Monthly Overview

May Recap & June Overview

Dallas Boudoir Photography, Boudoir Party, May Monthly Overview

These months are going way too fast!  Just in case you missed anything from last month I wanted to do a quick recap and then let you guys know what to expect for the month of June. 

May Recap

The month of May we focused on the importance of friendships.  One of my favorite quotes from the month was:

We also spoke about the importance of Boudoir Parties and why they are a great bonding experience for girlfriends.  I also shared with you guys a boudoir party that was shot in December with these four beauties.  Each woman brought with them their definition of sexy and really owned it.    

June Overview

This month we will discuss love and important elements to consider if you’re planning on doing a boudoir session as a gift to your significant other. 

We Will Cover

  • What Items of His you Need to Bring to a Boudoir Session
  • How to Style your Boudoir Bridal Session
  • What gifts you should get him
  • The best hair and makeup styles for a Summer Session

As you can imagine this month will be full of fun and informative content for your Boudoir Session.


Two Exciting Pieces of News

I have a NEW YouTube Channel.  There will be more information on this later this week… but If you want to see some videos please check out the first two videos HERE!  They can also be found on the navigation bar.

Boudoir Marathon!

Yes! I have a Boudoir Marathon happening on July 11th, 2015 in Dallas, Texas!  I am only taking 7 clients that day.  They will be one hour sessions that include hair and makeup!  The prices for the session is $750 and that does include a $250 print credit that you can use towards a book, frame, or digital pictures.

If you are interested in knowing more about this session please check our Current Special Tab.  This will be on a first come first serve basis.   To book please check out our Eventbrite page. Once you’re done please email me so we can figure out a time that will work best for you! 

This is a one day only event and will fill up fast so please don’t miss out!

Happy June you guys!  It’s going to be an exciting month!


Dallas Boudoir Photographer: April Overview

Dallas Boudoir Photography

Thanks for another great month guys!  

I want to thank each and everyone one of you for visiting, subscribing, and supporting the blog.  I get so happy when I receive personal emails from y'all advising me that you found my content super helpful.  

I also have to thank all the other boudoir photographers’ around the United States and the world for supporting me as well by tweeting, retweeting, and pinning all of my boudoir articles.  I am so happy that you guys find them helpful for both yourself and your clients.  

April has been a very hectic but amazing month.  I won't lie; we will have some JEWELS for you in the month of May.  I can't tell you what but if you follow Wonderland Boudoir on the Gram (that means Instagram) you may have an idea of what I have been up to lately in the studio.  Spoiler Alert: Nothing but goodies!

In fact I have been collaborating with tons of great brands, stylist, and artist in the Dallas area and I cannot wait to present to you guys all the great projects that are too come.  I'm screaming from the inside with excitement.  

Thank you to ladies who have either booked or shot with Wonderland Boudoir this month.  Each session is super special to us.  We have a ton of fun with our clients.  My favorite part of shooting boudoir is letting the host see all her gorgeous photos!  I get a natural high off the excitement in her eyes.  Yes, you can be THAT girl.  

For the month of May we will be discussing the importance of friendships and why boudoir parties are amazing way to bond with your girlfriends.  Boudoir Parties are also a great idea for Bachelorette parties.  

 Remember to read the blog post and to comment.  One post each month will have a special gift certificate attached to it to one lucky commenter!

Just in case you missed anything this month I wanted to share with you some of the most popular post of the month.


Check out our beautiful clients and their personal sessions!


My favorite quote of the month:

Look in the Mirror, That’s Your Competition



If you would like to book with us please know that if you sign a model release which allows us to use your photos on our website, social media, and etc you will receive a 10% discount off your ENTIRE boudoir production.   This savings extends to albums, frames, and additional photos.  

May Boudoir Special

Remember this month we are offering 25% off the Queen's Court which is the Boudoir Party!  It's the perfect idea for an amazing bachelorette party.  The Queen’s Court is good for you and up to 5 of your girlfriends.  If you like to know more about each production please visit our investment page.   Once you decide which production works best for, or you just want more information, please visit the contact page!  


Lets all have a Wonderful May!