Dallas Boudoir Marathon

Dallas Boudoir Marathon, Dallas Boudoir Photography, Boudoir Photography Dallas

On July 11th, 2015 in Dallas, Texas I will be hosting my first ever Boudoir Marathon!  Be excited!  I know many women have expressed interest in a boudoir session.  In July we have set up a day were we are only taking 7 women for a Boudoir Marathon. 

What is a Boudoir Marathon?

A boudoir session is a semi private, fast paced, boudoir mini session that happens in one day.  This set up allows us to give a discount to the customer while shooting in a unique location.  We typically only take 5-7 clients during this time period.

You will have hair & makeup provided and use your $250 pint credit towards digital copies, albums, or frames. 

What is the Cost?

The price is $750.  $500 is for the session itself and the $250 credit will be used for digital prints (can be printed up to an 8x12), albums, and/or frames.  The cost for all our books is listed on our investment page. 

You will receive an extra 15% off if you sign a model release and allow us to use your photos for promotional and other needs

What is Included in a Boudoir Marathon?

  • One Hour Session
  • Includes Hair, Makeup, & Eyelashes
  • $250 Print Credit to use towards additional digital photos, albums, or frames
  • We will have drinks and finger food available

Where is the Location?

The location is still being finalized and will be disclosed 10 days the marathon.  The location will be in the Downtown Dallas area. 

What Time Slots are Available?

  • 9AM
  • 10 AM
  • 11AM
  • 1PM
  • 2PM
  • 3PM
  • 4PM

How Early Do I Need to Arrive?

We ask that you show up 1 hour before your session.   This will give the hair and makeup artist time to get you ready prior to you start time for your session.  This also gives you time to get dressed and relax. 

How do I sign up & Pay the Deposit?

You can either sign up through Eventbrite or our website HERE!

To book your session you will need to pay a deposit and sign a contract.  The deposit is 25% of the session  ( which is $187.50).  This deposit amount is not refundable.  The remaining balance of $562.50 will be due at the time of our session. 

 We will also need you to sign our contract.  You can find our contract HERE!

If you want to take advantage of our 15% discount please fill out our Model Release that can be found here

The contract will need to be signed and emailed over to info@WonderlandBoudoir.com in order to guarantee a booking.  In that email please include your first three choices for time slots.  The time slots will be given in order of who completely books first.

Dallas Boudoir Photography, Wonderland Boudoir, Boudoir Photography Dallas, Boudoir Marathon


If you have any questions please contact us here or email us at info@WonderlandBoudoir.com to get more information or CONTACT us HERE! 

In the comments section below let us know if you’re interested in a boudoir session?

Dallas Boudoir Photography: Confidence is Sexy

Condience is Sexy, How to be #Confident, Dallas Boudoir, Boudoir Dallas, Wonderland Boudoir Photography

Wonderland Boudoir is a Dallas based boudoir photography studio who loves creating memories that will last you a lifetime.  One of our favorite ways to accomplish that goal is through boudoir parties.  Boudoir parties are a great way for you and up to 5 of your closest girlfriend to have some girls time while having beautiful photos taken of yourselves.  Boudoir parties are great for bachelorettes, birthday, and gifts for that special someone in your life.  During the month of May you can save 25% off this awesome session!  Please contact us for more details!

 We had our first ever Boudoir Party late last year with four amazing women.  You can actually see their photos in a previous post, What is a Boudoir Party.

We had SUCH a blast at this session… maybe too much fun.  LOL.  In our previous post we shared what it looks like behind the scenes of a boudoir party session.  This go around we wanted to share with you the individual photos of each woman.  Today let me introduce you to Ms. A.  Isn’t she GORGEOUS?!

#Happines is a #Habit, Happiness is a Habit, Dallas Boudoir Photography

Yes!  You may have recognized our beautiful client from the post Happiness is a Habit.

Each lady had a different idea of what they wanted to wear for their session.  Ms. A decided to go with classic sexy.  She brought with her long lace and colors that complimented her skin complexion. 

For her face we went with a soft flirty look that matched the transitioning seasons from Fall to Winter.  Her wavy hair complimented the overall look of the session.  She wanted a mix of playful and sexy with a dash of classy.

Ms. A brought with her an array of clothing options.  She knew where she was going but didn’t know exactly how to get there.  Therefore she made sure she brought with her more than enough outfits for her session.

TIP: Having too many options is better than not enough. This goes for almost every aspect of your life. 

Most of the clothes that Ms A is wearing came from Forever 21.  Yes, it is possible to look as fashionable as her without having to break the bank. 

If there is one thing Ms. A did not leave at home was her confidence.  This woman SLAYED IT!  She left any ounce of insecurities she had at the door and embraced the whole boudoir experience.  She was clearly in the moment.  You can easily see this in her photos.  Ms. A was focused, listened well, open minded, but wasn’t scared to share her opinions and what she wanted out of the session. 

Ms. A was also very genuine. She is as beautiful inside and out and I think that translated well from her photos.  I adore the fact that she could go from cute to siren in .0001 seconds.   I LIVE for it! 

How to be #Confident, Dallas Boudoir, Boudoir Dallas, Wonderland Boudoir Photography

What you can learn from Ms. A?

Lesson 01: Confidence is fucking Sexy.

The End.

Lesson 02: Wear clothes that flatter your frame. 

Ms. A is a beautiful curvy woman and she was able to portray that with complete ease.  In her first outfit she rocked a catsuit… some people may refer to it has a winter romper, but whatever name you have for that outfit it was amazing.  The romper has a design on the center that cinched her stomach and made it look even smaller.  Also, you can tell she tried it on because the outfit wasn’t too tight or too big.  Too tight or too baggy clothes don’t make you look smaller.  Finding clothes that fit your frame correctly makes you look smaller. 

 If you want to hide your stomach for a boudoir sessions do not bring a simple bra and panty set.  Wear a baby doll dress, bring a chemise, or rock a teddy. These outfits not only hide your tummy, but make you look even slimmer when posed correctly by your photographer. 

Lesson 03: Wearing nude heels to a boudoir sessions is an absolute plus. 

Nude heels help to elongate your legs, adds more muscle tone, and cranks up the sexy factor by at least 25%.  Nude heels are a must for any adult female’s wardrobe, with or without a boudoir session in the future.

So without further ado here is Ms. A!

#Confident, #Confidence, How to be Confident, #Boudoir, Dallas Boudoir Photography, Wonderland Boudoir
#Confident, #Confidence, How to be Confident, #Boudoir, Dallas Boudoir Photography, Wonderland Boudoir
#Confident, #Confidence, How to be Confident, #Boudoir, Dallas Boudoir Photography, Wonderland Boudoir

So what did you think of Ms. A boudoir session?  Amazing wasn’t it?!  Be sure to follow up on Friday for Ms. K boudoir session.

 If you’re interested in Wonderland Boudoir shooting your Boudoir Party remember that we are having a 25% of sale on our Queen’s Court , Boudoir Party, for the month of May.  Please contact us when you and your girls are ready to shoot!

In the comments below let me know which outfit you liked best on Ms. A and why? 

Today you have a chance to win a $40 gift card from Victoria’s Secret when you leave a comment.   The contest ends May 30th, 2015 at 11:59AM CST.

The winner will be announce on Facebook and Twitter on May 30th!   

Wonderland Boudoir, Boudoir Party, Dallas Boudoir

Wonderland Boudoir is a Dallas Boudoir studio who specialized in Boudoir Photography. We offer Boudoir Parties for Brides, birthday, and just a fun girls night out.

As you guys know this month is dedicated to friendships and boudoir parties!  A boudoir party is a great activity for bachelorette parties, birthday celebrations, or just a fun Girl’s Night Out event.  Today I want to give you guys a behind the scene glimpse of a boudoir party.

Late last year we put together our first boudoir party with these four beautiful ladies. Each lady has different comfort levels with the idea of boudoir so each of them wanted something different.  Some wanted to be more subtle while some of the other ladies wanted to bare it all! 

You may have arrived with a group but everyone gets 30 minutes of individual time with the photographer. Remember this is YOUR time.  Make the most of it and get the photos that you have always desired. 

Today I will showcase the whole party and for the rest of the month I will show case each of these ladies independently so you can see their individual sessions.  No two will be the same and that’s the fun in a boudoir party! 

About the Party

The party was AMAZING.  After all the girls showed up to our studio the drinks and food started to flow.  While we do provide champagne I believe that you should only have one glass prior to your session. While the champagne may give you liquid courage you don’t want to have drunk eyes.  Being coherent is an essential part of a boudoir party. LOL we want to make sure you’re getting the best photos in your 30 minute session.

Hair, Makeup, & Styling

The hair and makeup team will speak to each girl about their hair and makeup goals.  Hair and makeup will also be determined by the outfit that you choose. Styling is such an important part in good photos.  We will discuss what we think will be the best for you based on what you bring. 

You will need to have day old hair for your session.  Hairstylist prefer that.

While the makeup artist will most likely have your foundation sometimes it better to bring your own because some people have sensitive skin and the makeup artist foundation may break you out. 

When it comes to styling please remember to try on your clothes before your session.  I have a post that identifies the 7 things that you need to do before a boudoir session.  The rules found in this post also apply to boudoir parties.  Take this post and make sure you SHARE it with all your friends.

Wednesday’s post covered what a boudoir party actual is and the benefits to it.  As pointed out  in that post, at Wonderland Boudoir, each person in your party is allotted a 30 minute shoot time the photographer.

The 30 minute sessions include:

Hair & Makeup

  • 1 outfit
  • Private Gallery with 30 of your best photos
  • Of those 30 photos you get to pick your favorite (one 8x12) digital photo that you want fully edited
  • You do have the option to buy additional photos or your entire set

Without further ado let me how you guys how much fun a boudoir session with you and some of your girlfriends can be!

Wonderland Boudoir, Dallas Boudoir, Boudoir Dallas, Boudoir Party
Wonderland Boudoir, Dallas Boudoir, Boudoir Dallas, Boudoir Party
Wonderland Boudoir, Dallas Boudoir, Boudoir Dallas, Boudoir Party

Wasn’t that so much fun?!  If you’re interested in booking your own boudoir party please check out our investment page.  Then head over to our contact page to give us a call or send an email for more information!

Remember we are offering 25% off out Boudoir Parties this month!

In the comments below let me know please let me know if you have any questions about boudoir sessions that I didn’t cover!

What is a Boudoir Party and How Does it Work?

What is a Boudoir Party? A boudoir party is a great for wedding's gifts, groom's gift, birthdays, and a girls night out. #Dallas #Boudoir

Some girls want to have a boudoir session but they don’t want to do it alone.  Some people just do things better when they have their partners in crime in tow.  This is the beauty of a boudoir party.  They allow you to take part in an intimate form of photography with without the fear of doing it alone.  

Today’s post will touch on why Boudoir Parties are awesome and why you and your closest friends should book a session as soon as possible!

A #Boudoir #Party is a great idea for bachelorette parties, bride gifts, groom's gifts, birthday parties, or a girls night out. Here is why you should book a #boudoir Party

5 Reasons for a Boudoir Party

  1.  Bachelorette Party: Boudoir parties are a great Bachelorette gift!  They can even be a wonderful bonding activity for the bride and her maids before the big day.  Not only do you have a great time with some of your closest friends, but you will also create a wonderful groom’s present for you future husband!
  2. Girls’ Night Out: Sometimes girls just want to have fun (okay. That was cheesy).  Spend the afternoon being pampered by an amazing artist and allow the photographer to make you feel like a supermodel.  After your last girlfriend finishes her shoot you guys can catch a Lyft and celebrate a night on the town while looking like celebrities.
  3. Birthday Celebrations: What better way to celebrate a milestone!  Are you turning the Dirty 30? Perhaps the Fabulous 40?  The 50 is the new 25? (Hey! Even Madonna kissed Drake!) This is a great venue for a birthday party.  Why not celebrate the woman you have become over the years?  A boudoir party is a great way to really embrace your beauty and see the hot girl your friends see in you every day.
  4. Bonding Events:  Bonding events are great team building exercises.  Women own companies book boudoir parties to help teach their teams to let go of any flaws or insecurities they have about themselves.
  5. Girls’ Day: This is a lot like Girls’ Night Out… expect it’s during the day.  Lets be honest, some women are mothers and don’t have the ability to stay out all night when she has mouths to love and spend time with.  Therefore book an early boudoir party and then finish the day off with brunch. During brunch you guys can chat about your personal experiences and still be home in plenty of time to have one on one with your kids and husband.


A #Boudoir #Party is a great idea for bachelorette parties, bride gifts, groom's gifts, birthday parties, or a girls night out. Here is why you should book a #boudoir Party

5 Reasons why Boudoir Parties are Important

A #Boudoir #Party is a great idea for bachelorette parties, bride gifts, groom's gifts, birthday parties, or a girls night out. Here is why you should book a #boudoir Party
  1. They are fun!  I know boudoir sounds super intimidating but they aren’t.  They are really fun and allow the subject to let loose. 
  2. Great bonding experience with your friends:  Boudoir Parties are enjoyable because ladies are often laughing and cracking jokes on each other while simultaneously cheering each other on.
  3. Great start to a wild evening: Plus you won’t have to worry about hair and makeup. Bachelorette Parties or Girls’ Night Out can be super exhausting because you have to do your hair, makeup, and then decide on what to wear.  After you look at yourself in the mirror the only thing you will want to do is go out and show the world how amazing you look. 
  4. Your friends can be your biggest cheerleaders:  I know I mentioned it before, but it’s not something you should look over.  Lets’ face it.  Having supportive friends around you will be amazing boost for you confidence.   Just imagine having  your BFF cheering you on, making you laughing, and just having a good time. 
  5. Get out of your comfort zone:  There are times we just need to get out of our comfort zone.  We have to do things that we never thought we would do. A boudoir session with you closest girlfriend in a safe and controlled environment is a great way to do that.


How Does a Boudoir Party Work?

A #Boudoir #Party is a great idea for bachelorette parties, bride gifts, groom's gifts, birthday parties, or a girls night out. Here is why you should book a #boudoir Party
  • Every boudoir studio is going to have a different process.  When booking with Wonderland Boudoir you must have a minimum of 4 girls with a maximum of 6.  If you have a total of 6 girls each person pays about $100 per boudoir session! 
  • Each party is given a complementary bottle of champagne (as long as you are of legal age.  We do reserve the right to card anyone who looks under 40 years old or cut anyone off.). 
  • Each girl will have their hair and makeup done by our amazing team. 
  • The background we use is our regular White Studio. 
  • Each girl is given a 30 minute session. 


When do we get our Boudoir Party Photos Back?!

A #Boudoir #Party is a great idea for bachelorette parties, bride gifts, groom's gifts, birthday parties, or a girls night out. Here is why you should book a #boudoir Party

After everyone’s edits are complete (usually 30 business days) each person is given a private gallery to pick their final photos for editing, albums, and frames.

Depending on the number of photos purchased the photos will either be emailed or you can come back to the studio and pick up your USB file and any additional products purchased.  All digital copies can be printed up to an 8x12.

Please Note: I DO NOT SNAIL MAIL BOUDOIR PHOTOS!  There have been too many times were USBs have been lost by the USPS and due to the sensitive nature of the photos I require clients purchasing 6 or more photos to come to the studio and pick up their digital copies.  Wonderland Boudoir is not responsible for any lost or stolen photos. 


How much is a Boudoir Party?

A #Boudoir #Party is a great idea for bachelorette parties, bride gifts, groom's gifts, birthday parties, or a girls night out. Here is why you should book a #boudoir Party

Prices for boudoir parties are going to change from studio to studio.  For Wonderland Boudoir our prices for a Boudoir party start at $650, The Queen’s Court.  This $650 amount can be split amongst attendees. 

The deposit for a Boudoir party is 25%, $162.50 (prices are valid as of 05/04/2015. Prices are subject to change without notice).  The remaining balance will be due at the time of the session.  Prices for additional photos, albums, and frames can be found on our investment page.  Any additional products purchased (such as additional photos, alums, and frames require a 50% deposit). 


The Moral to the Story?

Book a boudoir party session!  It’s a great bonding experience for you and your closest girlfriends.  Rather if you are getting married, celebrating your dirty 30, or just want to have a girls day a Boudoir Party is a great way to have a fun and memorable time with you and your friends.

To learn more about our Boudoir Party, the Queen’s Court, please check out our investment page.  Please contact us to secure your spot for this fun  ride!

In the comments below please let me know if you have any additional questions I did not answer about a boudoir session!

Austin Boudoir, Lost in the Woods, Outdoor Boudoir

Lost in the Woods, Dallas Boudoir, Austin Boudoir

On my very first blog post after relaunching I had a reader ask where I like shooting the most.  I must confirm that I love shooting outside in natural light.  I really love shooting in the woods for some reason.  Ever since I was a little girl I was infatuated with the wood and climbing trees.  It was so freeing and fun and I enjoyed the alone time I got just being the woods.  Never once was I scared to be there alone.  I believe that love still carries on with me today. 

Austin Boudoir, Dallas Boudoir, Wonderland Boudoir

For this session Jazzy Baptiste and I traveled all the way to Austin, Texas to do a stylized boudoir session with the lovely Maren.  Maren is part of your Unites States military serving the US Navy.  She is also a mom and a wife.  What an amazing woman Maren is. 

Maren met us at my dear friend’s house and we traveled to the most southern part of Austin to host this session.   The photos in this series were shot in my little brother’s front yard.  Yes!  It feels like this fool lives on a nature preserve. His property is so gorgeous.  It’s the closest thing you are going to get to the perfect mix of city and country in a metropolitan area. 

Styling wise everything came from Victoria’s Secret.  The robe was embedded with Swarovski crystals.  The bra, panties, and garter were a soft teal color.  At the time of this session the nice attendant at Northpark Mall pulled everything from the back to help me piece together a perfect outfit.  Nothing had hit the floor yet and we were to first to have it.  He whispered that all the good stuff was in the back.  I really loved the fact that he took the time to help us pick out the items for this session.

Of course Jazzy did an incredible job for this makeup session.  Jazzy is a magician with the makeup brushes.  I love his high lighting and blending game.  He is the truth.  Jazzy also has his own blog out so PLEASE go check out his work and sub to his page. 

Austin Boudoir, Dallas Boudoir, Wonderland Boudoir

For the hair we did nothing to it.  We didn’t want it to be too stylized because we wanted to do a fresh out of the bed type of look.  It needed to be messy and unperfected to really go with the theme of the session. 

Maren is a natural who followed direction very well.  I have found that most women who have served in our armed forces have an uncanny appeal to the camera and have no problem really following direction to enhance the photos. 

We shoot in different parts of the front yard for about 45 minutes.  The scariest part was when we got close to the creek.  There was huge black snake!  We both screamed and ran way.  The snake went in the other direction in a frenzy as well.  Jazzy and my friend laughed at us as they saw Maren and I running back towards the house. 

Halfway through the session my niece (9 months at the time) and nephew (2 years) came out to say hi and give everyone hugs and kisses. 

Still thinking about that day really fills me with so much joy in my heart.  We had such a lovely time and I really feel as though the photos solidify that fact. 

I want to say thank you to my best friend Kim for allowing me use her house to get us all ready and to crash for the weekend.  She is such a great host and one of the best friends anyone could ask for in this lifetime.  She is so unselfish and I loving being around her.  I want to say thank you to my little brother for letting us use his front yard as our playground.  It’s so amazing what you can do in your own front yard.  Of course I have to thank Jazzy because he always brings the sessions to life with his wizardry!  Maren, words cannot express the amount of gratitude I have for taking time out of your day to help us with beautiful project.  Thank you Maren for your service.

Without further ado please enjoy the photos!

Austin Boudoir, Dallas Boudoir, Wonderland Boudoir
Austin Boudoir, Dallas Boudoir, Wonderland Boudoir
Austin Boudoir, Dallas Boudoir, Wonderland Boudoir
Austin Boudoir, Dallas Boudoir, Wonderland Boudoir

I do come to Austin often because my family does live there.  If you want to book a boudoir session in Austin, Texas (or anywhere in the world) please contact me HERE!  Check out our investment page to see the different packages we offer and how each one will benefit you HERE!

Please let me know which photo was your favorite and why in the comments below.

Black Rabbit Outdoor Boudoir | Wonderland Boudoir Dallas

Wonderland Boudoir Dallas Black Rabbit

Hey everyone!  I haven’t posted a boudoir series in forever (I think my last one was Maria's)!    Today I wanted to show you all a fantastic outdoor boudoir session that we had in Cedar Hill, Texas.  We actually shot this session the Sunday before Mardi Gras, and we had such a wonderful time.  It was perfect weather in the Dallas area for an outdoor boudoir shoot.  It may be winter but it was only 65 degrees with heavy cloud coverage, no wind,  and we loved every second of it! 

Jazzy Baptiste was the makeup artist for this session. Jazzy is a huge name in the Dallas makeup scene.  He has done makeup live on Good Morning Texas, Elle magazine, and not to mention countless weddings.  I just love when he and I can work together in between his hectic work schedule. #DreamTeam

Jazzy Baptiste Wonderland Boudoir Dallas Makeup

Jazzy and I had been planning to do a dark and moody outdoor session for awhile.  We wanted to do something sexy and fun but not typical.  As much as we enjoy in-studio sessions we love when we have the ability to shoot boudoir outside with a willing and open minded client. 

Jazzy Baptiste Wonderland Boudoir Dallas

With all the new buildings and structure going on in Dallas recently it’s really hard to find a nice serene place to have a shoot.  Then I remembered how beautiful Cedar Hill is!  With the open mind of Ashley, we headed out to shoot on location at Cedar Hill National Park. 

If you have never been to Cedar Hill National Park in Cedar Hill, Texas then you a seriously missing out.  It’s one of Dallas’s best kept secrets.  The sun setting over Joe Pool Lake is one of the most beautiful things that you will ever see in your life.  They say there is no sunset more beautiful than the ones in Texas, and I have to agree. 

I really love when clients allow me to take creative control over a session.  She let us have fun the styling  and makeup.  We treated her like our doll and had so much fun glamorizing her.  I wish I had taken before and after shots but alas that did not happen.  For the future I will remember to do that. 

Wonderland Boudoir Winter Makeup

Jazzy Baptiste is a genius when it comes to his craft. He studies makeup looks from the runway, the magazines, and on the streets... and then crafts it to make it his signature style.  Jazzy is a person who is constantly studying all skin types and complexions to provide the best final look for all his clients.  Here Jazzy went for a dark winter smokey eye for Ashley.  This look is very catwalk ready. The deep dark purples and ombre lips compliments her cocoa complexion with.  The lashes are Ardell.  Jazzy named this look Purple Passion.

Ashley is rocking a thrifted (but new) faux fur oversized vest from a St Vincents, swimsuit by American Apparel, necklace & ring from Forever 21, and shoes from Steve Madden. 

We shot around the bank of the lake for 30 minutes. We made sure to get great shots with the tall dried reeds. Next, we headed in a bit into the woods to get shots in the beautiful lush green grass and dark purple vegetation.  Lastly, we ended up shooting on the boat dock before leaving the gorgeous national park.  The dock was my favorite place because, unlike the tall reeds near the lake, the colorful boats and blue water added a fun element  of color to such a muted outfit. 

We had a blast shooting the session so I hope you have equally as much fun going through them.

Without further ado!  Please enjoy the photos. 

Wonderland Boudoir Dallas Black Rabbit Outdoor Boudoir Session
Wonderland Boudoir Dallas Black Rabbit Outdoor Boudoir Session
Wonderland Boudoir Dallas Black Rabbit Outdoor Boudoir Session
Wonderland Boudoir Dallas Black Rabbit Outdoor Boudoir Session
Wonderland Boudoir Dallas Black Rabbit Outdoor Boudoir Session
Wonderland Boudoir Dallas Black Rabbit Outdoor Boudoir Session
Wonderland Boudoir Dallas Black Rabbit Outdoor Boudoir Session
Wonderland Boudoir Dallas Black Rabbit Outdoor Boudoir Session
Wonderland Boudoir Dallas Black Rabbit Outdoor Boudoir Session
Wonderland Boudoir Dallas Black Rabbit Outdoor Boudoir Session

Remember if you’re looking for a boudoir session in Dallas I currently have a flash sale going on until March 17th!  I’m offering 50% off any of the productions!  The photos need to be scheduled and taken on or before June 13th.  If you’re interested please check out the special page and then head over to my contact page to book a session or schedule a consultation! 

Follow Wonderland Boudoir of Dallas on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for future sneak peak boudoir session photos!

In the comments below tell me, where would your dream boudoir session take place?


Editorial Boudoir Photography in Dallas

I love my clients and I love when they allow me to show off their beautiful their photos.  This week I want to showcase Maria. 

 Maria has an attitude that shines brighter than the sun.  I had the pleasure or meeting Maria through Jazzy, one of the main make-up artist I collaborate with.  Jazzy has worked with Maria in the past and knew that her personality and attitude would fall into sync with our vision of this project.

 I love shooting in places that people don’t see the potential in.  One must look for beauty everywhere.  In Dallas there is a whole in the wall spot that looks like a falling Spanish community and I had been dying to shoot there.  Right now Dallas is going through a building renaissance. The city is tearing down buildings with character to put up highrises.  I needed to move quickly because I knew it was only certain amount of time before someone would tear down this unique area. 


Originally we were only going to have a session outside the building, but when we go there it turns out that someone forgot to lock the gate… we went into the middle of this community and had a party.  It was so beautiful.  This place has probably been long forgotten. Faded turquoise doors, cleared out rooms, and uncompleted projects laced the property.  When we got there all I saw was potential.  The three of use wasted no time getting some amazing photos for this project. 

 The first look was experimental.  High wasted black panties, a beautiful lacy bra, leather jacket, and spiked heels.  Trust, putting together this outfit was just as fun as shooting it.  I wanted to create an editorial boudoir session.  My aim is to always show that women can be both sexy and strong. Maria was able embrace this ideology and bring it to life in this series.  I couldn’t have imagined a better result.

 Next we took out one of my FAVORITE dresses and heels.  I love color in photos  and therefore a graffiti background near the Bishop art District was a great spot. 

The last location was probably the funniest spot of all that day.  These photos were taken in the middle of the day on a Sunday afternoon.  For years I have fantasized about shooting a model next to an Ice Cream truck and I was able to get that.  The Ice Cream man was more than happy to oblige to our request.  I mean c’mon...  What man wouldn’t be happy to have a beautiful girl in luxury lingerie standing next to his truck eating a Popsicle?  You as the model, when would you ever have the opportunity to do the same thing?  In this life we have to live it to the most.  Do unconventional things and have fun with it.  This is what we did that Sunday. 

Wonderland Boudoir Dallas_-15Ice Cream Truck and Graffiti Wall.jpg


I have to thank Maria and Jazzy for such an amazing session that day.  It was such a blast and I can’t wait to work with more ladies in the future who just want to have fun!