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The winner of our boudoir mini session is Kristina Marshall!  

Everyone, please take the time to congratulate Kristina in the comment section below!  

Didn't win?  Don't fret.  We will have another opportunity NEXT WEEKEND to win a chance at a $50 gift card from Victoria's Secret!  Yes ma'am!  Use that gift card to buy something super special that you can wear to a boudoir session with us!  

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Losing 100 lbs & Shooting a Boudoir Session | Dallas Boudoir Photography

At Dallas boudoir photography studio, Wonderland Boudoir, I love capturing women in their most intimate states because of their reason “WHY”.  Why did they come in and book a session? The most common reason is because the photos will be part of a groom's gift.  While this was the reason why Ms. X booked her session, the meaning was actually much deeper than that.  The reason "WHY" melted my heart.

Ms. X came in because she lost over 100lbs.  She was able to lose that weight through the love, motivation, and partnership of her now husband.  He loved her at every size, saw beauty in her when she couldn’t, knew her potential, and most importantly, helped build up her self-esteem.  

She wanted to do this boudoir session as a gift to him.  She wanted to tell him thank you for loving her for who she was.  She wanted to say thank you for seeing her soul and loving her for that.  However, she always wanted to do this session for another reason.

She wanted to finally to be able to celebrate herself unapologetically.  She wanted to give herself permission to love and appreciate what she worked hard to achieve.  She wanted to tell her story and let women know that they can do this as well.  Losing 100lbs is no easy task but with the right mindset and the right people around you it’s more than achievable.


Ms. X said one of the weirdest things about buying lingerie after losing all weight was it's still crazy to her how much smaller she had gotten.  While everyone congratulated her on her magnificent transformation, being in clothes 6 sizes smaller than her original weight is still foreign to her.  She said her friends were getting on to her about buying new clothes. Since her frame was smaller everything she wears now is way too baggy.  After going lingerie shopping she finally saw what everyone was telling her.  Even the bodysuit shown in these photos is too big for her, but she rocked the hell out of the look.

This is what we should really learn from Ms. X and her now husband.  Marriage isn’t just a contract.  It’s a partnership.  You and your spouse are a team.  When one is down the other has to be there to help pick them back up.  You guys have to love and motivate each other.  There should be no ego involved because if one of you win, you both win.

In the comment section below, please let us know if you were to book a boudoir session what would the reason be?

Also, if you are interested in shooting with us please fill out the form below as we would to be your photographer for your boudoir session.

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The Girl Next Door Turns Vixen| Dallas Boudoir Photography

The Girl Next Door Turns Vixen, Dallas Boudoir Photography, Wonderland Boudoir

I haven't shot in a studio in quite some time.  While I love the idea of having a constant place to go, shoot, and call my boudoir home.  I have to admit that I do love shooting on location because my photos, work, and brain power will never go stale because each image for each client will look drastically different.

However, if I were to ever pick a client's place that I could shoot in every single day of my boudoir career I would be Ms. N's.  She had an atrium, nice concrete floors, powerful soft light, and this incredible blue studded and tufted jewel couch that was to LIVE for.  You know what else I loved about her place?  It was luxurious but minimalistic.  I know, what a juxtaposition!  (I'm going to be honest, I just wanted to use that word).  

As I say in just about every other blog post, you have to match your style to your settings.  This is how you get those drool-worthy Pinterest boudoir photos that every woman yearns for.  

Since the settings were very minimalistic we decided to have the outfits, hair, makeup, and posing standout and play the power forward position in the photos.   

Dominque Dai is one of my favorite hairstylist in Dallas.  She is one of the most versatile and professional hair care specialists in the city.  For Ms. N photos I wanted to go simple, girl next door glam.  We went for a very loose french braid look with a curl end.  This worked perfectly with her ombre colored hair.  

Jazzy is my right-hand man.  He went in for the kill for the beautifully executed softly dark makeup look.  I know, what the hell is a dark soft?!  Well, the lips were a dark glistening pink and the contour was dark, but not heavy.  Jazzy loves to go for editorial drama in his looks.   Let's not forget about that highlight though! 

Ms. N gave us free range and we were able to have her as our fun little canvas!  

The Girl Next Door

In look one we decided to go with a gray oversized sweater.  Sweaters are my thing.  We shot Kryssi on a black sweater the other day and now we are shooting Ms. N in this sexy gray number.  She had always wanted to wear this piece but could never find anything to match with it.  Therefore she was excited to wear it for our session.  

In most sessions, the more simple a look is the more powerful the image becomes.  Therefore, all we really needed was her couch as the statement piece.  Can you believe she found this tufted jeweled couch on the side of the road driving on Harry Hines in Dallas?!

The Vixen

Ms. N is a juggernaut of beauty!  Besides her gorgeous place, another thing Ms. N had going was the fact that she had racks on racks on racks of lingerie!  In fact, shortly after our session she reached out to me and gave me ALL her lingerie because she was moving across seas and could not take the items with her.  So I have soooooooooo much new lingerie that I haven't even shown off yet.  Judging by these pieces you know they are good!  LOL!

For her second look we decided to show off her assets while not needing to bare them all.  You can tell that Ms. N has a body and attitude that could take down foreign leaders.  So we styled her in a bodysuit that had a really sexy ribbon tied front.  We did this because, while we know her frame is sexy, it still leads a lot to the imagination.  The toasted peach color of her Victoria's Secret bodysuit was perfect for our boudoir setting as we shot these in her atrium.  Dominique just undid the french braid which caused the beautiful shape and volume of her hair.  Jazzy just darken the look a tad to give her more of a vampy vixen vibe.  (How did you like the use of all those V words?)

I had SUCH a blast shooting Ms. N.  She is such a damn doll!  I couldn't have asked for a better client, with a badass lingerie wardrobe, in the most perfect home for boudoir!

Let me know in the comment section below which boudoir look you like the best?  Personally, I really like them both!

If you are in the Dallas area and would like to book a boudoir session please check out our pricing and hit us up on the contact page. Or even just fill the form out below!

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Later Summer Texas Vibes | Dallas Boudoir Photography

Dallas Boudoir Photography, Wonderland Boudoir

As you guys know Kryssi Korelone’s photos are some of my faves that I shot in 2016.  Her whole session was magical and I still get compliments about them til this day.  

Late last summer of 2016 we shot again.  I have to say that I loved this session because it was laid back and proved that boudoir shouldn’t be restricted to traditional panties and bra. When you style for your setting your photos become so much better.

When you have a fun and laid back attitude sometimes it makes shooting really fun.  Especially if you already have an established relationship.  This go around Kryssi allowed me to style some of the sets.  I wanted to keep the theme of late southwestern summer.  Since we were shooting around about a lot of browns and blacks with pops of color here and there I wanted the pieces to speak for themselves.  I wanted them to be statement pieces that clearly did not have to compete for competition.



LOOK ONE: White Lace Dress

Wonderland Boudoir, Dallas Boudoir Photography, White Lace Crop Top Dress

It’s no secret at this point, you guys know I love lace… so why not make it an entire dress?  Kryssi has a body that even Xena the Warrior princess would envy so I wanted a way to show off her beautiful and sexy frame while still being able to shoot in public.  Therefore we landed on this number.  

What makes this piece really stand out is the fact that it’s a crop top dress.  There is something is sexy about a good crop top and I, for one, am happy that crop tops came back in style.  This is a sexy and sophisticated dress.  

Wonderland Boudoir, Dallas Boudoir Photography, White Lace Crop Top Dress
Wonderland Boudoir, Dallas Boudoir Photography, White Lace Crop Top Dress
Wonderland Boudoir, Dallas Boudoir Photography, White Lace Crop Top Dress


LOOK TWO: Oversized Black Sweater

Wonderland Boudoir, Dallas Boudoir Photography, Oversized Black Sweater

I LOVE a good oversized sweater.  There is an unspoken sexy when it comes to a good oversized sweater.  Sweaters are designed to be cozy and comforting  If the sweatshirt belongs to your man it can look super sexy.  To be quite honest, I would pick a nice oversized sweater over a thong any day.  Sweaters brings in this whole girl-next-door vibe that is super attractive.

We decided to go for a black and on black theme.  This jersey knit sweater was actually from Forever 21.  What was cool about this piece, that can’t be seen in photos, is the fact that there is a knot in the back.  This is a cool element to an otherwise basic sweatshirt.  With this piece, Kryssi is wearing beautiful sexy bottoms from Victoria’s secret.  

Wonderland Boudoir, Dallas Boudoir Photography, Oversized Black Sweater
Wonderland Boudoir, Dallas Boudoir Photography, White Lace Crop Top Dress
Wonderland Boudoir, Dallas Boudoir Photography, Oversized Black Sweater
Wonderland Boudoir, Dallas Boudoir Photography, Oversized Black Sweater


Boudoir isn’t about what you wear, it’s how you wear it.  Looking and feeling sexy isn’t doesn’t stop at what you are wearing it. That's where it begins.  It stops at how you feel.  It was clear that in these photos Kryssi felt sexy and this helped create a laid back and cool look.  

In the comment section below, please let me know which look was your favorite.

If you like to shoot in our boudoir studio in Dallas please fill out the form below.  We typically respond back within 48 hours! 

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4 Top Luxury Lingerie Companies

Happy New Year Guys!!! 

Can you guys believe this is my first post of 2017?!  I had an ah-mazing winter vacation.  I was able to spend it with friends and family, but I also used the down time to create a TON of content for 2017!  While I still have a lot to do I look forward to putting in the hard work to make this brand even bigger for the next 300-and-something days!

Speaking of hard work, one of the HARDEST things one does for a boudoir session is pick out lingerie.  You can only imagine how much I LOVE lingerie.  It's no secret how I love to use none traditional lingerie items to style boudoir sessions because it's more cost-effective,  but sometimes a girl HAS to dream about splurging and buy buying classic pieces from some of the top names in the luxury lingerie industry.  Today, I want to share with you guys four of my favorite high-end luxury lingerie brands.  I am not ranking these companies in any particular order.  I just love the art of their pieces equally.


1.) For Love and Lemons

I for one  LOVE lemons.  I eat a lemon with every meal.  I also adore luxury lingerie company For Love and Lemons.  For Love and Lemons (FLL) was started by best friends Gillian Rose Kern and Laura Hall.  While this brand did originate in Jackson, WY they now operate out of the Arts District in Los Angeles, California.

You can spot a For Love and Lemons piece almost instantly.  This brand has dominated my Pinterest mood boards for a few years now and I die over and over again with each new season and design.  FLL pieces are very feminine, sexy, classy, and timeless.  If you're into a lot of soft sexy lace in pastel hues this brands is for you.  The best things about FLL is that they offer very unique pieces that I have never seen anywhere else.  Pieces average about $200 each.

My Fave Pieces: 1/2/3
IG: @forloveandlemons


2.) Agent Provocateur

Unless you live under a rock, you know of Agent Provocateur.  They are THE NAME in luxury lingerie.  Let's be honest, they are THE STANDARD in luxury lingerie.  Listen, I know For Love and Lemon can run about $200 per piece but that’s going to look like a bargain compared to the $3400 this gorgeous piece cost

Prices aside, I love how unapologetically daring this company is to the world.  They thrive on women dominating and owning their sexuality.  They teach women not to be ashamed of being their true selves.  Yes, you can be sexual, still run a household, all while balancing your Fortune 500 company as the COO.  Because this brand knows exactly who they are they know exactly what type of clientele that it wants to attract.  A lingerie company with confidence is sexy AF!

My Fave Pieces: 1/2/3/4
IG: @agentprovocateur






3.) Natori

Natori was my first luxury lingerie set I ever purchased.  I was shopping in the flagship Neiman Marcus located in Downtown Dallas when I opted to just check out the lingerie section before leaving.  Let me tell you something, EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. I go into Neimans the employees treat me so well.  They get to know you by name and take the time and pleasure to help you look for items, especially in the lingerie section. They also take your name and send you PERSONAL emails when new pieces from your favorite designer comes in.  I mean, how is that for customer service?!

You have got to LOVE the backstory of owner and designer Josie Cruz Natori.  She is of Philipino decent and states that in the Philippines women are encouraged to be entrepreneurs.  Her grandmother gives her a quote we should all live by, “Don’t put yourself in a position where you have to depend on anyone.”

Natori designs have a very Asian aesthetic to them while balancing the traditional Western influence in the design.  Compared to For Love and Lemons and Agent Provocateur this line is a tad bit more affordable with prices starting at $28.

My Fave Pieces: 1/2/3
IG: @natoricompany




4.) La Perla

Can we take a moment and just marinate over the exquisite beauty of Italian lingerie company La Perla?  In 1954, the luxury line was created by Ada Masotti in the town of Bologna.  Ada created wearable works of art that celebrated the beauty of women that has caught the attention of the entire world, including some top name celebrities.  In fact, Kendall Jenner is currently the face of this season's campaign.

Key pieces are priced over $2300 but you have to keep in mind you are wearing genuine pieces of art.  As we know, art is invaluable.  

My Fave Pieces: 1/2/3/4
IG: @laperlalingerie









These four Luxe lingerie brands are some that I daydream about shooting.  While the price points are super high you have to consider many of these pieces are handcrafted works or art.   This is why they are considered luxury lingerie. 

Which brands were your favorite?  Please leave your top four list in the comment section below.

Also, if you like to shoot with us at Wonderland Boudoir please contact us here or feel out the contact box below.  Also, feel free to check out our online gallery (HERE) and follow us on Instagram at @Wonderland Boudoir

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Valentine's Day Boudoir Mini Sessions | Dallas Boudoir Photography

Dallas Boudoir Photography, Valentine's Day Mini Session

Hey Ladies!  

Valentine's Day will be here sooner than you know it! This year we are offering Valentine's Day boudoir mini sessions for only $397! These 45-minute sessions include hair, makeup, two outfits, and 10 digital photos!

Digital photos have a guaranteed delivery before Valentine's Day!

If you are looking for a great gift for him... or just want to have a fun session for yourself, please book a session! We have a limited amount of slots and they always book quickly so, please join us.

Why should you Book a Boudoir Mini Session?

The mini sessions are almost 20% cheaper than our normal entry collection.  That's a savings of $100!  With that, you get hair, makeup, and 10 digital images.

 Mini sessions are a great way of getting your feet wet with boudoir.  If you're interested, you can book a full-fledged session with us in the future.  Feel free to let your friends know about your session in order to help qualify you for $100 print credit!

What are the Details of the Boudoir Mini Session?

Price: $397
Deposit: $99.25 (non-refundable). The remaining balance of $297.75 will be due at the time of the session.
Mini Session Includes: 45 minute boudoir session, Hair, Makeup, and 10 digital photos.
Photo Reveals: Photo reveals will happen about 14 days after our session.  This will be an in-person reveal.  In our reveal, you will have 30 lightly edited proofs to select from as your final 10 photos for digital copies.  

What are the Time Slots?

Saturday: 01/14/2017:

  • 8AM
  • 11AM
  • 2PM

Sunday: 01/15/2017:

  • 8AM
  • 11AM
  • 2PM


What if I want More Photos after Seeing my Reveal?

You will have the option to purchase additional photos.  Each additional photo is priced at $20 or you can purchase your full set for $250!  A 30-page photobook can be added as well for $197!

All final products will be hand delivered to ensure receipt.

If you do decide to upgrade your package to a full session 50% of the cost must be paid at the time of the session. The remaining balance will be due when you receive the final product.

So what are you waiting for?!

Book your boudoir mini session with us ASAP!  These spots will sell out quickly and I want to make sure you get a seat.  

Feel free to book your boudoir mini session HERE!

If you have any questions please CONTACT US so we can schedule a time to speak.

Also, follow our page on FB to never miss a post.  Follow us on IG under @WonderlandBoudoir to see ALL of our latest work and behind the scenes fun.

If you like to see the full photos from this LA shoot check out this blog post HERE!!!

5 Best Places to Buy Lingerie Online

7 Places to Buy Lingerie Online

Right after booking a session with me panic mode kicks in... WHERE DO I FIND SEXY LINGERIE PIECES THAT DON'T BREAK THE BANK?!  Today I will bring you 7 online stores that you can buy sexy lingerie from for your boudoir session.

1.) Victoria's Secret

Let's just get the obvious out of the way first.  Victoria's Secret is clearly the leader in lingerie.   They have an array of pieces in a range of prices that won't make you swear bullets.  

If you are a novice when it comes to styling then the best starting place is Victoria's Secrets.  I have also noticed that Victoria's Secret has really stepped up their styling game. 

Pro Tip:  Try to shop in the larger Victoria's Secrets.  The bigger stores house more inventory.  These stores tend to get more of the online inventory and often hold some of the better pieces in the back.  Always ask sales associates if they have any cool new pieces in the back that haven't made it to the front.
DON'T OVERLOOK: The bodysuits.  Victoria's Secret has some of THE SEXIEST bodysuits in the game!

Some of my Favorite Bodysuits:


Yandy has some of the most incredibly priced lingerie out there.  They probably have over 2000 online SKUs.  If you can imagine it they probably have it.  If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to Victoria's Secret with more color options then may be your site.

Don't Overlook: The color choices from Yandy

Some of my Favorite Bodysuits:

3.) MissGuided:

I have to say this is ONE of my FAVORITE places to find bodycon dresses.  If you are looking for a sexy dress to wear as part of your boudoir session then MissGuided will be your place.  One of my favorite things about this UK based company is that your shipment comes to the States really fast! I'm not sure if they have hubs in the US as well, but they are fast and efficient and I never have to wait too long for my package to show up.

PRO TIP: Check the site often as that always have flash sales from 30-50% off.  

5 of the HOTTEST bodycon dresses for boudoir

4.) ASOS:  

This is another amazing UK based fashion site.  I have to say that the British really know a thing or two about good fashion.  Like MissGuided, the shipping from ASOS is unbelievably fast. I will tell you that I get my packages faster from ASOS than I do Forever 21, which is an American company.  

The thing I love best about ASOS is the array of brands they work with on the site.  The buyers do a great job curating pieces. 

PRO TIP: Shop the swimsuit section for traditional lingerie alternatives

5.) Forever 21:

Outside of the shipping I just LOVE Forever 21.  When I'm asked to style client boudoir sessions about 80% of the pieces come from Forever 21.  Forever 21 has SKU's for days.  I'm lucky that I'm based in Texas because we have some of the BIGGEST Forever 21's in the world located out of here(However, that Forever 21 in Time Square is nothing to scoff at).  

However, I have to admit that shopping online for Forever 21 is much easier for me.  The stores just have SO MUCH FREAKING inventory that is can be very overwhelming.

PRO TIP: Forever 21's return policy sucks.  Therefore if you are interested in a piece there is a VERY good chance you will find it in store.  Stop by a Forever 21 location with the item number to locate the piece.  Sometimes actually going into the store is better because you will see if the piece in person.



6.) H&M:

I LOVE H&M's Lingerie section!  Yassssss Girl!  Out of all the places I have listed I must say that I prefer the lingerie section at H&M the best.  The bras feel the best here.  Actually, my favorite bra comes from H&M.  

Here is the problem with H&Ms lingerie section though... they don't have it in every store.  I KNOW! In fact, when I was in Playa del Carmen in February that's when I first learned that H&M even had a lingerie section.  When I came back to Dallas I tried to find it here only to find out that all H&Ms are not created equal. We only have one location here that has lingerie... and it's not that big.  I know in LA and Houston the lingerie sections in those stores are much better.

PRO TIP: Call your location H&M first to find out if they have a lingerie section before you go there.  

Sexy Lingerie Pieces from H&M:


7.) Adore Me

Alexis is my stylist, friend, and client that put me to Adore me.  Adore me is a subscription based site that specializes in lingerie. While their pieces are super cute I can say that they don't feel comfortable.  At least for me.  I feel that the pieces are better suited for women with a smaller chest.  If you are heavy chested I would not 100% recommend Adore Me.  However, Adore Me has a great selection of pieces for you to pick from.  You can get these sets for $40.

These Awesome Sets from Adore Me:

Venetia Unlined

Paris Unlined

Leia Contour Plus

Kellie Push UP

Akhila Contour

Planning for your boudoir session shouldn't cost you an arm and a leg.  The 7 locations mentioned are beautiful and cost effective.  You will also be able to wear this pieces in your everyday life so you will get you cost per wear out of them.

Let me know of all the places covered which is you favorite


If would like to book a boudoir session with us please fill out the form below or go to our contact page and give us a call.  We typically return calls and emails within 24 hours!

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