Three Simple & Essential Exercises You Can Do Anywhere

3 Simple Excercise you can do anywhere

Fitness is one of the most important habits we can have.  In fact, before my father passed he said that the one thing he wish he didn’t give up was working out.  Working out is a very important habit to keep because it helps us build better bodies and stronger minds.

Working Out is Good for Mental Health

Working out is good for our mental health.  Working out can be considered a form of meditation.  When we are working out we are released from our mobile devices or having our minds preoccupied by something else.  It’s one of the rare times in our modern society where we are unplugged and living life in the moment.  

Being in the moment gives us clarity, helps relax the mind, and gives us time to think about important issues.  Having clarity allows us to be more creative and efficient in both work and home.  

Working out also makes us more confident.  Once we start seeing the benefits of our hard work (more compliments and us fitting in clothes we haven’t worn in three years) it becomes an addiction and makes us feel accomplished.   Being confident make us happier people.

Working Out is Good for Our Physical Health

Working out is also great for our physical health.  Working out makes us stronger, faster, and think quicker.  Working out helps to build endurance.  Lets not tippy toe around the fact that it helps our sex drive.  Trust me, no one is complaining about that.  


Three Best Home Exercises

I know that gym memberships can be expensive.  Yes, many of us are ballers on a budget so we have to be financial conscience about where we are spending our money, and sometimes we can’t  afford the gym.  Today I want to give you three tried and true exercise moves that you can do anywhere


Planks are a girl’s best friend.  Planking helps you to build strength in your core, upper and lower body so its a good full body workout. You do not need any equipment to perform this exercise all you need is a bit of space, and it really helps improve flexibility by stretching muscles and will improve posture if performed regularly.  The plank works almost every main muscle.  


Maybe she’s born with it. Maybe it’s squats. Squats are an excellent exercise for training the lower body and core muscles.  If done regularly they help to define thighs and buttocks. They can improve circulation, posture, digestion and are a low impact exercise that almost anybody can do.  Squats are primarily a lower body exercise and works out the quads, bum, hamstrings, hip abductors,  and calves. 


 If you are REALLY trying to lose weight then the thing you need to do is run.  Running is an equal opportunity fat killer.   Running allows a person to burn an average of 100 calories per each mile he or she runs.  Running 5 miles a day can burn an additional 500 calories, making it a legitimate way to lose weight.   

To get more information on workouts and how to execute form properly please check out my new favorite website 30 Day Fitness Challenges for all your fitness needs.  I will be using this site as reference again and again.  


In the comment below please let me know of other non gym exercises everyone can do anywhere.


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