Bridal Boudoir is the Ultimate Groom's Gift

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Recently I participated in the Dallas Bridal Show and a common question was, “Why should I do wedding boudoir?”

Wedding boudoir is a fantastic gift that you can give to your husband to be.  It’s incredibly intimate, very vulnerable, and extremely sexy.  Many men would love to be gifted a series of beautifully curated sexy images of his wife that were created with him and only him in mind.  Today I will give you 4 reasons why you should have a wedding boudoir session done for your wedding day.  

4 Reason Why Bridal Boudoir is the Best Groom's Gift, EVER!

1. bridal boudoir is a Great Way To Get Detailed Photos of Your Wedding Dress

An essential part of bridal boudoir is getting shots in your wedding dress.  While you will have the opportunity to have pictures taken of you in the wedding dress on your wedding day most of the time they will not be as detailed as they would be in bridal boudoir.  

Remember, the wedding dress commemorates a number of things.  One of those things is dedicating yourself to your partner in the most intimate way for the rest of your life.  Bridal boudoir is just that, intimate.  Your bridal boudoir photographer will capture beautiful photos of you in your dress from veil all the way to shoes.  You will get the stitching, lace, and the minuet details that make up your complete wedding day gown and overall look.

Depending on your taste and comfort level the boudoir photographer will slowly have you undress out of your wedding dress while they photograph the process.  In many cases  slowly revealing you in beautifully curated lingerie that matches your gown.  I always suggest leaving the veil on in a number of photos because it adds a sense of sexiness, uniqueness, and points of interesting texture to your photos.  Done correctly, the veil is a great tool to make your photos unique to your session.  

You spent A LOT of money on your wedding dress.  This is a gown that you, ideally, plan on wearing only once to show the people closest to you how important your partner is.  According to the XO Group the average wedding dress cost $1200. This is probably the most expensive dress that you will buy in your life so it’s important to get the most out of it.  

2.) bridal boudoir is An Intimate & Personalized Gift for Him

Bridal Boudoir Dallas Texas

Your partner will love sexy, classy, and intimate photos of you as a groom's gift.  While partaking in the bridal show I couldn’t tell you how many times a husband whispered in the ear of their soon-to-be wife how they would love sexy photos of them as a groom's gift.  

At times it can be hard for men to express what they want to their partners.  Especially when it comes to something as sexy as boudoir.  Imagine the excitement on his face when he sees something like this.  If you’re concerned about what your man might think have a conversation about it.  Or perhaps jokingly suggest the idea and see how he responds.  


3.) The Hottest Version of You Yet!

Many women work REALLY hard to look amazing in their wedding dress.  Brides put in 6-12 months worth of hard workouts to make sure they look amazing in those wedding day photos.  The training, the gym membership, and the hardcore eating regiment won't be unnoticed.  All that effort shouldn’t be just for the big day.  Have it immortalized in a boudoir series that you can always go back as a bookmark and remind yourself how gorgeous and beautiful you felt during that time period.  You worked very hard for this.  This bridal boudoir session will be a prize for you to commemorate that.

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4.)  You are also doing this for You

Yes, one of the major reasons, if not the most important, is that you are doing bridal boudoir for you.  Boudoir is not your 80’s glamour shots.  It’s not just simply you in lingerie in front of a photographer for 90 minutes.  There is so much that goes into this for a woman.  

You are baring some of the most intimate parts for yourself. It's time to celebrate you in all your glory.  Many women go through times of insecurity and self doubt.  Your wedding should not, and will not, be one of those times. It’s empowering.  It’s fun. It's liberating. There is no shame doing something fun for you... of course you will be sharing. the photos


1.) When should you schedule a session?

If you plan on doing bridal boudoir as a gift to your significant other I suggest doing it no later than three months before your wedding day.  Lets be real, your wedding date will creep up on you and boudoir photography is not something that you want to rush or do last minute.  Especially if you plan on buying frames or books as a groom's gift.

Dallas Bridal Boudoir

For example, some of the books we provide at Wonderland Boudoir are handmade in Italy.  When I say handmade I mean for real for real made by hand.  It takes up to 1 month to get these high quality Italian leather made books back from Italy.  Trust me, I cannot rush the process (I know from first hand experience).  

On top of getting the book done, as in life, you have to always expect for the unexpected.  Booking a number of months before your wedding gives you buffer time in the event that the unimaginable happens.  

2.) What should I buy from my bridal boudoir session?

A lot if this depends your taste, needs, and decor.  Many women get frames of themselves from their boudoir session.   Depending on the photos I have most woman place their photos in their closets or master bathrooms.   Books are a great option too.  Books can either be displayed or placed in the master bedroom as decoration.  One of our Italian made books comes with it’s own case that is perfect for inconspicuous display.

Sometimes I have women who have husbands who travel a lot.  They typically purchase a big book and an accordion book so they can always have sexy photos with him.

3.) How do I present the book as a wedding gift?

There are a number of ways to present your photos and book.  I had a sorority sister of mine send a sexy photo each day before the wedding day.  The morning of the wedding she had delivered a full book to him of her session.  He was more than happy to see these beautiful photos of his wife.  

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