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I love boasting about our Dallas based Boudoir Photography, Wonderland Boudoir. However, what I love bragging about more is our clientele. My Dallas clients are fun as hell to work with. Ms. I was no exception to that rule.

Top Dallas Boudoir Photography, Wonderland Boudoir

What I loved about Ms. I is that she immediately felt like a friend when she walked into the studio. When booking with me, I love getting to know you prior to your session. I want to know what all your concerns are about boudoir. I need to know this so I know how you can have the most relaxing yet super fun boudoir session imaginable.

Top Dallas Boudoir Photography, Wonderland Boudoir

I got to know Ms. I before coming in and knew she was going to be an absolute dream to work with. She came in with an open mind, beautifully selected pieces, and a great attitude. Trifecta!

I know! I know! I normally don't shoot too many bedrooms anymore (I also have some of the most daring clientele!) but when I do I only book luxury locations. Those locations are normally based on on the mood board you provide me before our session.

Top Dallas Boudoir Photography, Wonderland Boudoir

With every session that I capture with you, I make sure that I know what you are visually looking for. Yes, we can discuss it on the phone, but let's be very honest... the English language is very complicated. While coy sexy might mean one thing to me it could mean something completely different for you. Therefore, I have all my clients create a mood board on Pinterest.

Top Dallas Boudoir Photography, Wonderland Boudoir

Pinterest is a free platform that allows the user to sit, scroll, and pin all their favorite photos to every single board that can be imaged. If you want to see my Pinterest account please check it out here! I have TONS of boards that can help you build out your boudoir fantasy.

My account has boards dedicated to Boudoir Fashion, Boudoir Lingerie, Boudoir Hair, Boudoir Makeup, and much more. No, I don't post boring stuff either I even have a board dedicated to my personal fashion style.

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Ms. I built her beautiful session and Pinterest and I was able to narrow down a beautiful boudoir studio that matched her taste. One of my favorite places to shoot boudoir is at the Studio Bella's located in Downtown Dallas. This ENORMOUS studio is jaw-droppingly gorgeous. It has the most beautiful natural light that I have ever seen. If you are looking for a classic boudoir experience I can definitely capture you at Studio Bella.

Number 1 Dallas Boudoir Photography, Wonderland Boudoir

With this session, I was able to work with one of my favorite people in all of Dallas, Jill Williams. She is a legendary (I'm calling it now) hair and makeup artist. She is always so busy so I am sooooo lucky when I am able to catch her. She is SUCH a delight to work with.

Number 1 Dallas Boudoir Photography, Wonderland Boudoir

Another important reason why your mood board is essential is that it allows the hair and makeup team to have a visual idea of what you are looking for. This is important because they need to know exactly what tools they need to bring to your session.

One of the things I love about Jill is that, even though she has your mood board, she will sit down and ask you what you really love about the look. Then she will customize it to fit your face and outfit. I just ADORE the fuck out of her! You will too!

Well, enough from me... you know the drill. Let's drool over some incredible photos of Ms. I and hear about her boudoir experience in her own words.


Why did you decide to do a boudoir session?

I decided to do a boudoir session as a treat to myself. I have been focusing on loving myself a lot recently and decided that a boudoir session would be the perfect way to do that.

Number 1 Dallas Boudoir Photography, Wonderland Boudoir

Before your session what were you expecting? How was that different once you finished your session?

I really didn't know what to expect. I thought it would be a lot more awkward and that I wouldn't like any of the pictures. After the session, I didn't feel awkward at all. It was very freeing to be in a safe environment while naked/almost naked. I felt comfortable, safe, and had an amazing time.

Number 1 Dallas Boudoir Photography, Wonderland Boudoir

What was your favorite part of the whole process?

I have two favorite parts from When I first inquired, I sent an e-mail and received a quick response which was great. But, what was even better was the genuine care I felt during the initial conversation. Korin seemed genuinely interested in what I wanted to do and gave me some background on herself as well. This was amazing because it made me feel comfortable from the beginning. Favorite Part 2: The camaraderie between Korin and her stylist/make-up artist Jill was amazing. They were both friendly, positive and welcoming. I felt comfortable as soon as I walked through the door. Even when photos weren't being taken, I was still having a good time.

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What would you say to women who are on the fence of doing a boudoir session? How has the session impacted your ideas of boudoir?

Don't wait, do it now. If you feel like there's something you need to fix or change about yourself first, stop thinking that. A boudoir session will make you feel empowered and help you love the skin you are in. This session has broadened my idea of boudoir. I realized that boudoir is more than sexy faces and clothes. It is more about feeling comfortable and confident in yourself (which is great because I definitely don't give off a sexy vibe in my day to day life).

Number 1 Dallas Boudoir Photography, Wonderland Boudoir

Okay, isn't Ms. I the best? Like the best, EVER? I had SUCH a blast with her and I hope to see her in the studio again! As you guys know I LOVE shooting clients for the second time. I always feel like the shooting for the second time is even better because you are so much more comfortable in who you are and how you pose. Those images are always so magical!


I have been dancing to this song with my dog (listen I'm single) with my dog for a while now. I feel like I should share it with the world.

Travis Scott, Sicko Mode featuring Drake.

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