7 Best Places to Buy Lingerie Online

7 Places to Buy Lingerie Online

Right after booking a session with me panic mode kicks in... WHERE DO I FIND SEXY LINGERIE PIECES THAT DON'T BREAK THE BANK?!  Today I will bring you 7 online stores that you can buy sexy lingerie from for your boudoir session.

1.) Victoria's Secret

Let's just get the obvious out of the way first.  Victoria's Secret is clearly the leader in lingerie.   They have an array of pieces in a range of prices that won't make you swear bullets.  

If you are a novice when it comes to styling then the best starting place is Victoria's Secrets.  I have also noticed that Victoria's Secret has really stepped up their styling game. 

Pro Tip:  Try to shop in the larger Victoria's Secrets.  The bigger stores house more inventory.  These stores tend to get more of the online inventory and often hold some of the better pieces in the back.  Always ask sales associates if they have any cool new pieces in the back that haven't made it to the front.
DON'T OVERLOOK: The bodysuits.  Victoria's Secret has some of THE SEXIEST bodysuits in the game!

Some of my Favorite Bodysuits:


Yandy has some of the most incredibly priced lingerie out there.  They probably have over 2000 online SKUs.  If you can imagine it they probably have it.  If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to Victoria's Secret with more color options then may be your site.

Don't Overlook: The color choices from Yandy

Some of my Favorite Bodysuits:

3.) MissGuided:

I have to say this is ONE of my FAVORITE places to find bodycon dresses.  If you are looking for a sexy dress to wear as part of your boudoir session then MissGuided will be your place.  One of my favorite things about this UK based company is that your shipment comes to the States really fast! I'm not sure if they have hubs in the US as well, but they are fast and efficient and I never have to wait too long for my package to show up.

PRO TIP: Check the site often as that always have flash sales from 30-50% off.  

5 of the HOTTEST bodycon dresses for boudoir

4.) ASOS:  

This is another amazing UK based fashion site.  I have to say that the British really know a thing or two about good fashion.  Like MissGuided, the shipping from ASOS is unbelievably fast. I will tell you that I get my packages faster from ASOS than I do Forever 21, which is an American company.  

The thing I love best about ASOS is the array of brands they work with on the site.  The buyers do a great job curating pieces. 

PRO TIP: Shop the swimsuit section for traditional lingerie alternatives

5.) Forever 21:

Outside of the shipping I just LOVE Forever 21.  When I'm asked to style client boudoir sessions about 80% of the pieces come from Forever 21.  Forever 21 has SKU's for days.  I'm lucky that I'm based in Texas because we have some of the BIGGEST Forever 21's in the world located out of here(However, that Forever 21 in Time Square is nothing to scoff at).  

However, I have to admit that shopping online for Forever 21 is much easier for me.  The stores just have SO MUCH FREAKING inventory that is can be very overwhelming.

PRO TIP: Forever 21's return policy sucks.  Therefore if you are interested in a piece there is a VERY good chance you will find it in store.  Stop by a Forever 21 location with the item number to locate the piece.  Sometimes actually going into the store is better because you will see if the piece in person.



6.) H&M:

I LOVE H&M's Lingerie section!  Yassssss Girl!  Out of all the places I have listed I must say that I prefer the lingerie section at H&M the best.  The bras feel the best here.  Actually, my favorite bra comes from H&M.  

Here is the problem with H&Ms lingerie section though... they don't have it in every store.  I KNOW! In fact, when I was in Playa del Carmen in February that's when I first learned that H&M even had a lingerie section.  When I came back to Dallas I tried to find it here only to find out that all H&Ms are not created equal. We only have one location here that has lingerie... and it's not that big.  I know in LA and Houston the lingerie sections in those stores are much better.

PRO TIP: Call your location H&M first to find out if they have a lingerie section before you go there.  

Sexy Lingerie Pieces from H&M:


7.) Adore Me

Alexis is my stylist, friend, and client that put me to Adore me.  Adore me is a subscription based site that specializes in lingerie. While their pieces are super cute I can say that they don't feel comfortable.  At least for me.  I feel that the pieces are better suited for women with a smaller chest.  If you are heavy chested I would not 100% recommend Adore Me.  However, Adore Me has a great selection of pieces for you to pick from.  You can get these sets for $40.

These Awesome Sets from Adore Me:

Venetia Unlined

Paris Unlined

Leia Contour Plus

Kellie Push UP

Akhila Contour

Planning for your boudoir session shouldn't cost you an arm and a leg.  The 7 locations mentioned are beautiful and cost effective.  You will also be able to wear this pieces in your everyday life so you will get you cost per wear out of them.

Let me know of all the places covered which is you favorite


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7 Questions to ask your Boudoir Photographer | Dallas Boudoir Photography

7 Questions to Ask Your Boudoir Photographer 2016.12.06.jpg

Picking a boudoir photographer can be a hard task.  When you come across a photographer you want to work with you should have a number of question in line that they should answer for you in the degree you aligned to.  

Today I have a lost of 7 of the most important questions you should ask your boudoir photographer.

1.) Do you have a Boudoir Session Prep Guide?

Boudoir Photography Dallas, Wonderland Boudoir

Most boudoir photographers will have a boudoir prep guide they provide to all their clients.  A boudoir prep guide is designed to help you, physically and mentally prepare for your boudoir session.  For example, in my boudoir guide (which you cand find here), I instruct clients on HOW to plan their session, what they should do about hair and makeup, and what to wear. 

2.) What do I Wear?

I know this questions and all answers to this question can be a tad bit subjective.  This is because not all boudoir locations are the same. With that, not all boudoir photographers are the same as well. What you wear will have a lot to do with the set up the boudoir photographers has and the photographer's personal style.  If your photographer shoots light and bright, pastel colors and lighter colors would be perfect.  If you are doing an outdoor maternity boudoir session then flowy pieces would add to the ambiance of the setting and location.  If the photographer shoots darker than jewel toned to black pieces would be perfect.  I would tend steer way from lacy items and stick to more structured tops and bottoms if I'm shooting inside. 

The key to effective photos is to make sure your outfit matches the tone of the environment.  

3.) Do you Provide Hair and Makeup?

Believe it or not many boudoir photographers do have a hair and makeup artist on staff. Therefore, you should find out up front if  hair and makeup are included in your session.  Picking a boudoir photographer who does not offer this service may be a tad bit more stressful because that's another place (or two) that you have to go to BEFORE you boudoir session even begins.  It would be in my honest opinion that you pick a photographer who does have a hair and makeup on staff.  The less you have to run around before the session the more calm you will be.

Wonderland Boudoir, Dallas Boudoir Photography

4.) Can you Breakdown the Whole Process for Me? Start to finish.

Your photographer should be able to let you know what to expect from the day.  It's really okay to ask for a detailed explanation for what happens once you walk through the door.  This is your time to understand the breakdown and ask any questions that have been lingering in your mind.  Don't be shy here.

5.) How Long does it Take to get My Photos Back?

Of course, this is the question all women want to know.  We want to see the final product and we want to see it now.  Be sure you get this question answered up front.  For example, if you're doing a boudoir session as a wedding present you need to make sure you give you the photographer enough time to get make sure you get everything back in time for your vows.  If you are doing this for a wedding gift make sure you do it at least 3 months before hand.  Why?  I can only speak for myself, but I have a couple of books that are handmade in Italy that take 2 full months to put together before being sent back out to the states.  these books take so long because they are handcrafted.  You also have to give your photographer enough time to cull and retouch all the photos.  

This amount of times really depends on how many photos they need to pull for your set.  The more photos you have the longer this process takes.  

Be sure to let your boudoir photographer know your timeline to ensure that you all know exactly what to expect.

6.) Will you show my photos to anyone? Or will they be published on your site?

Dallas Boudoir Photography, Wonderland Boudior

Again, this differs from photographer to photographer.  Make sure you get a verbal answer to this and make sure that this is also covered in your contract.  If you don't have this covered in you the contract then the photographer has every single right to publish your photos wherever they want as they are the ones that own the copyright to the photo. 

7.) How Long do you Keep the Photos?

Again, this is something that differs from photographer to photographer.  For each photographer the length of how long they keep the photos goes by on a case by case basis. Some photographers keep photos for up to two years.  Other photographers delete the photos as soon as the order has been pulled.  In boudoir, I know many of photographers delete photos fairly quickly.  Therefore if you are want to get additional photos then make sure you do that within the photographer's guidelines.

Well, I hope this post helped you decide on what you should ask your boudoir photographer.  You will be spending a good amount of money on your session to being educated on the process is really important.  In the comment section below let me know which question is most important to you and why.


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How to Style a Badass Boudoir Session | Dallas Boudoir

How to Style as Badass Boudoir Session, Wonderland Boudoir, Dallas

I feel like every time I shoot a session it's my favorite and having  Ms. M in front of the lens was no exception. 

Ms. M's session kicked ass for a number of reasons. Her hair and makeup were perfect for the location. She listened with the intent to follow, and she trusted my directions to get the perfect poses and looks for each frame. However, the most important thing was that her looks weren't your typical boudoir lingerie pulls. This was a beautifully styled session .

Today we are going to break down each look and why it worked, where the pieces were purchased, and how it was styled.


Now don't me wrong, I LOVE to shop for lingerie.  It's so much fun! However, after window shopping on Agent Provocateur's website pieces add up pretty quickly and the average woman probably isn't trying to spend $1600 on lingerie.  

All the items you will see today were purchased from Target,  Forever 21, or came from the client's own collection. I think the most expensive piece was about $20.

Remember,  it's never the price of clothing, it's how you style it.

LOOK 1: Bodysuits for Boudoir

How to Style a Boudoir Session, Wonderland Boudoir, Dallas

White Bodysuit: $3 Forever 21, 
Cut-off shorts, Heels: Clients previously purchased pieces

Let me be perfectly honest.  I love bodysuits.  They are so fucking sexy.  They are sensual because there's an understated allure about them.  I believe it's because they hide so much but let the right body parts show off.  Bodysuits hug the body and this allows you to appreciate the feminine form.

This bodysuit was purchased brand new from Forever 21 for ONLY $3!  Yes, a Forever 21 was actually closing down for a remodel and they were having a fire sale.  This bodysuit found a new home.  It's very important to make sure you look out for sales to help save you money.  Even without the sale, this body retails for no more than $11.










LOOK 2:  Lace Bralette & High Waisted Black Panties

How to Style a Boudoir Session, Wonderland Boudoir, Dallas

Lace Bra Top: $16, Forever 21
High Waisted Bottoms: $20, Target

Right after bodysuits my favorite element on lingerie is lace.  Lace is just a classic element that brings a sense of tradition to photos... even in this beautiful blue.  The bra top makes it bit more modern with the straight lines that highlight the breast.  

The bottoms are actually my favorite piece.  I feel like high waisted bottoms don't get enough love.  When not on the body they have a tendency to look like granny panties, but once you put them on they flatten the tummy area to make you look long and lean.  This is perfect for most body types.  It's especially useful when you have a little muffin top going.










Look 3: Lace  Faux Silk Top & High Waisted Floral Bikini Bottoms

How to Style a Boudoir Session, Wonderland Boudoir, Dallas

Top: $15, Forever 21
Swimsuit Bottoms: $15, Forever 21

I love a good loose top.  Yes, I know boudoir is all about the tight and sexy, but sometimes we just gotta let the girls live!  this is probably my favorite top of all times.  Well, not really but lets got with it for this post.  The top is fun, loose, and allows Ms. M to move around freely.  When you feel free in person you look free in your photos.  

Since we were shooting outside floral was a perfect choice.  The color couldn't have been better since we were shooting in late evening during the summer.










LOOK 4: Nude Bikini Top and Nude Mesh Bikini Bottoms

How to Style a Boudoir Session, Wonderland Boudoir, Dallas

Tank Top: $15, Forever 21
High Waisted Bikini Bottoms: $15, Forever 21

Another secret I have for beautifully styled boudoir sessions is using swimsuits or bikinis instead of traditional lingerie.  

I KNOW! Who would have thought?!

I find that swimsuits are equally as sexy and lingerie and no one will know the difference anyway.  Furthermore, swimsuits tend to be a bit more fun, edgy, and sexy since they are designed for people to actually see in addition to being functional.  Another advantage of using swimwear instead of traditional lingerie for boudoir session is that the pieces come in more colors.  Having more colors provide more versatility when it comes to styling for a location.









How to Style a Boudoir Session, Wonderland Boudoir, Dallas
How to Style a Boudoir Session, Wonderland Boudoir, Dallas
How to Style a Boudoir Session, Wonderland Boudoir, Dallas
How to Style a Boudoir Session, Wonderland Boudoir, Dallas
How to Style a Boudoir Session, Wonderland Boudoir, Dallas
How to Style a Boudoir Session, Wonderland Boudoir, Dallas
How to Style a Boudoir Session, Wonderland Boudoir, Dallas
How to Style a Boudoir Session, Wonderland Boudoir, Dallas
How to Style a Boudoir Session, Wonderland Boudoir, Dallas
How to Style a Boudoir Session, Wonderland Boudoir, Dallas
How to Style a Boudoir Session, Wonderland Boudoir, Dallas
How to Style a Boudoir Session, Wonderland Boudoir, Dallas
How to Style a Boudoir Session, Wonderland Boudoir, Dallas
How to Style a Boudoir Session, Wonderland Boudoir, Dallas
How to Style a Boudoir Session, Wonderland Boudoir, Dallas
How to Style a Boudoir Session, Wonderland Boudoir, Dallas
How to Style a Boudoir Session, Wonderland Boudoir, Dallas
How to Style a Boudoir Session, Wonderland Boudoir, Dallas
How to Style a Boudoir Session, Wonderland Boudoir, Dallas
How to Style a Boudoir Session, Wonderland Boudoir, Dallas
How to Style a Boudoir Session, Wonderland Boudoir, Dallas
How to Style a Boudoir Session, Wonderland Boudoir, Dallas


WOW!  I know that was A LOT!  However, I how Ms. M gave you some ah-mazing ideas on how you can plan your own boudoir session.  Just keep in mind that your boudoir session is a reflection of you and your style.  As long as you stay authentic to your aesthetic you will look great.  If you have any questions about styling please contact me.  

In the comment section below please let me know which look was your favorite and why.


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7 Ways to Prepare for a Boudoir Session in Joshua Tree

Every Thursday this month (except for Thanksgiving) I will be posting about our LA adventures.  I'm baffled how it has been 6 months and I haven't shared these photos before.  In our first post of the series, I wanted to go into detail about our Joshua Tree photos.  More specifically, I wanted to use this pre-post of these series on things you should be prepared for when shooting boudoir in Joshua Tree.

1.) Leave an Hour Earlier than Planned

LA TRAFFIC IS NOT AN EXAGGERATION.  Let me repeat!  LA TRAFFIC IS NOT AN EXAGGERATION.  I have driven through Austin, Dallas, Las Vegas, and Atlanta but Los Angeles traffic takes the bloody cake!  The place you could be going to might be 3 miles away but it's going to take you 30 minutes to get there.  Therefore, if you are looking to move around LA then leave an hour ahead of the time you THINK you should be leaving.  
Driving to Joshua Tree took us an additional hour because of the immense traffic in Los Angelos.  It's not like there was an accident or anything.  It's just the nature of the traffic beast in this city.  It doesn't help when you're shooting in natural light.  

As you know when you are shooting with natural light you are fighting against time, SO LEAVE EARLY!  

Believe me when I say just leave an hour earlier.  
Trust me.  You'll be thanking us.

2.) Check the Weather & Bring Warm Clothes

Yes, I know.  Not all deserts are warm.  This is elementary school knowledge.  Being the adults we are we should have known better.  I knew we had fucked up when we pull into Joshua Tree and everyone was wearing coats, beanies, and scarves.  Jazzy and I looked at each other in terror as we saw people passing us all bundled up.  

I had no sleeves and no jacket. Ms. M was in cut off shorts and a tank top.  Jazzy only wore a thin jacket.  In our defense, LA was almost 80 degrees when we left for Joshua Tree.  Therefore it never occurred to us to check the weather in Joshua Tree.  Had I done that I would have known it was in the high 40's.  

The first rule of all travel is to check the weather.  We did not do this.

3.) Bring your Own Set-up Station

Joshua Tree is not only a park, it's a national park.  The keyword is "National"... NOT "Park".  In my mind parks have benches.  We had made plans to use the benches at this park.  We would have used these bench for Jazzy to do makeup and a place for me to sit and clean my lenses.  None of this happened.  NONE. OF. IT!  

There was not a bench here.  There was not a bench there.  There was not a bench anywhere!  

Jazzy had to do Ms. M's make-up in the back of our hatchback in the freakin' cold!  I cannot make this up. I'm so happy I have pictures of this.  Therefore, when coming to Joshua Tree make sure you have a portable makeup station where your client can sit when needed.

4.) Do Hair & Makeup BEFORE you get to the Park

Going back to point three there aren't any benches (or at least we didn't come across any) so it is my suggestion that you don't do hair and makeup while at the park.  Again, please see point three.

5.) Plan your Session around the Sunset.  

Once golden hour hits the sun sets pretty quickly so it's very important you are efficient with your time.  This actually goes back to point number one.  Make sure you leave an hour earlier than planned because the traffic can be crazy.  This will also ensure you have enough time to get all your looks in and find a great secluded area without the need to rush.  

Also, make sure you find out exactly what time the sun sets on your day of your shoot.  My favorite place to research sunrise and sunset is at the site Time and Date

6.) Bring an Extra Person with You

I can't stress this point enough.  After doing makeup in the cold for an hour Jazzy was through.  I wish I had an assistant with me to help with a reflector and holding equipment.   When in dusty areas I hate putting my camera down and having an extra set of hands would have been more efficient.

7.) Separate & Organize Outfits before Getting There

This particular day we did not organize the clothes in specific bags.  This caused us to lose some time shuffling through everything looking for particular items.  Even when we found them they required to be cut off from certain types of packaging but none of us has scissors.  So make sure everything is packed into individual bags and make sure everything is readily available to be put on right then.  If I had to make a point 8 it would be to bring scissors.

I hope these 7 tips help you prepare for a boudoir session in the dessert.  Of all the points highlighted which one brought you the most enlightenment?

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How to get the Most Out of Your Boudoir Session | Dallas Boudoir Photography

Dallas Boudoir Photography, Wonderland Boudoir

If you guys haven’t noticed I did a MAJOR facelift to Wonderland Boudoir.  I thought my website was good but I had been toying with the idea of updating it for awhile.  After a long conversation and a virtual reality check from Denise Birdsong( from Modern Love Photography) I took off one full weekend to updated my boudoir site.  

One of the suggestions that Denise had for me was to use one solid image as my anchor image.  As soon as she said that I knew what image… or in my case images… that would be.  

Recently my client Tia drove all the way down from Arkansas to shoot with me for her 21st birthday.  I felt so honored that she allowed me to take these beautiful photos for her.  

There is a reason why Tia’s photos came out so incredibly amazing.  Tia communicated exactly what she wanted from her photos, already had her wardrobe ready, listened with intention, and kept an open mind.  


Dallas Boudoir Photography, Wonderland Boudoir

The most important element in ANY relationship is communication.  Tia and I communicated so much that it was easy to gauge exactly want she wanted.  

She hit me up on the Gram (translation: Tia sent me a direct message on the social media platform Instagram) inquiring about a session.  She was turning 21 and wanted to do a shoot to celebrate herself and all her accomplishments to this point in her life. 

Tia already had a clear idea of what she wanted to accomplish from her session.  She wanted single, strong, and sexy.  She backed up this concept with inspirational photos as her example. She would find and screenshot photos from other models or photographers on Instagram.  There would be some mornings where I would wake up and find a whole slew of inspirational photos that she had gathered the night before.  

I love when clients send too much information rather than not enough.  I never want a client to feel as though they are “bugging” me when they send reference photos.  That doesn’t bother me.  If anything I encourage it.  It shows you're dedicated and excited about your upcoming boudoir session.  

Since Tia was able to explain what she wanted out of her boudoir session through photos and conversation we were able to produce beautiful imagery the reflected exactly what she wanted.  


Dallas Boudoir Photography, Wonderland Boudoir

What you wear to your session should not only reflect  your personality and body shape but the location of where the session will take place.  People tend to forget look over the fact that location plays an important role in planning for your outfit.  What you wear should compliment that location.  

Currently, Calvin Klien is all the rage again.  We are seeing CK underwear everywhere.  Kendall Jenner, Justin Bieber, and Twigs has been rocking this retro brand. Even Urban Outfitters now carries the line.  Calvin Klein represents minimalistic sexiness.  Something Generation Yr’s love.  I mean we did grow up with CK.  

Since CK represents minimalistic strength I knew the focus would be on her and to use the room as a backdrop for negative space.  The CK brand is strong enough not to need an extra fancy bedroom set.  The focus would be her and her Calvin Kleins.  

Since the focus was just going to be leveraged on style and posing I knew I had to shoot very simplistic and strong.  Sometimes the most effective element of art is simplicity.


Having strong and effective poses is critical when producing amazing boudoir photos.   When you look at your photos 20,30,50 years from now you will want your pictures to bring you to back the beautiful emotional state you were in when you first saw them.  Part of that is creating strong and evocative posing.  

Practice Makes Perfect

Dallas Boudoir Photography, Wonderland Boudoir

Tia is not a professional model and nor are most women who take part in a boudoir session so it’s up to the photographer to help pull out the best poses.  However, it would be really beneficial to you as the client to study magazines and movies prior to your session.  While I am not a huge selfie person I do suggest that you guys practice your “modeling face” by taking selfies and learning what your face actually does (not what you think it does) when you’re taking a photo.  

Listen with Intention

Dallas Boudoir Photography, Wonderland Boudoir

Listening to your photographer about how to achieve level 10 posing will help create epic photos that you want to buy.  Hearing is something we do all day, but listening is not something we all practice on a daily basis.  Tia rocked this season because she listened with intention.  She didn’t think about what she going to do while I was coaching her poses. She listened and then went into the pose. 

Keep an Open Mind

Keeping an open minded during your boudoir session will help you create beautiful photos with your photographer. While Tia knew exactly what she wanted from her session she did keep an open mind up when I suggested a mild variation on any idea.  Your photographer is accomplished and well versed. Typically when they suggest something it’s because they see something you may not because they do this quite often. 




Dallas Boudoir Photography, Wonderland Boudoir
Dallas Boudoir Photography, Wonderland Boudoir
Dallas Boudoir Photography, Wonderland Boudoir

Just Remember...

When you and your boudoir photographer work as a team you will create beautiful images that you will cherish for a lifetime.  In order to create these beautiful images, you need to have open and constant communication.  Also, your apparel and lingerie should match your location, you must practice strong posing, and you have to keep an open mind.  

If you’re interested in having a boudoir session or just want to learn more about boudoir please contact me using the form below.  I typically reply back to all to inquiries within a 24-hour timeframe.  
In the comment section below please let me know which photograph of Tia’s is your favorite.  

Name *

How to Style Your Boudoir Session

Dallas Boudoir, How to Style Your Boudoir Session

Dallas Boudoir studio Wonderland Boudoir loves to make you feel ready for your boudoir session.  One of the most important elements of a session is your style.  What you wear to a boudoir session can make or break your photos.  Today we interviewed New York stylist Alexis Coats.  Alexis is a recent graduate of UNT.  She is also a model and a freelance stylist in New York.  Today she will speak to us about how to properly prepare your style for a beautiful and flawless boudoir session.

The Basic Principles of Style

Style is not only important in everyday life it’s important for your photos.  When preparing for your boudoir session you need to dress for your body and not for trends.  “All women should dress to their body type and not the trends that are out there… don’t risk looking your best by wearing a trend that may not be flattering on you.”  

Dallas Boudoir, How to Style a Boudoir Session, Alexis Coats

Alexis goes on to explain, “Dress for yourself and not what you see in the magazines. You don’t always have to follow every single trend.”  This is very true.  Trends are not classic looks.  They come in and out so fast is can sometimes be waste to try and keep up with every cool look out.  Take careful consideration before fully investing in a piece.  Consider how this trend works with the rest of your wardrobe and how it will fair season after season.  

Black is a color that Alexis suggest that all women keep in their closet.  Black goes with everything and when you're ever in a fashion rut you can always count on black to be a perfect base that you don’t have to think about twice.  

When it comes specifically to boudoir and lingerie you need to make sure that you wear lingerie that fits.  Alexis suggest going to get a professional fitting to get your correct bra size.  Not only will this professional fitting look better in photos it will make you feel more comfortable which will help you to be more confident in front of the camera.  

Favorite Lingerie Brands

Lingerie is an essential part of boudoir photography.  One of Alexis's favorite brands is the Aerie intimates line from Aeropostale.  Victoria’s Secret is also a great source for beautiful boudoir lingerie and can be budget friendly if you catch the right sale.  Alexis also suggested the site Adore Me.  Adore Me is a new subscription site based around the beauty of lingerie.  

When signing up for Adore Me you are first asked take a fashion quiz that helps determine the type of lingerie that best fits your style.  Once you have completed one of the easiest signs up that I have ever been through (It was literally your email and then create a password!  That’s it!)  you are taken to your showroom.  If you order within the first hour your first set is only $20!  

Just like every other subscription based site you have until the first 5 or 6 days to skip the month.  If you don’t you will be charged $40 and that will sit on your account until you use the credit.  Shipping, returns, and exchanges are all free.    

If you want to order but don’t want to do the subscription based services than you can just pay full price for the set, which is $50.  

My First Adore Me Order

Dallas Boudoir, Adore Me Showroom

Above is my first showroom with Adore Me.  I am loving all these styles! Very sexy and all are very perfect for boudoir! I ALMOST went with Lorelai!  

Dallas Boudoir, Adore Me Showroom, Lydia

For my first purchase I ended up going with a classic, Lydia.  It’s a racerback lingerie set.  I wear A LOT of racerbacks (I’m in Texas so sleeves don’t mean much down here) so I think this will work perfectly for me.  I will do a review of it when I get it in the mail… and then speak about it in real a life scenario.  


New York Fashion Week

For Fall Alexis is most excited about the ‘70’s vibe that’s hitting the streets.  She is looking forward to the bell bottoms jeans and comfortable cable knit sweaters.  The best part of this particular revival is that you can find it in just about any thrift store.  This is a great alternative if you want to be frugal while exploring this trend.  

For Spring/Summer 2016 she’s excited about seeing the ‘70’s trend blending over in this season.  Not only fashion, but beauty as well.  The ‘70’s makeup look is way understated and much more natural.

Trends that We Need to Lose

Dallas Boudoir, Less Is More, Love Yourself and Be Confident, Alexis Coats

We need to get rid of these sharpie eyebrows!  Not only that but the body modifications.  This is why Alexis is excited about the ‘70’s trend coming back.  “Less is more.  I think this is will help the younger generation accept who they are not try to be something they are not.”

Contact Alexis with any Styling Questions!

Wasn’t Alexis just great?  I have photographed Alexis as a model and a stylist a number of times.  I love her work ethic, drive, and commitment.  She’s is amazing.  If you’re looking for a wonderful stylist please contact Alexis.  She will have a site up soon!  


IG: @AlexisKCoats

FB: Alexis Coats



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Moroccan Boudoir in Dallas, Texas

Moroccan Style Boudoir Session in Dallas Texas, Wonderland Boudoir

There are a ton of great boudoir studios in Dallas that have the traditional beds, but how about making your boudoir session really stand out?  How about something a tad bit international?   Today we are going to bring Morocco right to Dallas!  Yes, we have a Moroccan Boudoir set!

Morocco is a beautiful country in North Africa.  If all goes well I will be visiting this colorful country in 2016. When I do I plan on bringing back more blankets, sheets, and other items to make this set look as authentic as possible.  

Morroccan Boudoir Session, Dallas Texas, Wonderland Boudoir

This set was inspired by my love for strong color.  Boudoir sessions have a tendency to look very black and white with a splash of red pinched in.  This set is for the colorful, dynamic, and non traditional woman. With the Moroccan set we want to provide a really relaxed atmosphere that can still to be really sexy.  We love effortless sexy and that’s what this set provides. If you’re looking to give your boudoir session a bit of flair the Moroccan set would be best for you!

Morroccan Boudoir Session, Dallas Texas, Wonderland Boudoir

In a previous post we really broke down Karla’s outfit, hair, and makeup to a science.  If you want to see all the details of Karla’s look please check out our How to Style a Bridal Boudoir Session.  

Jill from #Glambition did the hair and makeup.  Alexis K Coats styled this amazing session with  clothes provided by Apricot Lane of Dallas.  Most of the furniture here came from Pier 1.  

Not only is the set relaxing so is Karla’s style. In her first looks she’s rocking a bikini top from Apricot Lane of Dallas.  Instead of the typical panty or bikini bottle Alexis opted to layer her in a series of scarves. This provided a sense of texture, fun pops of color, and overall more interesting photos.  Not only do the your boudoir  photos need to look sexy, but they have to really stand out.  

Morroccan Boudoir Session, Dallas Texas, Wonderland Boudoir

The hair added a dynamic point of interest to Karla’s Moroccan boudoir set.  While there is nothing wrong with with full voluptuous curly hair I have to say that I LOVE the short futuristic side bob that Jill designed for Karla.  Again, it brings interest and texture in such a unique setting.  

If you want to get more details on Karla’s set or any of the three other women we shot please make sure you check out your post on How to Style a Bridal Boudoir Session.  Also, Karla is in a competition of Dallas’s top models.  Please go vote for Karla HERE!  

Without Further Ado here are more photos!

Morroccan Boudoir Session, Dallas Texas, Wonderland Boudoir
Morroccan Boudoir Session, Dallas Texas, Wonderland Boudoir
Morroccan Boudoir Session, Dallas Texas, Wonderland Boudoir
Morroccan Boudoir Session, Dallas Texas, Wonderland Boudoir
Morroccan Boudoir Session, Dallas Texas, Wonderland Boudoir
Morroccan Boudoir Session, Dallas Texas, Wonderland Boudoir
Morroccan Boudoir Session, Dallas Texas, Wonderland Boudoir
Morroccan Boudoir Session, Dallas Texas, Wonderland Boudoir
Morroccan Boudoir Session, Dallas Texas, Wonderland Boudoir

I really hoped you enjoyed Karla’s photos!  Be sure to vote for her as one of the  top model’s in Dallas HERE!

I want to thank Jill form #Glambition for all your help and hard work on this series!  Special thank you to Alexis for blessing us with her skills and Apricot Lane of Dallas for allowing us to use the clothe for the shoot!

In the comments below please let me know which photo in this series you like the best and why!