When It Rains, Look for Rainbows. When it’s Dark, Look for Stars.

When it Rains looks for rainbows when it's dark look for stars


Listen, all of us go through crappy situations.  No one gets out of this life without having to deal with something that is incredibly tragic.  It happens to all of us.  However, we can’t let situations we can’t control get the best of us.  We have to take reign of the situation and not drown in our sorrows. 

When you are going through those dark moments make sure you take the time to remember the blessings in this life.  Don’t take situations for granted (the good or the bad) because everything that you are doing and going through is bringing closer to your calling and purpose. 

While you are going through those tough times remember its okay to cry… for a little while, but you have to remember that there is always light to every situation.  Even in the hardest to accept. 

When you find that rainbow to your situation remember to share it with the world.  I promise there is someone else going through what you are going through right now that needs you as an inspiration.  Be that for someone this week. 


Happy Monday Y’all!



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