What is Boudoir?

What is Boudoir and Why You Should Do It

Wonderland Boudoir is a high-end boudoir photography studio in Dallas, Texas.   We aim at providing fun, safe, and empowering sessions for every woman who walks through our door.  In January, as a vendor for Bridal Show Inc’s Dallas Bridal show, I met tons of women educating them on the fun and excitement of boudoir. In fact, I kept hearing this same thing over and over: “All I have been hearing about is ‘boudoir’!  What exactly is that and why does EVERYONE want to do it?!”

What Is Boudoir?

Boudoir once meant a room built to spend time with one’s husband. For Wonderland, boudoir means defining YOUR sense of sexiness and releasing your inhibitions.  Boudoir should be fun, safe, empowering, and liberating.  Your fantasies should be unlimited. Women have been blessed with beautiful, individual bodies; we should embrace and celebrate our natural beauty.

 Why Do Women take Boudoir Pictures?

Boudoir can be done for any number of reasons:

  • Boudoir Presents for Him

Many women host sessions as a wedding gift for their future spouse.  Other popular reasons include anniversary gifts and Valentine’s Day presents.  Imagine giving your lover a collection of beautiful, one of a kind pictures for his eyes only. He'll be hard pressed to match that present!!

  • Boudoir Present for You  

Boudoir sessions aren’t limited to gifts for that special someone in your life.  More importantly, boudoir sessions should be for you.  Many women have sessions for themselves as birthday presents.  Others have a session for body change reasons, like maternity photos or reaching your goal weight.  Have a session after you've run your first marathon or you've gone ice skating for the first time, so that you can celebrate all that your body does for you! Do a boudoir session to celebrate YOUR sexy! 

  • A Boudoir Present for ALL

They are also great for bachelorette parties and a Girls' Night Out!  Yes, we do host boudoir parties (The Queens Court) for you and up to five of your closest girlfriends, for a fun filled day you won't forget!


Why Should I Have a Boudoir Session? 

First and foremost, a boudoir session should be done for you.  These sessions are fun, powerful, and liberating.  Feel like a celebrity and have a team pamper you with hair and makeup.  We then help you pick out the best outfits or lingerie for your desired outcome, and finally you get to do your session.  Wonderland Boudoir helps with posing and making sure you feel comfortable all the way through.   If for some reason you still feel tense, there is always champagne!

Feel Comfortable

We at Wonderland Boudoir know it is intimidating going into a room with a person you don’t know and sharing the most intimate parts of yourself, but there is nothing to be nervous about. We are a fun and understanding team that is here to support you during this session.  We help guide you through the process and teach you how to properly pose to help strengthen the beauty of your photos.  In almost all of the sessions, you will see me posing right along with you!

In Conclusion…

Take the leap and feel liberated by investing in a boudoir session. I have been photographing boudoir sessions for years, but I still LOVE the reactions when women see that they look like THAT GIRL in their photos.  

Be that girl.  Get that same feeling.  

Book a boudoir session.

To book or get more information on sessions, head over to the contact page and call or email! 


Question: Let me know in the comments below what some questions you have about boudoir sessions. Tell me about your fears and concerns. 



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