The Official Boudoir FAQ: Top Questions Every Woman Ask about Boudoir

The official FAQ for Boudoir.  The Complete guide to your Boudoir Session.

1.)    Who is Wonderland Boudoir?

Wonderland Boudoir is a boudoir photography studio located in the Bishop Arts District in Dallas, Texas.  Our aim is to provide a fun, safe, and empowering environment for your boudoir experience.  Please read the blog, titled Who is Wonderland Boudoir, post to learn more about our goals and inspirations!

2.)    Why should I have a boudoir session?

The short answer?  Boudoir is a fun and liberating way for a woman to celebrate herself.  A boudoir session is both sexy and empowering.  The idea of boudoir can be intimidating one but once we start shooting all your fears will begin to fade.  Every woman starts gaining confidence and starts coming out of their shell.  For a more in-depth answer to this common question please check out my WHAT IS BOUDOIR post.  Here you will leave knowing exactly what boudoir is!   This post gives you detailed reasons why a boudoir session is necessary for every woman.

3.)    Whar are some occasions perfect for a Boudoir Session

  • Anniversaries
  • Major Birthday Milestones (25th, the Dirty 30, the Fabulous 40, the Sexy 50th)… and any birthday in between
  • Significant Others Birthday
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Because the Day Ends in "Y"

4.)    Where are the Boudoir Sessions Held?

Wonderland Boudoir currently shares a 750 square foot studio in the heart of the Bishop Arts District.  Half our yearly sessions are done here.   About a quarter of our sessions are done outside (if you choose to do that), and the last quarter is either done in a hotel or on location.  Yes, we at Wonderland Boudoir do travel for boudoir sessions.  Please contact us for more information.

5.)    How Much will my Boudoir Session Cost?

Wonderland Boudoir’s prices start at $597.  Please check out our investment page for more details.  If any of the productions don’t fit your needs please send us an email so we can customize a session unique to you!

6.)    How far in Advance to do I Need to Book a Boudoir Session?

This really depends on what you need the photos for.  Is this a wedding, birthday, or anniversary present for someone special?  Do you need albums, frames, or additional photos?  If you want one of our handcrafted Italian made photos albums as a gift to someone then we ask that you come in at least 6 weeks before the date.  Our handcrafted items take 4 weeks to create!  The process is intense and long, but trust me it's more than well worth it. 

The weekends get booked way faster than the week so if you only have availability during on the weekends I suggest calling ASAP to secure the date preferred. 

7.)    Who should do my Hair and Make-up for a Boudoir Session?

I’m just going to be honest here.  Do not do your own hair and makeup before your session.  Check out my post that gives you 6 reasons hiring a makeup artist is the best move you can make.  Here at Wonderland Boudoir we have a rolodex of outstanding hair and makeup people in Dallas.  I only recommend Hair and Makeup artist I have personally worked.  This helps me ensure you are getting a quality experience.

8.)    Will you Photoshop me to *insert size here*

The quick and simple answer is no.  That’s the truth.  I do light airbrushing.  For example, if you have a pimple or blemish on your face, then of course, I will correct that.  I also color correct all my photos and will even out skin tone.  Depending on your on preference, I will remove stretch marks. However, if a lady is a size 22 and wants to be a size 2… then no I don’t do that.  In fact, I don’t do any real body modifications.  It’s not my style or aesthetic.  Wonderland Boudoir promotes natural beauty.  

Every day in the media we get assaulted with false images of “real women.”  I’m here to help stop that and show that every woman can define their own meaning of beautiful.  I have a blog post that describes four actions I take to redefine beauty!


9.)    How can I feel more comfortable during my shoot? 

There are 7 great ways for you to feel more comfortable in front of the camera:

  1. Consultwith your Photography
  2. Hire a professional Hair & Makeup Artist
  3. Get Your Nails Done
  4. Try on your Wardrobe Before Your Session
  5. Practice the Poses You Want
  6. Don’t Forget WHY You’re Doing This
  7. Trust Yourself & Relax

Read the full post here to get detailed steps and ideas on how you can calms yourself before a boudoir session.

10.) I’m Nervous! How do I calm myself.

Simple.  Just trust in the process.  We at Wonderland Boudoir are here to help you achieve your best photos ever.  We aim to make you feel as beautiful as you look.  I have over 15 years of experience with shooting.  I will be there with you all the way to help you pose and make sure you get the best out of your session.

11.) Do you Post my Boudoir Pictures All over the Internet?

No.  The ladies you see in my pictures are women who have given me written permission to use their photos to showcase my work.  I won't lie, I would love to use your photos for my blog.  Showcasing women and telling their stories helps other women want to come up with the courage to shoot as well.

12.) Do you have Lingerie or should I Bring my Own?

We do have outfits, but I do encourage women to bring their own lingerie to make the session more unique to them.   I actually have another post coming up that helps outline what to bring for a boudoir session.  Always bring shoe!   Depending on what you are wearing a classic pair of black pumps is always a great idea.  The higher the better.  I always suggest at least 4 inch heels for dramatic effect.    The right pumps will make an outfit stand out and your more lean!

13.)   Who will See Me Take my Boudoir Photos?

Most of the time it’s just you and me in the room.  If you hire a hairstylist and makeup artist through me there is a good chance they will stay the entire shoot and touch you up as we go along.  However, they don’t stay in the room and watch the entire time… unless you want them too.  We are a professional group here to make you look and feel great!  We love to have fun and by the time your session is over you will forget how nervous you were to begin with.

14.) Should My Friends Go with me to my Boudoir Session?

No.  I’m just going to say it no… unless you are having a boudoir party.  Otherwise I do not recommend your friend/family member coming with you.  The reason being is when you get in that room with myself and your friend is there a lot of the times the clients starts worrying about what their friend is thinking.  This creates a focusing problem and could have a negative effect on your session because you aren't concentrating.  This is discouraging to both yourself and the photographer.  You will be safe and fine without a need to worry.  I get that a friend may be a safety blanket, but a boudoir session is such an intimate experience so it’s very important to concentrate without any potential distractions.

15.) Will you Hide my Cellulite/Scare/Birthmark/ *insert least flattering body part here*

Let’s be honest, we all have things about ourselves that we feel as though are less than perfect and we may not want one of those things shown.  When we speak on the phone I will take note of you’re the areas of the body you like to conceal and enhance.    

16.)  Will you help me with Posing?

Yes!  Of course!  The average woman isn’t on the covers of Vogue magazine.  We will help you with posing your body to for optimal photos.  Not only will we tell you what to do, we will also pose in that same position so you can see firsthand what we want you to do.  At Wonderland Boudoir we are known for poses and angles so you can be sure that you will learn a lot from our session. 

I also suggest checking out the Boudoir Divas from San Diego who have three amazing books that show the BEST photos for posing.  One of the books has 1500 boudoir poses images!!!!!!  Check out the books here!

17.)  How long does it take to get my Boudoir Photos Back?

If you don’t want any add-ons such as books or additional photos I try and have your photos done at least 14 days after our session.  However, if you want albums, additional books, or accordion books then it takes about 6 weeks to get back.  Most of our books are handcrafted in Italy so it’s very important that the books are made slowly and perfectly to last a lifetime.  We at Wonderland Boudoir only work with the best of the best to ensure that our clients receive a quality product. 

When your photos and packages are ready we ask that you come back to the studio and pick everything up.  WE DO NOT MAIL ITEMS.   There have been too many times photos, usbs, and books have been lost in the mail and therefore we want to make sure you personally pick up your items so they are safe and secure.

18.) Explain a Typical Boudoir Session

At Wonderland Boudoir we have the client come in and have hair and makeup done (if that’s what you have chosen).  It takes about 90 minutes to have your hair and makeup done.  After our discussion with the hair and makeup artist on your wants and needs we then we pick out your wardrobe.  All of us have really great style (toot toot) so you are in great hands if you're unsure about any of your chooses.  After hair and makeup is completed and you have given your seal of approval of your hotness we then start the session. 

After our session is over I will schedule a time where we can meet 14 days later so you can see your photos and pick the ones you want to keep forever!   

19.) Do you Offer Group Parties?

Yes, we offer Boudoir Parties.  These are great for birthday parties, Girls' Night Out, and Bachelorette parties.  It’s a time to get pampered before you enjoy a night out on the town!

20.) Who Shouldn’t get a Boudoir Session Done?

At Wonderland Boudoir we believe that all women should have a session done.  However, if having boudoir photos done will hurt your career in some way then I suggest not having them done.  While we take EVERY SINGLE PRECAUTION to ensure that your photos never get out we cannot guarantee everything 100% in our digital world.  This is why it’s very important to considerate what may happen.  Our photos are tasteful and classic, but how far you want your session to go is really up to you.

21.) How long do you keep my photos on file? What If I want more photos on a later date?

We don’t have a strict time period on hand when we destroy photos of past clients boudoir photos, but do try and dispose of all photos after seven days.  We have a large number of clients come in so it’s very important that we have as much room as possible on our drives. 

22.) Do You Guys do Couples Sessions? 

Yes!  We love shooting couples who are in love and would like beautifully directed photos for years to come. 

23.) How can I book a session?

Please check out our investment page! Please feel free to call us for additional questions and schedule a time to book!  You can contact us here!


Yes, I know that was a bit intense!  There is so much to cover in boudoir session! The FAQ sheet will be constantly updated to answer any additional common questions that clients have!


In the comment below please let me know what questions you have that weren’t addressed in this post?

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