5 YouTubers that Promote Healthy Eating

YouTubers that have Healthy Food Recipes

It’s no secret that you can find EVERYTHING on YouTube these days.  Including YouTubers who provide tips and recipes for interesting healthy eating habits.  Today I give you 5 Youtubers who provide beautiful, consistent, and very easy to make meals that will help us to stay motivated on this journey. From vegans, vegitarian, pestitarians, and carnivoires there is something here for every... body.  LOL <-- I'm so punny. 

Devious Demi

Devious Demi Vegan

Demi is one of my favorite YouTubers. I have been watching her for awhile now.  Demi is a strong believer in the vegan movement and provides fun, interesting, and easy to make foods and drinks.  She has a light about her that makes you feel that she could be your best friend.  While she does not judge others for being carnivores she does shed light on why going vegan is the best thing for both you and the environment.  

Subscribe to Devious Demi HERE!  Stalk her beautiful instagram HERE for fitness and eating inspiration.




Baking Mad Gym Addict

Lozza BakingMadGymAddict

Lozza is just too dayum cute!  She is a Scottish born Asian living in Australia.  Yeah, I had  to figure it out cuz the accent to the location did not match.  Her goal with her channel is to inspire others to eat cleaner, train meaner, and live leaner.  Unlike Demi, Lozza is not a vegan .. This kitchen addict does an AH-MAZING job breaking down her meal prep videos so viewers can following flawlessly.  After going through her videos you will have no excuse why you can’t eat better.  

Subscriber to Lozza HERE! Follow her on Facebook HERE!





Becca Kay

Becca Kay

Becca Kay is a registered dietitian.  She has an incredible list of videos that range from cocktails to full meals she eats each day.  She has very easy to follow instructions and is very articulate so it’s easy to understand what she’s saying.  

Subscribe to Becca HERE!  Be sure to check out her beautiful instagram feed!







hemsley + hemsley healthy food

I’m going to be honest here.  These sisters, Jasmine and Melissa, don’t have a complete YouTube channel, but their website MORE than makes up for it, and I more than suggest you go check them out. Beautiful photographs and so many healthy recipes that will make you forget that you have changed your eating habits.  

Check out their website HERE!  Oh and that Instagram though! 




The Diet Kitchen

The diet kitchen

This is truly an overlooked channel.  This site is run by Simon who post videos that range from recipes, nutritional advice, and fitness training.  His funny and inspiring videos will help motivate you to eat better and to make it a habit!

Subscribe to his channel HERE!  The Instagram isn't bad either.



Well, I really hope you guys enjoyed this list of the 5 best Healthy Eating YouTubers.  Between these 5 channels you should not have an issue finding plenty of healthy food to eat without getting bored.  


In the comment section below please let me know which YouTuber you related to the most.

Also, let me know if I looked over any YouTubers whose main focus is healthy eating.  Sharing is caring!

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