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I LOVE boudoir mini sessions!  They are my favorite to shoot because it requires me to get creative quickly because we only have a limited time to shoot.  I need to make sure that you look beautiful to ensure you have a ton of photos to choose from during our in-person reveal!

Our Summer boudoir mini sessions will be held August 27th and 28th near Downtown Dallas.  My team is beyond excited to make this experience one of a kind for you.  

Why should you Book a Mini Session?  

The mini sessions are about 40% cheaper than our normal entry collection.  That's a savings of $240!  With that, you get hair, makeup, 10 digital images, and a 10-page hardback photo book of the pictures of your choice!

Mini sessions are a great way of getting your feet wet with boudoir.  If you're interested you can book a full-fledged session with us in the future.  Feel free to let your friends know about your session.

What are the Details of the Boudoir Mini Session?


  • Price: $357
  • Deposit: $89.25 (non-refundable). The remaining balance of $267.75 will be due at the time of the session.
  • Mini Session Includes: Hair, Makeup, 10 digital photos, and a 10-page book.
  • Photo Reveals: Photo reveals will happen about 14 days after our session.  This will be an in-person reveal.  In our reveal, you will have 30 lightly edited proofs to select from as your final 10 photos for digital copies.   The photos chosen will be the same ones used to create your book.  

What are the Time Slots?

 Saturday: 08/27/2016:


Sunday: 08/28/2016:


What if I want More Photos after Seeing my Reveal?

You will have the option to purchase additional photos.  Each additional photo is priced at $20 or you can purchase your full set for $250!  If you like a 30-page book instead of a 10-page book that price will be $150 (savings of $105!!!).  

The average client spends about an average total of $750 when they upgrade to the full package.  

All final products will be hand delivered to ensure receipt.  

If you do decide to upgrade your package 50% of the cost must be paid at the time of the session. The remaining balance will be due when you receive the final product.

So what are you waiting for?!  

Book your boudoir mini session with us ASAP!  These spots will sell out quickly and I want to make sure you get a seat.  

Feel free to book your boudoir mini session HERE!

If you have any questions please CONTACT US so we can schedule a time to speak.

Don't miss out on this opportunity y'all!

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