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The Girl Next Door Turns Vixen, Dallas Boudoir Photography, Wonderland Boudoir

I haven't shot in a studio in quite some time.  While I love the idea of having a constant place to go, shoot, and call my boudoir home.  I have to admit that I do love shooting on location because my photos, work, and brain power will never go stale because each image for each client will look drastically different.

However, if I were to ever pick a client's place that I could shoot in every single day of my boudoir career I would be Ms. N's.  She had an atrium, nice concrete floors, powerful soft light, and this incredible blue studded and tufted jewel couch that was to LIVE for.  You know what else I loved about her place?  It was luxurious but minimalistic.  I know, what a juxtaposition!  (I'm going to be honest, I just wanted to use that word).  

As I say in just about every other blog post, you have to match your style to your settings.  This is how you get those drool-worthy Pinterest boudoir photos that every woman yearns for.  

Since the settings were very minimalistic we decided to have the outfits, hair, makeup, and posing standout and play the power forward position in the photos.   

Dominque Dai is one of my favorite hairstylist in Dallas.  She is one of the most versatile and professional hair care specialists in the city.  For Ms. N photos I wanted to go simple, girl next door glam.  We went for a very loose french braid look with a curl end.  This worked perfectly with her ombre colored hair.  

Jazzy is my right-hand man.  He went in for the kill for the beautifully executed softly dark makeup look.  I know, what the hell is a dark soft?!  Well, the lips were a dark glistening pink and the contour was dark, but not heavy.  Jazzy loves to go for editorial drama in his looks.   Let's not forget about that highlight though! 

Ms. N gave us free range and we were able to have her as our fun little canvas!  

The Girl Next Door

In look one we decided to go with a gray oversized sweater.  Sweaters are my thing.  We shot Kryssi on a black sweater the other day and now we are shooting Ms. N in this sexy gray number.  She had always wanted to wear this piece but could never find anything to match with it.  Therefore she was excited to wear it for our session.  

In most sessions, the more simple a look is the more powerful the image becomes.  Therefore, all we really needed was her couch as the statement piece.  Can you believe she found this tufted jeweled couch on the side of the road driving on Harry Hines in Dallas?!

The Vixen

Ms. N is a juggernaut of beauty!  Besides her gorgeous place, another thing Ms. N had going was the fact that she had racks on racks on racks of lingerie!  In fact, shortly after our session she reached out to me and gave me ALL her lingerie because she was moving across seas and could not take the items with her.  So I have soooooooooo much new lingerie that I haven't even shown off yet.  Judging by these pieces you know they are good!  LOL!

For her second look we decided to show off her assets while not needing to bare them all.  You can tell that Ms. N has a body and attitude that could take down foreign leaders.  So we styled her in a bodysuit that had a really sexy ribbon tied front.  We did this because, while we know her frame is sexy, it still leads a lot to the imagination.  The toasted peach color of her Victoria's Secret bodysuit was perfect for our boudoir setting as we shot these in her atrium.  Dominique just undid the french braid which caused the beautiful shape and volume of her hair.  Jazzy just darken the look a tad to give her more of a vampy vixen vibe.  (How did you like the use of all those V words?)

I had SUCH a blast shooting Ms. N.  She is such a damn doll!  I couldn't have asked for a better client, with a badass lingerie wardrobe, in the most perfect home for boudoir!

Let me know in the comment section below which boudoir look you like the best?  Personally, I really like them both!

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