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8 Pieces that can double as boudoir outfits. Dallas best boudoir Photographer.

Typically, when women book a boudoir session the very next question is, "What do I wear?!".  Many women tend to run to Victoria's secrets to pick up some pieces.  Today I wanted to touch on some clothing items that are not traditional lingerie that will  enhance your photos making them more sexy and stylish.

1.) Kimonos

If all the clothing articles mention kimonos are my FAVORITE thing that women can bring to a boudoir session.   Kimonos add feminity and a sense of mystery to them.  They conceal the sexy while simultaneously allowing the mind to run wild about the how this fabric is able to just drape off that body.  Of all the pieces listed I feel as though kimonos are the most versatile.  

2.) Swimsuits

Swimsuits aren't just made for the beach.  They are actually one of my favorite pieces to use for a boudoir session. I like swimsuits more than standard lingerie because they tend to come in different colors, cuts, and styles, proving to be more versatile than traditional lingerie.  Swimsuits also tend to look better on the body because they are designed to fit tight and slim.

3.) Scarves

Yes, Alexis put me on to this last summer!  Scarves are EVERYTHING and are great pieces for boudoir.  You can wrangle a scare to be used as a top or manipulate it to act as a bottom.  Scarves are wonderful because of, not only the color but they tend to add more texture and depth to the photos. This allows the photos to look more interesting.

4.) Team Jerseys

I LOVE when women bring in their dude's favorite team jersey to wear to a boudoir session.  It really allows the photos to be customized for him.  It also lets him know that you were thinking about him when you booked your session.  Team Jerseys tend to add a lot of fun and smiles during the session.  My favorite jerseys are the baseball ones because they tend to be open button fronts.  With the perfect bra underneath it can really solidify the sexiness factor.

5.) Bathrobes

Bathrobes can really be linked with kimonos but I still wanted to place them on the list.  Especially if you are going to be doing a boudoir session in the tub.  I know a lot of women love to do the milk bath series so I think some beginning... or ending photos should also include a robe.  

6.) Screen T's

I'm a bit of a tomboy at heart and I will always and forever LOVE a good screen tee instead of a tight dress.  Many men respond to a simple and sexy screen tee photo.  To be honest, I tend to get hit on more when I'm rocking a basic screen tee and sneakers.  Screen tees add a since of fun and depending on what's printed on the shirt it will highlight your personality.   This will help individualize the boudoir photos.

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7.) Bed Sheets

Lets just be honest here... the ONLY thing you really need to have ah-mazing boudoir sessions is your smile.  I know that was corny but that doesn't make it less true. Bed sheets are a super cool element and done correctly super sexy as well.  Bed Sheets and a smile, what else do you really need?

8.) Bodysuits

I know I said kimonos are my favorite non-lingerie pieces but bodysuits are a SUPER close second.  They are an underutilized piece of lingerie in boudoir photography.  Bodysuits slim the tummy and fit tight on the body highlighting your beautiful assets.  The beauty of bodysuits is that there are so many to pick from.  Therefore, you should be able to find a piece that fits your style.

Just wearing lingerie can be a bit boring so in order to jazz it up add some nontraditional clothing pieces that will work just as well as lingerie.  Doing this will has more fun, style, and allure to your boudoir session.

Of the eight items listed above what is your favorite piece to wear for a boudoir session?  Let use know in the comment section what you would wear in your dream session.




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