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Always Love Yourself First

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“I love you more than I love myself.”

Have you heard that phrase said before?  Have you said it?  When you said it were you pleading with someone?  Was it an intense fight?  What was the end result of that fight?

I’m going to gather that it wasn’t good and you two separated ways… or at the very least your relationship was strained for a long time.

You should never love anyone else more than you love yourself (your children excluded).  I’m speaking more of getting dangerously lost in personal relationships with people.  Rather than doing what we know is the right thing for us we sacrifice either emotionally or financially (many times both) to others who would not do the same for us. 

Loving yourself first is not selfish.  If you can’t be your own motivator, cheerleader, or inspiration then how do you expect anyone else to do that for you?

People are attracted to confidence. When you love yourself first you begin to form a confidence that people around you will take notice of.  There is a presence there that is recognized immediately.  We have all felt this type of energy from someone in our lifetime.  It’s powerful and contagious. 

When you love yourself first you begin to carry yourself differently.   You will also notice that you begin to take less shit from others, especially in personal relationships.  You will begin to be more vocal about the things that are not acceptable to you… when before you may have been shyer to voice your opinion out of fear of rejection or dismissal. 

However, when you begin loving yourself first you no longer fear the thought of rejection or dismissal.  If that person can’t see or understand your value it’s no problem for you to drop them by the wayside.  What I have learned in this life is that once you get rid of the people who don’t value you, or add value to your circle, great things begin happening in your life. You are no longer concerned with people who are only concerned with themselves.  Your energy is being redirected and because of that good energy comes into your life.  This happens because you now understand YOUR value.  You know this value because you began loving yourself first.  You can’t just like yourself.  You have to LOVE yourself.  Be honest, can you be our own best friend?  If you can’t then perhaps it’s time to start making a change in your life. 

You have to like being alone with yourself… you can’t be scared of that.  You have to be your own best friend at times, and really you should be the type of person you would want to date and marry.  Once you have those feelings about yourself then you know that you really love yourself.  Trust me.  You will find that person who sees and wants that same value and energy that you have. 

Just love yourself first. 


In the comments below let me how life changed around you when you really began loving yourself first. 

What tips can you offer others on how to love who they are more?

How to be Beautiful? Confidence is Key

Confidence is Key, Wonderland Boudoir of Dallas, How to Be Beautiful, #Boudoir

What is the definition of beauty? believes that beauty is the quality present in a thing or person that gives great pleasure or deep satisfaction in the mind.

About Yareli

Beauty has no size, Curvy Girls, Wonderland Boudoir of D allas

Late 2014 I hosted a boudoir session with a beautiful young woman named Yareli (doesn't she have the PRETTIEST name?!).  Yareli has striking eyes, a gorgeous personality, and a confidence to spare.  Her radiance was glowing at a level 10 and she couldn’t have been more excited for her boudoir session.    Our session was great!  She just jumped in an owned it.  She knew what she wanted, how she wanted it, and yet was still open to suggestion and thoughts.  

Do Boudoir for Yourself

Beauty has no size, Curvy Girls, Wonderland Boudoir of D allas

When asked why she wanted to have a boudoir session she let me know she did it for herself.  Yareli is a beautiful full framed woman.  As a curvier woman she rejects the status quo of society’s standard of beauty.  She knows she is beautiful. She owned every single curve, every single “flaw”.   These “flaws” were actually the thing that made her so youthful and vibrant.   Due to her confidence and shape she has had no trouble finding a man that appreciates every single ounce of her. 

Yareli explained to me that she had to learn how to be more confident with her fuller size because no one was going to do that for her.  Let me tell you, her confidence shined through her photos and the last thing I notice was “the weight.”

The Problem with Defining Beauty by a Waist Size

Many young women these days see magazine covers of these “naturally perfect women”, videos girls, or female celebrities and believe, “this is what I need to do/look like to be successful in this world”.  What these women fail to realize is that most of what we see on social media, movies, and magazine covers are smoke and mirrors.  Abuse of Photoshop in the media is an unachievable illusion designed to separate people from their money in order to make them feel like this is what they need to do to achieve love and success. 

Beauty has no size, Curvy Girls, Wonderland Boudoir of D allas

If you are a size 16 and you feel absolutely gorgeous at a size 16 don’t let Glamour Magazine's photo shopping team tell you that’s not beautiful.  As stated in the Redefine Beauty post we don’t need to validate our sex appeal by people who aren’t us. 

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