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Picking a boudoir photographer can be a hard task.  When you come across a photographer you want to work with you should have a number of question in line that they should answer for you in the degree you aligned to.  

Today I have a lost of 7 of the most important questions you should ask your boudoir photographer.

1.) Do you have a Boudoir Session Prep Guide?

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Most boudoir photographers will have a boudoir prep guide they provide to all their clients.  A boudoir prep guide is designed to help you, physically and mentally prepare for your boudoir session.  For example, in my boudoir guide (which you cand find here), I instruct clients on HOW to plan their session, what they should do about hair and makeup, and what to wear. 

2.) What do I Wear?

I know this questions and all answers to this question can be a tad bit subjective.  This is because not all boudoir locations are the same. With that, not all boudoir photographers are the same as well. What you wear will have a lot to do with the set up the boudoir photographers has and the photographer's personal style.  If your photographer shoots light and bright, pastel colors and lighter colors would be perfect.  If you are doing an outdoor maternity boudoir session then flowy pieces would add to the ambiance of the setting and location.  If the photographer shoots darker than jewel toned to black pieces would be perfect.  I would tend steer way from lacy items and stick to more structured tops and bottoms if I'm shooting inside. 

The key to effective photos is to make sure your outfit matches the tone of the environment.  

3.) Do you Provide Hair and Makeup?

Believe it or not many boudoir photographers do have a hair and makeup artist on staff. Therefore, you should find out up front if  hair and makeup are included in your session.  Picking a boudoir photographer who does not offer this service may be a tad bit more stressful because that's another place (or two) that you have to go to BEFORE you boudoir session even begins.  It would be in my honest opinion that you pick a photographer who does have a hair and makeup on staff.  The less you have to run around before the session the more calm you will be.

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4.) Can you Breakdown the Whole Process for Me? Start to finish.

Your photographer should be able to let you know what to expect from the day.  It's really okay to ask for a detailed explanation for what happens once you walk through the door.  This is your time to understand the breakdown and ask any questions that have been lingering in your mind.  Don't be shy here.

5.) How Long does it Take to get My Photos Back?

Of course, this is the question all women want to know.  We want to see the final product and we want to see it now.  Be sure you get this question answered up front.  For example, if you're doing a boudoir session as a wedding present you need to make sure you give you the photographer enough time to get make sure you get everything back in time for your vows.  If you are doing this for a wedding gift make sure you do it at least 3 months before hand.  Why?  I can only speak for myself, but I have a couple of books that are handmade in Italy that take 2 full months to put together before being sent back out to the states.  these books take so long because they are handcrafted.  You also have to give your photographer enough time to cull and retouch all the photos.  

This amount of times really depends on how many photos they need to pull for your set.  The more photos you have the longer this process takes.  

Be sure to let your boudoir photographer know your timeline to ensure that you all know exactly what to expect.

6.) Will you show my photos to anyone? Or will they be published on your site?

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Again, this differs from photographer to photographer.  Make sure you get a verbal answer to this and make sure that this is also covered in your contract.  If you don't have this covered in you the contract then the photographer has every single right to publish your photos wherever they want as they are the ones that own the copyright to the photo. 

7.) How Long do you Keep the Photos?

Again, this is something that differs from photographer to photographer.  For each photographer the length of how long they keep the photos goes by on a case by case basis. Some photographers keep photos for up to two years.  Other photographers delete the photos as soon as the order has been pulled.  In boudoir, I know many of photographers delete photos fairly quickly.  Therefore if you are want to get additional photos then make sure you do that within the photographer's guidelines.

Well, I hope this post helped you decide on what you should ask your boudoir photographer.  You will be spending a good amount of money on your session to being educated on the process is really important.  In the comment section below let me know which question is most important to you and why.


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