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For the last week or so it has been raining nonstop in Dallas. As I listen to the soft beating of raining hitting the hard concrete of my patio I can't help but appreciate everything that has happened to me over the summer.

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It has been an incredibly busy summer! I have been blessed to be booked and busy (can you tell I watch too much Love and Hip Hop Hollywood while editing?). I have met soooooo many ah-mazing ladies this summer and I feel so happy!

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What has made this year so much more amazing is that fact that I have had a TON of repeat customer book again!

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While I love and cherish all my clients I have to say that one of my favorite people to shoot is actually my best friend Ms. S. If you have been following this blog for a while then you know that I shot Ms. S last year. You can check out those incredible images HERE.

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I LOVE shooting women for a second go. The main reason is that they are so much more confident because they know what to expect. Yes, there are still some nerves involved with shooting no matter how many times you get in front of the camera... but at least this time it's not completely foreign and warming up takes no time at all.

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Another reason why doing a repeat session is great for you and the photographer is now you can let loose even more and bring more raw passion and emotion to your photos.

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Listen, this session is all about you and it's for you. Go all the way the fuck out and enjoy yourself, your life, and the progress that you have made. This is what Ms. S did for your second session together... but I will let her tell you her story.

This was your second time shooting with Wonderland Boudoir. How did you feel going through your second session with us?

I felt much more comfortable this tune I around. I was able to get into the zone much easier, and I felt like I was able to take direction more easily because I was familiar with Korin’s instructions.

What did you learn from the last session that helped you with this one?

I remembered from last time that breathing was important!! Also, knowing how I had posed before, and what those shots looked like, helped me make adjustments without needing Korin to tell me how to do it. Also, I felt more comfortable being spontaneous and going with the movement.

What was your favorite part about getting ready for your second session?

Planning out the location and discussing the fun runway-style makeup.

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You did an amazing job doing your makeup. What products did you use? What was your inspiration for your look?

I used the Natasha Denona Lila palette for my eyes, and Tarte’s Lights Camera Flashes for my mascara. I really wanted a high-fashion, runway style look; something that you wouldn’t normally wear, but that was still pretty.

The first time we shot together we were inside. How was shooting outside for you? Would you suggest that for other women wanting a boudoir session?

I’m glad we shot outside for the second shoot. I think if I had been outside the first time, I would’ve been too self-conscious. But knowing how I would look, and feeling more comfortable, I loved shooting outside!! It was very freeing! I would definitely suggest it to others.

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What is something that you learned about yourself after your second session?

Since this was my second shoot, I wasn’t *as* shocked by how I looked in the pics. But I was able to appreciate even more this time my natural attractiveness and the way my personality came out.

What are some suggestions that you would give other women considering a boudoir session for first or second time?

Above all else, trust your photographer!!! That was something that I realized/learned - of course, as the model, you want your photos to look good. Your photographer wants them to look good too!!! Your photographer is not going to let you look bad!!

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For you third session what would your ultimate goal be?

To push the boundaries even further. Crazier makeup, more provocative poses, more public locations.

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Please add any final thoughts you might have.

You’re awesome and amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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For the sake of transparency, I gave her $20 for that last statement. LOL. No... I didn't... kinda...

Not going to lie, I had a BLAST shooting Ms. S a second time. I can't wait until we shoot again for the third time. I'm hoping I can get her in a jungle of some sort... perhaps a hot air balloon. What is something crazy you think I can talk her into?

Leave your ideas in the comment section below.

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