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Wonderland Boudoir finally has a YouTube Channel! 

If you have noticed I added a new link to the navigation bar.  That new link is for my YouTube videos.  I want to show off all the work our Dallas Boudoir Studio does and that’s why I decided to start a YouTube channel. 

When I have professionalyl made videos I will place them under the navigation bar link. I want to try and make a pro video (where someone is recording while I’m shooting) at least one every quarter.  Since this was my summer video I may wait another 6 months and work on a New Year’s video.  There are a lot of classes and workshops I want to take before producing another quality video. 

The videos that you see were actually shoot and created by Aaron Fairooz of Fairooz Imaging.  I couldn't speak more highly of this man.  Aaron is a gently giant.  I welcomed his suggestions and he was very easy to talk too.  He is very professional and right to the point. I also like the fact that he had both of these videos back to me THE SAME DAY!  It was SO CRAZY!  If you are looking for an amazing videographer in the Dallas Fort Worth area then I suggest contacting Aaron.  You can find his site HERE!

My Professional Videos!

Wedding Bridal Boudoir in Dallas


What will Wonderland Boudoir Cover on YouTube?

  • FAQ Videos about Boudoir
  • Makeup & Hair Tips for a Boudoir Session
  • BTS (Behind the Scene) videos including Traveling & Vlogs
  • How to Make Drink Videos
  • Style & Fashion for Boudoir


How Often Will You Post?

As I get a handle on both my 9-5 and business schedule I will begin posting once every two weeks.  As I get better as prioritizing my goal is to amp it up to a video a week.    

Who will be in the Videos?

Outside of myself, the people will be the hair, makeup, and fashion stylist I most commonly work with in the area.  I want to provide you guys with expert advice from these industry experts that you can trust. 

When Will You Upload?

I’m still deciding on that.  It’s going to take some time to learn when the best day of the week is to upload. It seems to me that Wednesday is a very popular day on YouTube, but I will be conducting some trial and error to see what works and what doesn’t. 

Who are your Favorite People to Watch on YouTube?

Shameless Maya – I love the grind of this woman.  She inspires me to get up every day and reach for my goals.  I love how she adopted the idea of being completely and utterly shameless in her journey to reach the stars and I plan on implementing more of that in my every day routine

Claire Marshall – I love the way that she structures her videos.  You can tell that she puts a lot of time and thought into making visually stimulating and interesting content that make people come back.  Plus I LOVE Bruce.

MKBHD – Yes!  This man is amazing.  He has been making YouTube videos since he was a young child and you see him, literally, grow up right before your eyes.  This guy is informative, articulate, and detail oriented.  I find myself checking his channel out first before I make any major investments when it comes to my electronics and everyday technologies. 

CommunityChannel – I love how beautifully self-deprecating she can be while \ still relating to the everyday First World problems we all have to endure.  She has been making videos for years and was one of the first YouTubers that I ever started watching. 

WongFuOMFG!  If you guys aren’t watching Ted, Phil, and Wes’s videos then you are really missing out on one of life’s greatest pleasures.  These three friends have been grinding on YouTube for years and most recently have raised money and produced a full length movie that should be coming out any day now.  Their videos on YouTube are stunningly shot and have so much meaning to them.  I will admit even I have shed a tear or two watching their work.  I will be drawing inspiration from them when I create my own videos. 


Why Are You Creating a YouTube Channel?

I believe creating a YouTube channel will help you guys see more of my personality and understand how central photography, and more importantly boudoir is to me.  Plus, it’s kinda fun getting to know the story behind the person bringing you all this amazing content. 

I am also hoping that if you have a boudoir session scheduled with me or another photographer then these videos will be essential and informative to get you ready for your own session. 


In the comments below please let me know what types of videos you would like me to create!

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