know what ended up happening?   Over spending on at least 50% of my wardrobe that didn’t fit correctly.  What at waste of time and money.  Once I started trying on clothes I started saving A TON of money… and buyer’s remorse.  I say all this to say… try on the lingerie before you buy it.  Make sure it’s going to match your heels and it looks the way you want to on your body.  When lingerie is ill fitting you may not feel as confident so make sure it fits exactly the way you want it too. 


I know!  It sounds like a no brainer, but you would not believe how many times I have had to photoshop tags out of photos.  Again, removing the small things like tags takes a little longer and really unnecessary work on the photo editors’ behalf.  We like to get everything right in camera to avoid any additional photoshop or airbrushing. 


Again the last thing you want to do is rush the day of your session.  The day before (if not two days before) make sure you pack everything you are interested shooting in.  It’s better to have too many outfits than not enough.  When you pack a day or two early this gives you time to think about other things you may want to bring.  This all happens to us, when we gather our things in a hurry we tend to forget items.   The last thing you want to do is forget to bring that one important prop you needed for your photos. 


I cannot express enough how important this is.  My dad used to say this John Lennon quote all the time, “Life is what happens when you’re making other plans.”  Hair and makeup artist are super busy during the week so while you may have emailed them the photos beforehand of what you are looking for I would also suggest you bring a copy of the photo with you and really discuss your needs  and make sure you are getting the look of what you want.  Now most artists cannot copy completely, but they will use the photo as inspiration for what you are looking for.


Doing these seven things before your boudoir session will help you in have a successful session that will cause you to relax and look amazing in your photos!

Leave a comment below with additional ideas of what a person should do before a boudoir session.

6 Things you Shouldn’t do before a Boudoir Shoot

6 Things you shouldn't do before a boudoir session

There are hundreds of list of things you SHOULD do before a boudoir session, but what about the things you shouldn't do?  I have a list of 6 things you shouldn't be before a boudoir session and why it's important for you to avoid them at all cost.


  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not tan a day before the session.  If you must tan do it about a week or more before your boudoir session.  Why shouldn't you tan before a boudoir session?  Because the orange skin will make it more than difficult to do any post work on your body, and you may actually clash with the settings.  Also if you decide to spray tan before our session some of the tan may get on our white flooring and stain the carpet and furniture.  If you really must tan then please so at least 5-7 days before your scheduled boudoir session.  Honestly, the most natural skin tone looks best in boudoir photos.


There is nothing worse than a severely hung over person at a photoshoot.  There are a lot of things we can fix in post, but hungover isn’t one of them.  Do yourself a favor and do not drink the night before a boudoir session.  Just remember that you paid good money for an awesome session so do everything you can to help optimize that!  To make sure you get your best results don’t drink at least 7 days before your session.  This will help alleviate the potential of bloating and breakouts. 


Please do not get a haircut before your boudoir session.  I know firsthand how a bad haircut will make you feel insecure.  Recently I went to get my hair “trimmed” at a local salon a day before a major bridal show.  The stylist was new and ended up cutting EIGHT INCHES OF HAIR OFF!  Count that… ONETWOTHREEFOURFIVESIXSEVEN…EIGHT!!!!  All I could think about that entire day is how stupid my hair looked.  Alas, it’s just hair and it will grow back, but do you really want to have a bad haircut a day before a major shoot? 


Skin can be easily irritated.  Your skin may normally look great the day after a good waxing… but it only takes that one time to just not heal the way it normally does.  Please do not get a wax more than 2-3 days before your session.  Give your body time to heal just in case the unthinkable happens.


Yes, this seriously has happened to me before… like twice.  At Wonderland Boudoir we offer mimosas prior to your shoot and an assortment of wine, but I have had clients bring in hard liquor and just go to town. Yeah, after that second time I don’t allow outside drinks in.  Just like we can’t Photoshop hungover we also can’t Photoshop drunk. 


Yes, I know this is super hard to do considering the age we live in.  Everything is fast food this, microwave that, just add water here.   Even I was addicted to Ramen (post college) for awhile.   However,  about 5-7 days before a session cut out as much sodium as possible.  Sodium helps to retain water which, in turn, makes you look bloated before your session.  The last thing any woman wants is to be bloated before a major shoot.

I really hope these 6 suggestions of things you shouldn’t do before your boudoir session will help you ladies prepare for your next boudoir session!  It’s really important to be very well rested and take care of your body before, during, and after a boudoir session!

In the comments below can you think of any other things one should avoid before a boudoir session?