5 Exercises That Will Turn EVERYBODY’s Head

5 excercises that will turn heads

On Tuesday I wrote a post about the importance of fitness and gave three essential workouts that we should all be doing in order to stay fit and help build an exercise regime that will workout for us.  These particular workouts are great because they are moves that we can do in the park or in the comfort of our own home.  

Today I want to bring you 5 more exercises we can do with little or no equipment.  Each of these exercises are great alone or combined into a hardcore cross training workout.  

1.) Burpee

 I’m going to be honest.  I HATE burpees.  I mean it took me forever and a half to (a) figure out what in the world a burpee was, and (b) the importance of a burpee. Burpees are a full body exercise which virtually works every muscle in the body.  You can burn more calories in a lot less time. Burpees are a full body exercise muscles that work, deltoids, biceps, triceps, pecs, obliques, abdominals, quads, bum, hamstrings and calves.  

2.) Jumping Rope

Yes!   This grade school exercise is one of the most effective.  Research has found that low to moderate, sustainable exercises such as walking, biking, or jumping rope are the best way to improve the quality of your cardiovascular system. Jump rope is a great way to improve the muscle tone in your legs and lower body. 

3.) Obliques  

This is probably one of my favorite areas of the body yet the most overlooked section.  When well trained and body fat is low give it gives your waist a more tapered look.  Exercising this group helps to alleviate back pain and enhancing posture.  

4.) Lunges

I have a love/hate relationship with lunges.  I hate doing them, but I LOVE how I look after weeks practice.  If there is one exercise that will make your legs and bum look AH-MAZING then these are it.  The lunge is a total lower body workout.  It increases muscle tissue, shapes the lower body, gives more flexibility in the hips and also helps to strengthen the core. 

5.) Handstand Pushup

 I despise doing regular push ups.  I just do.  I have no idea why.  It just do, but I can do an up and down pushup all day long.  The handstand pushup is a strength exercise.  It works out the shoulders and the triceps.  

I really hope that you guys can added these 5 exercises into your regime.  Each one of these focuses on a different part of your body, but when used as a whole, combined with a healthy diet, can really change your body into the one you have always dreamed of!

In the comment below please let me know which of these moves are your favorite and why?

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