Urban Boudoir

Shooting with In-Studio Boudoir Lighting

A Dallas Boudoir Photographer...

Recently I traveled to San Diego to attend workshop and retreat with the Goddesses of Boudoir, Marissa and Kimberlee, of the Boudoir Divas.   This retreat inspired a clear vision of what I wanted out of life and photography.  While I still love UrbanJunglePhotography I have learned that I am more into portrait than wedding and family.  I love working one on one, creating an experience with the people that walk into my life. I love boudoir because I enjoy highlighting their individual beauty.

One of my favorite parts of the workshop was working with in-studio lighting and models of all ages, sizes, and complexions.  It’s VERY important that you have a versatile boudoir photographer.  For the next couple of weeks I will share with you different types of boudoir and swimsuit shots that I took while in San Diego learning from the best.  Today we start with Brittany & Sondra.

These shots are both interesting because I don’t typically work with in studio lighting.  Especially spot lighting.  However, the Divas taught us how to utilize them and different ways on how light will affect our photos.  While in my personal studio I may still use natural light for a little longer I think these photos are amazing and I can’t wait to start dabbling in more dramatic studio lighting for my sessions.

Let me know which photos you like more.  Feel free to check out Wonderland Boudoir on Facebook HERE to see more boudoir work!


Have a great day!