LA Chronicles: Boudoir in Joshua Tree National Park

WOW!  It just occurred to me that I NEVER shared the boudoir photos from my LA trip from six months ago!  In fact, I haven't shared much new current work with you guys in awhile.  As my gift to you, for the next three Thursdays in November I will share photo-filled blog post (not include Thanksgiving weekend)... In fact Thanksgiving week I may have a Black Friday special. **cough, cough**

My dear friend Jazzy and I went to LA, and as soon as we landed it felt like home.  We stayed in this super cute AirBnB that had an orange tree in front of the door.  Every day during our stay at this lovely home we always grabbed a handful of fruit while heading to our next boudoir session.  I won't even begin to tell you how the fruit smelled like something out of a perfume bottle.  There is a REAL difference in taste and smell when you pick fruit right from the source.
On one particular day we were on way to Joshua Tree to shoot a boudoir session with Ms. M.  We scooped her up and we all drove to Joshua tree from LA.  

I want to be perfectly clear here,  Joshua Tree is about 2.5 hours away from LA... but in actuality, it's more like 3.5 because, you know LA traffic, how the city slow' (in my Drizzy voice)

We get there and I couldn't be happier with how beautiful and liberating it felt hosting a  boudoir in Joshua Tree.

Jazzy was a freakin' trooper when it came to doing the makeup.  While Joshua Tree is, in fact, a desert the fact of the matter is that deserts do get cold.  I have no idea what the three of us were thinking, but we were NOT prepared.   Make sure you guys read Tuesday's post about the 6 things we should have prepped against for a boudoir session in Joshua Tree.

Get this Boudoir Look:

Makeup: They don't call him King Jazzy Baptiste for nothing.  Jazzy slayed Ms. M face with desert sunset beat realness.  He has done some incredible looks, but this by far has been my favorite look he has done all year.  I love the soft smokey sunset application.  I typically I adore a good faux lash look, but we wanted a more high-glamor-Porter-Magazine feel so we opted out of the lashes.  The final look came out beautiful.

Clothes:  We purchased all these pieces from H&M.  Yes, the H&M at the Beverly Center has been my favorite store location to date.  Since the store was so large we were able to find some incredible pieces that would look great amongst a desert sunset.  I'm really into nude-colored lingerie against natural skin complexion.  It has always been my dream to shoot a nude look in the dessert.  I'm so happy that I was able to do something on my bucket list.  

I know I will say this over and over again, but I LOVE high waisted panties.  If you are looking to hide your muffin stop and slim down your tummy then invest in high waisted panties for your boudoir session.  I promise you they look sexy on every body type.

Hair: I'm a fanatic for messy bedroom hair.  I prefer a rather untamed look in my photos.  I just asked Ms. M to put her hair in a bun and then when we get to the desert to just let it loose and naturally flow.  It was really that simple.

I hope you liked story one from the LA Chronicles.  Make sure you check out our LACMA Boudoir Session and Downtown LA Boudoir Session in this series.  Also, make sure you check out Tuesday's post on what we should have done differently.

Let me know, would you do a dessert shoot?  What would you wear to your session?


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