7 Best Places to Buy Lingerie Online

7 Places to Buy Lingerie Online

Right after booking a session with me panic mode kicks in... WHERE DO I FIND SEXY LINGERIE PIECES THAT DON'T BREAK THE BANK?!  Today I will bring you 7 online stores that you can buy sexy lingerie from for your boudoir session.

1.) Victoria's Secret

Let's just get the obvious out of the way first.  Victoria's Secret is clearly the leader in lingerie.   They have an array of pieces in a range of prices that won't make you swear bullets.  

If you are a novice when it comes to styling then the best starting place is Victoria's Secrets.  I have also noticed that Victoria's Secret has really stepped up their styling game. 

Pro Tip:  Try to shop in the larger Victoria's Secrets.  The bigger stores house more inventory.  These stores tend to get more of the online inventory and often hold some of the better pieces in the back.  Always ask sales associates if they have any cool new pieces in the back that haven't made it to the front.
DON'T OVERLOOK: The bodysuits.  Victoria's Secret has some of THE SEXIEST bodysuits in the game!

Some of my Favorite Bodysuits:

2.) Yandy.com:  

Yandy has some of the most incredibly priced lingerie out there.  They probably have over 2000 online SKUs.  If you can imagine it they probably have it.  If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to Victoria's Secret with more color options then Yandy.com may be your site.

Don't Overlook: The color choices from Yandy

Some of my Favorite Bodysuits:

3.) MissGuided:

I have to say this is ONE of my FAVORITE places to find bodycon dresses.  If you are looking for a sexy dress to wear as part of your boudoir session then MissGuided will be your place.  One of my favorite things about this UK based company is that your shipment comes to the States really fast! I'm not sure if they have hubs in the US as well, but they are fast and efficient and I never have to wait too long for my package to show up.

PRO TIP: Check the site often as that always have flash sales from 30-50% off.  

5 of the HOTTEST bodycon dresses for boudoir

4.) ASOS:  

This is another amazing UK based fashion site.  I have to say that the British really know a thing or two about good fashion.  Like MissGuided, the shipping from ASOS is unbelievably fast. I will tell you that I get my packages faster from ASOS than I do Forever 21, which is an American company.  

The thing I love best about ASOS is the array of brands they work with on the site.  The buyers do a great job curating pieces. 

PRO TIP: Shop the swimsuit section for traditional lingerie alternatives

5.) Forever 21:

Outside of the shipping I just LOVE Forever 21.  When I'm asked to style client boudoir sessions about 80% of the pieces come from Forever 21.  Forever 21 has SKU's for days.  I'm lucky that I'm based in Texas because we have some of the BIGGEST Forever 21's in the world located out of here(However, that Forever 21 in Time Square is nothing to scoff at).  

However, I have to admit that shopping online for Forever 21 is much easier for me.  The stores just have SO MUCH FREAKING inventory that is can be very overwhelming.

PRO TIP: Forever 21's return policy sucks.  Therefore if you are interested in a piece there is a VERY good chance you will find it in store.  Stop by a Forever 21 location with the item number to locate the piece.  Sometimes actually going into the store is better because you will see if the piece in person.



6.) H&M:

I LOVE H&M's Lingerie section!  Yassssss Girl!  Out of all the places I have listed I must say that I prefer the lingerie section at H&M the best.  The bras feel the best here.  Actually, my favorite bra comes from H&M.  

Here is the problem with H&Ms lingerie section though... they don't have it in every store.  I KNOW! In fact, when I was in Playa del Carmen in February that's when I first learned that H&M even had a lingerie section.  When I came back to Dallas I tried to find it here only to find out that all H&Ms are not created equal. We only have one location here that has lingerie... and it's not that big.  I know in LA and Houston the lingerie sections in those stores are much better.

PRO TIP: Call your location H&M first to find out if they have a lingerie section before you go there.  

Sexy Lingerie Pieces from H&M:


7.) Adore Me

Alexis is my stylist, friend, and client that put me to Adore me.  Adore me is a subscription based site that specializes in lingerie. While their pieces are super cute I can say that they don't feel comfortable.  At least for me.  I feel that the pieces are better suited for women with a smaller chest.  If you are heavy chested I would not 100% recommend Adore Me.  However, Adore Me has a great selection of pieces for you to pick from.  You can get these sets for $40.

These Awesome Sets from Adore Me:

Venetia Unlined

Paris Unlined

Leia Contour Plus

Kellie Push UP

Akhila Contour

Planning for your boudoir session shouldn't cost you an arm and a leg.  The 7 locations mentioned are beautiful and cost effective.  You will also be able to wear this pieces in your everyday life so you will get you cost per wear out of them.

Let me know of all the places covered which is you favorite


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