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Why You Should Not Be Insecure During Your Boudoir Session

Stop Being Insecure About Boudoir

Lets be honest.  We are all have something to be insecure about.  Some are insecure of their lack of knowledge for a certain subject.  Some feel insecure about about coming in last in a race.  Many of us are insecure about certain body types.  

Dallas Boudoir, Wonderland Boudoir

The media has done a number on us in this day in time.  We are either too fat, too skinny, too tall, too short, or too muscular.  I mean have you hear people fitness shaming now?  YES!  People have a nerve to say Ronda Rousey and Serena Williams are TOO fit.  

Ummm… last time  checked both these women have careers that are based SOLELY around their athleticism.  They literally get paid to make sure they are athletically fit enough to win their matches.  Their job is to be winners.  These two ladies are the epitome of health and fitness.  Saying that Ronda and Serena are too fit is like say Steve Jobs and Michael Dell or too smart.  Or even saying that Drake makes too many hit songs (did you like #BacktoBack?).  That sounds ridiculous, doesn't it?  You are basically criticizing them for being too good at their job.  I do have an article about how to stop being a HATER if you are one of these people who are making a deal because of their bodies.

Today I’m going to explain to why you need to Eff Your Insecurities and just do a boudoir session!  I would have cussed, but I’m trying to be a changed woman…. lets see how long this last.    

Just Accept the Fact that No One is Judging You

Jazzy Baptiste Makeup Artist Dallas

I’m going to be honest, during your boudoir session no one is judging.  No one notices all the the flaws you see.  The only thing that your photographer and your glam squad see are what they are going to do to enhance every feature on the body and to make sure they get the optimal photos for your session.  


Your Boudoir Photographer is Not Judging You

Dallas Boudoir Karla

Your photographer’s only goal is to make sure you look amazing.  Typically before your scheduled boudoir session most photographers speak about the body parts that you want to hide and enhance.  To be honest, even if you say that you dislike a certain part of your body the photographer should be knowledgeable enough to enhance that part of your body through posing so you can see the beauty that everyone around you notices everyday.  

To be honest if anyone should be the most insecure during a shoot it is the photographer.  I know first hand as a boudoir photographer because I get insecurities before EVERY shoot.  I get scared or concerned because I want to make sure that I always get what my client wants.  The photographer is so worried about pleasing you they have no need, want, or desire to spending time judging you.  

A photographer notices a unique sense of beauty, especially boudoir photographers.  In order to be a great photographer you must first think like an artist.  I personally grew up around around of all types of medium.  My favorite was paint.  I grew up in love with Georgia O'Keeffe, Norman Rockwell, Diego Rivera, and Keith Haring.  

Starting in grade school a recurring motif was art teachers  telling me over and over again that I have a natural ability to paint and understand the concept of art.  Some of the art teachers would look at my style and ask  me who taught me to paint.  No one did.  They said that I hold my brush like a professional painter.  I was 7 at the time.  

Even in high school I love creating items in clay.  I love getting down and dirty and creating a blank canvas into something beautiful.  This is what I think about photography.  My ladies that come in are a blank canvas and it’s my job to create beautiful art from each woman’s  unique likeness.

Your Hair & Makeup Team for Boudoir is Not Judging You

Celina Makeup Artist

The Hair and makeup teams is not judging you.  The hair and makeup artist that Wonderland Boudoir teams up with are fantastic team and hand picked.  I not only review the their work and how it compliments my style, but I also take notice on how they treat my clients.  I personally have zero tolerance for anyone who makes my clients feel uncomfortable and insecure.  I may be docile and introverted at times, I will speak up when I need too.  

The hair and makeup team are licensed professionals that know how to listen to your wants and needs to help figure out to how work them to fit your personal look. When you see them staring they aren’t judging they are trying to determine what will realistically work for you or what modifications they can make to enhance your beauty.  They will often talk to you about your daily regimen.  If you are feeling insecure about your hair, skin, or makeup skills my team is more than happy to show you some tricks of the trade and products that you can use in your day to day life.  

Hair and makeup is only there to help.  They are mostly scared of you judging their work because they want to make sure they are capturing the look just how you envisioned it while at the same time creating the look based off my shooting style.    We have a great article on why you need to hire a professional makeup artist for your boudoir and wedding day.  

The Honest Truth about Boudoir Photography

If nothing else puts you at ease think about your boudoir session this way… boudoir photographers have the same insecurities as you.  We are still normal people with normal problems.  We just so happen to have the luxury of taking hundreds of photos each year of women of all shapes, sizes, and cultural backgrounds.  Each woman looks significantly different than the next.  Each one carries a sense of beauty in them that sometimes that don’t notice until the final photos come back.  

Just Face the Facts

You are beautiful.  Don’t allow your insecurities to determine what you do in this life.  Own them.  Make them sexy, and flaunt it shamelessly.

In the comments below name something that you USED to be insecure about and what you did you get over it.  

Today I’m giving away a $50 gift card to Victoria’s Secret.  The winner will be determined  on 08/29/2015 at 11:59AM.

4 Awesome Ways to Present Your Boudoir Photos as a Gift

4 Awesome Ways to Present Your Boudoir Photos as Gifts. Giving your Boudoir Photos as a present can be weird. Here we give you 4 ways to make it fun for both parties!

You finally got your boudoir photos back.  You have the album you purchased, the digital photos in hand, and maybe even a frame, but how do you present these beautiful gifts to your husband?  Today we have four unique ways on how to give your sexy boudoir gifts to your significant other. 

Presenting Boudoir as a Wedding Gift

I shot my sorority sister's boudoir photos as a wedding gift to her and her husband. She gave her photos to her, then fiancé at the time, in the best manner ever.   They decided that six months before thire wedding they were going to be abstinent.  On the wedding night she would give herself to him.   She said the six months was a real struggle, but they had made it.

 Well,  the week of their wedding each day she decided she would send him a boudoir photo every day to his phone until the big day.  He was so happy to get each one of those photos that he couldn’t wait to leave the reception to claim is bride!   Trust me.  I got the biggest thank you ever from both parties.  

Boudoir as a Valentine’s Day Present

Set up a scavenger hunt for your man.  Use your boudoir photos as they cards where the message can be found.   With each clue make sure each  picture becomes more and more sexy.  Have the scavenger hunt end in the bedroom where he finds you with an album and wearing the lingerie that was featured in all the photos. 

Boudoir Photos as a Birthday Present

Many people these day have huge screen TVs.  Have a slide show playing for him when he comes home that features all your beautiful photos from your boudoir session.  Don’t be in the room when he comes in.  After the slide show is complete slowly walk into the room with a small birthday cake and perhaps one of your favorite photos framed that he can keep in his room.

A Boudoir Present Just because the Day Ends in "Y"

You don’t need a reason to have a boudoir session.  Do it because you want to not because something special is about to happen.  Live life to the fullest.   Therefore give your man an unexpected surprise just because he makes you happy.

I know this is modern times and most men don’t carry around briefcases anymore, but most do carry around backpacks or messenger bags to hold their laptops for travel. I suggest buying an album and slipping it into his backpack the night before.  When he opens his bag the next day he will get the surprise of his life. 

Just make sure you know what he plans are for that day.  You don’t want him to head into a very important meeting with the CEO, CFO, or COO and your boudoir book falls open in front of everyone.  Please take his day plans into consideration to avoid any embarrassment. 

I hope that these 4 ideas help inspire you on creative ways to present your boudoir session.  No matter how you do it he will appreciate the time and effort  you put into making something special for him. 

In the comments below please let me know of any other creative ways to present your boudoir photos to your beau. 


How to Style a Bridal Boudoir Session, Dallas Boudoir Photography

How to Style a Bridal Boudoir Session, Dallas Boudoir Photography, Boudoir Photography Dallas, Wedding Boudoir, Style, Fashion

Wonderland Boudoir is a Boudoir Photography studio in Dallas, Texas and we believe bridal boudoir is an excellent wedding gift for your future spouse.  Today we are going to show you a number of excellent outfits that would be great for your bridal boudoir session.  Later this month you will be able to see more photos of each woman’s session!

Most of these pieces can be found at Apricot Lane of Dallas.  The wedding dress can be found on  The lingerie on Ciarra can be found at Victoria’s Secrets.  All these pieces are great for a summer bridal session.  They are light, airy, and sexy. 


How to Style a Bridal Boudoir Session, Dallas Boudoir Photography, Boudoir Photography Dallas, Wedding Boudoir, Style, Fashion

If you guys watched Wednesdays’s boudoir bridal video then you will remember Ciarra.  Ciarra did an amazing job in the videos.  For Ciarra we went for light, airy, and fun. 

Wedding Dress: The Wedding Dress was provided by Simply Bridal.  It’s the Lianne gown.  This is a beautiful summer gown.  The halter allows the bride to be comfortable and not over heat in an outside summer wedding. The material of the dress is chiffon.   The silver band around the waist is beautiful as it glistens against the sunlight bringing all the attention back to the bride.  The train is full and dramatic.  This Grecian inspired gown will having you feeling like a Greek Goddess as you walk down the aisle. 

Shoes: The Simply Bridal wedding dress is so dramatic we decided to have Ciarra rock nude strappy heels and a bit of bling on the toes and ankles. 

Accessories: Since the dress is a halter we kept it very simple with the jewelry pieces.  We decided to go with dramatic chandelier earrings that were more on the nude and pastel side.  On her fingers Ciarra rocked her engagement ring. 

Makeup & Hair: It’s so rare that I get to work with women who have short pixie cuts. I have to say that Ciarra’s haircut really worked with the dress and outfit.  Jill, the makeup artist, added a long bang to the front that shaped her head.  The lips are a pouty nude pink color and the eyes are a pastel smoky eye that really brings out her blue eyes.

Wedding Boudoir Look

How to Style a Bridal Boudoir Session, Dallas Boudoir Photography, Boudoir Photography Dallas, Wedding Boudoir, Style, Fashion

Lingerie & Kimono: The lingerie for this shot was from Victoria’s Secret .  The pastel blue works for Ciarra’s fair skin and adds that element of “something blue.” With the soft light coming into the studio it really adds a taste of timeless beauty. 

The kimono was from Apricot Love of Dallas.  A kimono is a perfect way of looking sexy while still covering up.  The nude kimono and beautiful botanical flowers really highlights Ciarra’s skin, accessories, and make up. 

The color palate here was pastel pink, pastel blue, and gold.  This is beautiful combination for a summer boudoir session.


How to Style a Bridal Boudoir Session, Dallas Boudoir Photography, Boudoir Photography Dallas, Wedding Boudoir, Style, Fashion

We went at little more Boho with Jenna.  Summer is a great time to be free and comfortable.  Alexis styled Jenna in a long white lace maxi dress and a black kimono with cream detailing. 

Dress & Kimono:  Both the dress and kimono are compliments of Apricot Lane Dallas.  The dress is beautiful and has a long split that allows Jenna’s right knee to peek through.  The kimono is roomy and sits comfortably off her shoulders. 

Accessories:  Alexis decided to stack the accessories and did an excellent job doing so.  She arranged the necklaces by chain length. This not only helps highlight each piece but allows them not to tangle.  The long necklace has a bit of dramatic flair and amps up the boho realness of the outfit.  The crystal pendent adds a pinch of Gypsy. 

Let’s talk about those bangles though!  I am one who LOVES rock jewelry. I love the way that Alexis stacked the bangles on Jenna’s arm.  Again, a fun way to add texture to such a low key outfit. 

We can’t see them in this photo, but Jenna rocked a pair of starburst stud earrings.

Hair & Makeup: Jill decided to be a little more playful with this outfit.  Adding the dark mascara really made Jenna’s sky blue eyes pop (and yes, those are her REAL lashes, I know JEALOUS).  Jill gave Jenna gold lipstick and, like Ciarra, kept her makeup simple on the face. 

Second Outfit

How to Style a Bridal Boudoir Session, Dallas Boudoir Photography, Boudoir Photography Dallas, Wedding Boudoir, Style, Fashion

All the accessories and makeup stayed the same.  The only thing that changed was the way Alexis styled Jenna in a nude lingerie set.  There isn’t any padding and since the nude matches her skin it makes the look even more sexy because it adds an idea of implied nudity without actually getting naked or posing without clothes. 


How to Style a Bridal Boudoir Session, Dallas Boudoir Photography, Boudoir Photography Dallas, Wedding Boudoir, Style, Fashion

For Karla we went for a Moroccan inspired look.  Her beautiful complexion allows us to be really playful with color and style. 

Outfit: For the top we used a swimsuit top. YES!  Swimsuits make excellent pieces for boudoir.  Swimsuits are often overlooked because people associate them with water and not the bedroom.  That’s a mistake because there are plenty of cute swimsuits that would be great for a boudoir sessions.

Believe it or not the bottoms are a series of scarves knotted together to create the illusion of a skirt!  I know! That why Alexis was onset because she’s able to see outside the box.  It’s important to be as creative as possible with your fashion because styling will really make your photos pop for boudoir. 

Accessories:  We threw everything on her including the kitchen sink (Okay, what does that really mean anyway?).  Karla has such beautiful broad shoulders so she’s able to handle a lot of layering.  Her body was a blank canvas.  Sometimes too much color and texture is a good thing.

Her tattoo just added to the fun of the outfit.  A lot of girls believe that they need to cover up their tattoos for a boudoir session.  I’m here to tell you that’s simply not true.  Do not cover up your tattoo if you love it.  A tattoo is part of who you are so it’s important to let it be an important element in your session.

We also added the huge rock bracelets that you saw in Jenna’s set in Karla’s. 

Hair & Makeup: Jill went with a hard press with Karla’s hair and styled at an asymmetrical angle.  Her makeup was a mix of wine and burgundy.  Jill made the center of the lips a deeper wine color which really made Karla’s eyes pop against the gold eyeliner.  I thought that was just so damn cool.  Makeup artist are so talented. 

Second Look

How to Style a Bridal Boudoir Session, Dallas Boudoir Photography, Boudoir Photography Dallas, Wedding Boudoir, Style, Fashion

For Karla’s second look we just brought it back a bit without losing the element of color. Alexis chose a colorful and festive bib necklace paired with a sheer linen blouse.  We traded out the series of skirts for one huge floral scarf.


How to Style a Bridal Boudoir Session, Dallas Boudoir Photography, Boudoir Photography Dallas, Wedding Boudoir, Style, Fashion

Jolesa just KILLED this shoot!  I have to say that this look was one of my favorites of the day.  Jolesa embodies a powerful version of sexy.  When she walks in the room there is an energy one simply cannot deny.  This outfit really helped bring that out.

Lingerie & Kimono: Everything here was found at Apricot Lane Dallas.  The white kimono really pops against Jolesa’s caramel complexion.  The orange lacing of the kimono helps highlight her warm undertones without it being too much.  While Jenna wore a nude lingerie set Jolesa is wearing white version.  Her bottoms are a fun take on scallop shorts that were really popular last summer.  The material is a comfortable that's perfect a boudoir set or for warm summer evenings watching the sunset. 

Accessories:  The layering game is real y’all! Alexis followed the same layer technique she did with all the previous outfits.  She stacked the jewelry based on chain length. Silver really pops against darker skin so placing these beautiful pieces against Jolesa’s skin was a no brainer.  Unlike the other looks Alexis chose to have her rock one single bracelet instead of a stack. 

Makeup & Hair:  Jolesa styled her own hair.  She’s rocking a badass Mohawk with gold tips.  This really works for her because she has a face that can carry a look like this.  It’s very important to have strong facial features if you are considering going for a pixie cut or Mohawk.

Lips were a stain wine color with an eye look to match.  The eyes were are a light wine and pink smokey eye. 

Second Look

How to Style a Bridal Boudoir Session, Dallas Boudoir Photography, Boudoir Photography Dallas, Wedding Boudoir, Style, Fashion

For Jolesa’s second look we kept the same makeup because is transitioned perfectly.  When picking out a makeup look it’s important to pick one that works with multiple looks or is an easy update without having to redo your entire face.  Most of time the makeup artist will do your lighter look first and then move you on to a more intense face. 

Lingerie & Kimono:   I love the black and burgundy in this look because it sest a more moody tone for this session. While this is a very strong look the kimono balances a very light weight and feminine impact.  Deciding against wearing shoes makes Jolesa more approachable in her photos. 

Accessories:  Alexis decided on an intense statement necklace for this outfit.  This works as a very hard piece of armor that adds to the African Goddess vibe she’s showering us with.

That’s it!

Don’t worry!  You guys will see more photos from each one of these women later this month.

I want to thank Jill for doing all the hair, Alexis for doing all the styling, Simply Bridal for the gorgeous gown, and Apricot Lane for all the beautiful clothes for this series!

If you’re interested in booking a shoot with Wonderland Boudoir in Dallas please check out our investment page and then hit us up through our contact page to schedule a time for us to speak about your pending boudoir session!

Remember we are hosting a Boudoir Marathon on 07/11/2015.  Click HERE for more details on how to join!

Dallas Boudoir Marathon

 As a surprise for sticking all the way through this post I am giving away a free $50 gift card to Victoria’s Secret!  To enter, in the comment section below please let me which look you liked the best and why!

6 Things you Shouldn’t do before a Boudoir Shoot

6 Things you shouldn't do before a boudoir session

There are hundreds of list of things you SHOULD do before a boudoir session, but what about the things you shouldn't do?  I have a list of 6 things you shouldn't be before a boudoir session and why it's important for you to avoid them at all cost.


  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not tan a day before the session.  If you must tan do it about a week or more before your boudoir session.  Why shouldn't you tan before a boudoir session?  Because the orange skin will make it more than difficult to do any post work on your body, and you may actually clash with the settings.  Also if you decide to spray tan before our session some of the tan may get on our white flooring and stain the carpet and furniture.  If you really must tan then please so at least 5-7 days before your scheduled boudoir session.  Honestly, the most natural skin tone looks best in boudoir photos.


There is nothing worse than a severely hung over person at a photoshoot.  There are a lot of things we can fix in post, but hungover isn’t one of them.  Do yourself a favor and do not drink the night before a boudoir session.  Just remember that you paid good money for an awesome session so do everything you can to help optimize that!  To make sure you get your best results don’t drink at least 7 days before your session.  This will help alleviate the potential of bloating and breakouts. 


Please do not get a haircut before your boudoir session.  I know firsthand how a bad haircut will make you feel insecure.  Recently I went to get my hair “trimmed” at a local salon a day before a major bridal show.  The stylist was new and ended up cutting EIGHT INCHES OF HAIR OFF!  Count that… ONETWOTHREEFOURFIVESIXSEVEN…EIGHT!!!!  All I could think about that entire day is how stupid my hair looked.  Alas, it’s just hair and it will grow back, but do you really want to have a bad haircut a day before a major shoot? 


Skin can be easily irritated.  Your skin may normally look great the day after a good waxing… but it only takes that one time to just not heal the way it normally does.  Please do not get a wax more than 2-3 days before your session.  Give your body time to heal just in case the unthinkable happens.


Yes, this seriously has happened to me before… like twice.  At Wonderland Boudoir we offer mimosas prior to your shoot and an assortment of wine, but I have had clients bring in hard liquor and just go to town. Yeah, after that second time I don’t allow outside drinks in.  Just like we can’t Photoshop hungover we also can’t Photoshop drunk. 


Yes, I know this is super hard to do considering the age we live in.  Everything is fast food this, microwave that, just add water here.   Even I was addicted to Ramen (post college) for awhile.   However,  about 5-7 days before a session cut out as much sodium as possible.  Sodium helps to retain water which, in turn, makes you look bloated before your session.  The last thing any woman wants is to be bloated before a major shoot.

I really hope these 6 suggestions of things you shouldn’t do before your boudoir session will help you ladies prepare for your next boudoir session!  It’s really important to be very well rested and take care of your body before, during, and after a boudoir session!

In the comments below can you think of any other things one should avoid before a boudoir session?

The Official Boudoir FAQ: Top Questions Every Woman Ask about Boudoir

The official FAQ for Boudoir.  The Complete guide to your Boudoir Session.

1.)    Who is Wonderland Boudoir?

Wonderland Boudoir is a boudoir photography studio located in the Bishop Arts District in Dallas, Texas.  Our aim is to provide a fun, safe, and empowering environment for your boudoir experience.  Please read the blog, titled Who is Wonderland Boudoir, post to learn more about our goals and inspirations!

2.)    Why should I have a boudoir session?

The short answer?  Boudoir is a fun and liberating way for a woman to celebrate herself.  A boudoir session is both sexy and empowering.  The idea of boudoir can be intimidating one but once we start shooting all your fears will begin to fade.  Every woman starts gaining confidence and starts coming out of their shell.  For a more in-depth answer to this common question please check out my WHAT IS BOUDOIR post.  Here you will leave knowing exactly what boudoir is!   This post gives you detailed reasons why a boudoir session is necessary for every woman.

3.)    Whar are some occasions perfect for a Boudoir Session

  • Anniversaries
  • Major Birthday Milestones (25th, the Dirty 30, the Fabulous 40, the Sexy 50th)… and any birthday in between
  • Significant Others Birthday
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Because the Day Ends in "Y"

4.)    Where are the Boudoir Sessions Held?

Wonderland Boudoir currently shares a 750 square foot studio in the heart of the Bishop Arts District.  Half our yearly sessions are done here.   About a quarter of our sessions are done outside (if you choose to do that), and the last quarter is either done in a hotel or on location.  Yes, we at Wonderland Boudoir do travel for boudoir sessions.  Please contact us for more information.

5.)    How Much will my Boudoir Session Cost?

Wonderland Boudoir’s prices start at $597.  Please check out our investment page for more details.  If any of the productions don’t fit your needs please send us an email so we can customize a session unique to you!

6.)    How far in Advance to do I Need to Book a Boudoir Session?

This really depends on what you need the photos for.  Is this a wedding, birthday, or anniversary present for someone special?  Do you need albums, frames, or additional photos?  If you want one of our handcrafted Italian made photos albums as a gift to someone then we ask that you come in at least 6 weeks before the date.  Our handcrafted items take 4 weeks to create!  The process is intense and long, but trust me it's more than well worth it. 

The weekends get booked way faster than the week so if you only have availability during on the weekends I suggest calling ASAP to secure the date preferred. 

7.)    Who should do my Hair and Make-up for a Boudoir Session?

I’m just going to be honest here.  Do not do your own hair and makeup before your session.  Check out my post that gives you 6 reasons hiring a makeup artist is the best move you can make.  Here at Wonderland Boudoir we have a rolodex of outstanding hair and makeup people in Dallas.  I only recommend Hair and Makeup artist I have personally worked.  This helps me ensure you are getting a quality experience.

8.)    Will you Photoshop me to *insert size here*

The quick and simple answer is no.  That’s the truth.  I do light airbrushing.  For example, if you have a pimple or blemish on your face, then of course, I will correct that.  I also color correct all my photos and will even out skin tone.  Depending on your on preference, I will remove stretch marks. However, if a lady is a size 22 and wants to be a size 2… then no I don’t do that.  In fact, I don’t do any real body modifications.  It’s not my style or aesthetic.  Wonderland Boudoir promotes natural beauty.  

Every day in the media we get assaulted with false images of “real women.”  I’m here to help stop that and show that every woman can define their own meaning of beautiful.  I have a blog post that describes four actions I take to redefine beauty!


9.)    How can I feel more comfortable during my shoot? 

There are 7 great ways for you to feel more comfortable in front of the camera:

  1. Consultwith your Photography
  2. Hire a professional Hair & Makeup Artist
  3. Get Your Nails Done
  4. Try on your Wardrobe Before Your Session
  5. Practice the Poses You Want
  6. Don’t Forget WHY You’re Doing This
  7. Trust Yourself & Relax

Read the full post here to get detailed steps and ideas on how you can calms yourself before a boudoir session.

10.) I’m Nervous! How do I calm myself.

Simple.  Just trust in the process.  We at Wonderland Boudoir are here to help you achieve your best photos ever.  We aim to make you feel as beautiful as you look.  I have over 15 years of experience with shooting.  I will be there with you all the way to help you pose and make sure you get the best out of your session.

11.) Do you Post my Boudoir Pictures All over the Internet?

No.  The ladies you see in my pictures are women who have given me written permission to use their photos to showcase my work.  I won't lie, I would love to use your photos for my blog.  Showcasing women and telling their stories helps other women want to come up with the courage to shoot as well.

12.) Do you have Lingerie or should I Bring my Own?

We do have outfits, but I do encourage women to bring their own lingerie to make the session more unique to them.   I actually have another post coming up that helps outline what to bring for a boudoir session.  Always bring shoe!   Depending on what you are wearing a classic pair of black pumps is always a great idea.  The higher the better.  I always suggest at least 4 inch heels for dramatic effect.    The right pumps will make an outfit stand out and your more lean!

13.)   Who will See Me Take my Boudoir Photos?

Most of the time it’s just you and me in the room.  If you hire a hairstylist and makeup artist through me there is a good chance they will stay the entire shoot and touch you up as we go along.  However, they don’t stay in the room and watch the entire time… unless you want them too.  We are a professional group here to make you look and feel great!  We love to have fun and by the time your session is over you will forget how nervous you were to begin with.

14.) Should My Friends Go with me to my Boudoir Session?

No.  I’m just going to say it no… unless you are having a boudoir party.  Otherwise I do not recommend your friend/family member coming with you.  The reason being is when you get in that room with myself and your friend is there a lot of the times the clients starts worrying about what their friend is thinking.  This creates a focusing problem and could have a negative effect on your session because you aren't concentrating.  This is discouraging to both yourself and the photographer.  You will be safe and fine without a need to worry.  I get that a friend may be a safety blanket, but a boudoir session is such an intimate experience so it’s very important to concentrate without any potential distractions.

15.) Will you Hide my Cellulite/Scare/Birthmark/ *insert least flattering body part here*

Let’s be honest, we all have things about ourselves that we feel as though are less than perfect and we may not want one of those things shown.  When we speak on the phone I will take note of you’re the areas of the body you like to conceal and enhance.    

16.)  Will you help me with Posing?

Yes!  Of course!  The average woman isn’t on the covers of Vogue magazine.  We will help you with posing your body to for optimal photos.  Not only will we tell you what to do, we will also pose in that same position so you can see firsthand what we want you to do.  At Wonderland Boudoir we are known for poses and angles so you can be sure that you will learn a lot from our session. 

I also suggest checking out the Boudoir Divas from San Diego who have three amazing books that show the BEST photos for posing.  One of the books has 1500 boudoir poses images!!!!!!  Check out the books here!

17.)  How long does it take to get my Boudoir Photos Back?

If you don’t want any add-ons such as books or additional photos I try and have your photos done at least 14 days after our session.  However, if you want albums, additional books, or accordion books then it takes about 6 weeks to get back.  Most of our books are handcrafted in Italy so it’s very important that the books are made slowly and perfectly to last a lifetime.  We at Wonderland Boudoir only work with the best of the best to ensure that our clients receive a quality product. 

When your photos and packages are ready we ask that you come back to the studio and pick everything up.  WE DO NOT MAIL ITEMS.   There have been too many times photos, usbs, and books have been lost in the mail and therefore we want to make sure you personally pick up your items so they are safe and secure.

18.) Explain a Typical Boudoir Session

At Wonderland Boudoir we have the client come in and have hair and makeup done (if that’s what you have chosen).  It takes about 90 minutes to have your hair and makeup done.  After our discussion with the hair and makeup artist on your wants and needs we then we pick out your wardrobe.  All of us have really great style (toot toot) so you are in great hands if you're unsure about any of your chooses.  After hair and makeup is completed and you have given your seal of approval of your hotness we then start the session. 

After our session is over I will schedule a time where we can meet 14 days later so you can see your photos and pick the ones you want to keep forever!   

19.) Do you Offer Group Parties?

Yes, we offer Boudoir Parties.  These are great for birthday parties, Girls' Night Out, and Bachelorette parties.  It’s a time to get pampered before you enjoy a night out on the town!

20.) Who Shouldn’t get a Boudoir Session Done?

At Wonderland Boudoir we believe that all women should have a session done.  However, if having boudoir photos done will hurt your career in some way then I suggest not having them done.  While we take EVERY SINGLE PRECAUTION to ensure that your photos never get out we cannot guarantee everything 100% in our digital world.  This is why it’s very important to considerate what may happen.  Our photos are tasteful and classic, but how far you want your session to go is really up to you.

21.) How long do you keep my photos on file? What If I want more photos on a later date?

We don’t have a strict time period on hand when we destroy photos of past clients boudoir photos, but do try and dispose of all photos after seven days.  We have a large number of clients come in so it’s very important that we have as much room as possible on our drives. 

22.) Do You Guys do Couples Sessions? 

Yes!  We love shooting couples who are in love and would like beautifully directed photos for years to come. 

23.) How can I book a session?

Please check out our investment page! Please feel free to call us for additional questions and schedule a time to book!  You can contact us here!


Yes, I know that was a bit intense!  There is so much to cover in boudoir session! The FAQ sheet will be constantly updated to answer any additional common questions that clients have!


In the comment below please let me know what questions you have that weren’t addressed in this post?

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