Top 5 Fitness YouTube Channels of 2015

5 Badass Fitness YouTubers

Throw a rock and you will hit about 78,413,545 YouTube videos that promote fitness.  Today we will discuss the top 5 Youtube channels  (in no particular order) that provided some of the best fitness workouts.  This list was determined by the the content, quality, and consistency of the channels.  When beginning your fitness journey who wants to follow a channel where they only post a video once a week?

Brandon Carter

Brandon Carter Healthy and Fitness YouTuber

Brandon Carter is a freaking amazing youtuber.  While all the other YouTubers on the list come off as super sweet and nice Brandon is what I consider that mirror friend.  He will be your direct reflection and will not let you bullshit yourself with the excuses.  He has a tell it like it is approach.  I have to admit that I love that. Brandon gives people, both men and women, the hardcore version of why fitness is important. 

He believes that you can put your mind to anything in life and make it happen if you want it bad enough. He goes into detail about how he went from drug dealer to a Fitness Superstar. I love the fact that he doesn't hide anything. Since I'm a photographer and I do a lot of editing I enjoy sitting down, editing, and listening to what he says in his live chat videos. Unlike the rest of this list his videos tend to last longer so it’s perfect for me.

I would suggest listening to him on your commute to work, while you’re working out, cooking, or while you’re cleaning   I also like the fact that he post MULTIPLE times a day.  You will catch a fitness video in the morning and a motivational video in the afternoon.  

If nothing else his cat George is everything!

Subscribe to Brandon HERE!  Oh and if you need images his instagram is full of it!  Also check out his FREE ebook that you can get on Amazon, The Beginners Guide to Being Awesome!


Body Rock

BodyRock Fitness YouTube

This was the first fitness channel I ever watched. I love the hardcore workouts and the fact they they give you real and honest tips on how to achieve your goals. They promote the fact that woman can have muscles and still look sexy. Strong is sexy.   This is a body positive channel.  They consistently have challenges that you can be apart of as well. Right now they have their Strong is Sexy campaign that you all should check out.  

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Tone It Up

Karena and Katrina Tone It Up Girls

If you haven’t hear of the Tone It Up girls then you must have been living under a rock.  These girls are are some of the first fitness Youtubers in the game.  I LOVE the fact that they do their workouts on the beach.  Who doesn’t like a good beach workout?  The instructors Karena and Katrina are cute, consistent, and relatable.  They also have a healthy eating cookbook out!

Subscribe to Tone It Up HERE! Their Instagram feed is from the Gods!  


Bikini Model Fitness

Bikini Model Fitness

Bikini Model Fitness uses real bikini models!  These is great because is serves as real inspiration of where many of use want to be.  I love how this channel promotes that muscles are sexy!  You can still be muscular and very feminine.  The icing on the cake is the fact that all the exercises shown can be done in your own home!

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Xhit YouTube

If you only need one reason to watching this channel let it be for Alphi the chihuahua.  In the video above I love how is serving in the instructor, Rebecca, SERIOUS face!  LMFAO!  He’s is NOT into that dayum costume.  However, if Alphi is not reason enough for you to sub then the rest to follow workouts should be.

There are multiple instructors on this channel, and all the ladies are clear and concise in their directions.  They also model a number of their workouts after celebrities. However, I have to say that their Victoria’s Secret Model workouts are among their most popular.

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All these channel promote getting health the right way and body positive images of a HEALTHY woman.  I hope you can use today’s list as a catalyst for getting into shape... rather if it's for your future boudoir session or just because.    I know I will.  Your personal diet and exercise are essential in leading a happy and healthy life.  

In the comments below please let me know if I missed any other Fitness YouTubers that you believe should have made it on this list.

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