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Wonderland Boudoir, Dallas Boudoir Photography

Sometimes shooting in a hotel or studio can get pretty stale.  Or perhaps you want your boudoirs session to pop but just want to shot somewhere new.   Here are 5 locations in the Dallas area that I believe would make BEAUTIFUL backdrops to your boudoir session.


Wonderland Boudoir, Dallas Boudoir Photography
Wonderland Boudoir, Dallas Boudoir Photography

If you don't like your place Airbnb has some SOLID locations that would be beautiful for a boudoir session.  Airbnb is very useful because, rather if you're a photographer or a client booking the location, it's a beautiful change of scenery that isn't as static as your typical hotel room.  

Most of the times the places are so uniquely decorated it just adds to the beauties of the photos.  

2.) Joe Pool Lake:  

I won't lie.  I LOVE shooting boudoir outside.  I feel like it feels more natural, more calm, and a ton sexier.  To me, it's very feeling and liberating doing a boudoir session outside, especially in the Joe Pool Lake area.  

Joe Pool Lake is located in Cedar Hill and the park is about 12 miles wide.  With tons of foliage and a beautiful lake, you would be hard pressed to take a bad photo here.

3.) Belmont Hotel:  

The Belmont Hotel is one of the most iconic places in Dallas.  It's where I took some of my most loved boudoir photos when I started out in this genre.  With plenty of unique rooms and beautiful light, it's one of the few hotels that I would make an exception for to shoot in.  My favorite place to shoot is the junior suite but the bungalows look promising as well.

4.) Off The Grid:  

Party off the Grid is a photographers dream.  
Eeek!  How much do I love this place?!  I didn't rank this list, but if I were to then I would have put Off the Grid at the top of my list,  This 1920's building is a photographer's wet dream.  The enormous warehouse windows add so much grandeur and drama to your photos.  This is actually where I shot Ms. M for her boudoir session.  

I also love shooting on the outside grounds.  This area has so much to offer as long as you have an open and creative mind.

5.) Rooftops:

I am a rooftop JUNKIE.  I swear, i get on IG and just search rooftops because I have such rooftop envy.  I will be honest that rooftops are hard to come across in Dallas but you will find some incredible ones.  

In the comment section below please let me know what where your favorite places to shoot are in your city!  When I travel there I would love some ideas on where to go.

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