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At Dallas boudoir photography studio, Wonderland Boudoir, I love capturing women in their most intimate states because of their reason “WHY”.  Why did they come in and book a session? The most common reason is because the photos will be part of a groom's gift.  While this was the reason why Ms. X booked her session, the meaning was actually much deeper than that.  The reason "WHY" melted my heart.

Ms. X came in because she lost over 100lbs.  She was able to lose that weight through the love, motivation, and partnership of her now husband.  He loved her at every size, saw beauty in her when she couldn’t, knew her potential, and most importantly, helped build up her self-esteem.  

She wanted to do this boudoir session as a gift to him.  She wanted to tell him thank you for loving her for who she was.  She wanted to say thank you for seeing her soul and loving her for that.  However, she always wanted to do this session for another reason.

She wanted to finally to be able to celebrate herself unapologetically.  She wanted to give herself permission to love and appreciate what she worked hard to achieve.  She wanted to tell her story and let women know that they can do this as well.  Losing 100lbs is no easy task but with the right mindset and the right people around you it’s more than achievable.


Ms. X said one of the weirdest things about buying lingerie after losing all weight was it's still crazy to her how much smaller she had gotten.  While everyone congratulated her on her magnificent transformation, being in clothes 6 sizes smaller than her original weight is still foreign to her.  She said her friends were getting on to her about buying new clothes. Since her frame was smaller everything she wears now is way too baggy.  After going lingerie shopping she finally saw what everyone was telling her.  Even the bodysuit shown in these photos is too big for her, but she rocked the hell out of the look.


This is what we should really learn from Ms. X and her now husband.  Marriage isn’t just a contract.  It’s a partnership.  You and your spouse are a team.  When one is down the other has to be there to help pick them back up.  You guys have to love and motivate each other.  There should be no ego involved because if one of you win, you both win.

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