Why You Should Not Be Insecure During Your Boudoir Session

Stop Being Insecure About Boudoir

Lets be honest.  We are all have something to be insecure about.  Some are insecure of their lack of knowledge for a certain subject.  Some feel insecure about about coming in last in a race.  Many of us are insecure about certain body types.  

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The media has done a number on us in this day in time.  We are either too fat, too skinny, too tall, too short, or too muscular.  I mean have you hear people fitness shaming now?  YES!  People have a nerve to say Ronda Rousey and Serena Williams are TOO fit.  

Ummm… last time  checked both these women have careers that are based SOLELY around their athleticism.  They literally get paid to make sure they are athletically fit enough to win their matches.  Their job is to be winners.  These two ladies are the epitome of health and fitness.  Saying that Ronda and Serena are too fit is like say Steve Jobs and Michael Dell or too smart.  Or even saying that Drake makes too many hit songs (did you like #BacktoBack?).  That sounds ridiculous, doesn't it?  You are basically criticizing them for being too good at their job.  I do have an article about how to stop being a HATER if you are one of these people who are making a deal because of their bodies.

Today I’m going to explain to why you need to Eff Your Insecurities and just do a boudoir session!  I would have cussed, but I’m trying to be a changed woman…. lets see how long this last.    

Just Accept the Fact that No One is Judging You

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I’m going to be honest, during your boudoir session no one is judging.  No one notices all the the flaws you see.  The only thing that your photographer and your glam squad see are what they are going to do to enhance every feature on the body and to make sure they get the optimal photos for your session.  


Your Boudoir Photographer is Not Judging You

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Your photographer’s only goal is to make sure you look amazing.  Typically before your scheduled boudoir session most photographers speak about the body parts that you want to hide and enhance.  To be honest, even if you say that you dislike a certain part of your body the photographer should be knowledgeable enough to enhance that part of your body through posing so you can see the beauty that everyone around you notices everyday.  

To be honest if anyone should be the most insecure during a shoot it is the photographer.  I know first hand as a boudoir photographer because I get insecurities before EVERY shoot.  I get scared or concerned because I want to make sure that I always get what my client wants.  The photographer is so worried about pleasing you they have no need, want, or desire to spending time judging you.  

A photographer notices a unique sense of beauty, especially boudoir photographers.  In order to be a great photographer you must first think like an artist.  I personally grew up around around of all types of medium.  My favorite was paint.  I grew up in love with Georgia O'Keeffe, Norman Rockwell, Diego Rivera, and Keith Haring.  

Starting in grade school a recurring motif was art teachers  telling me over and over again that I have a natural ability to paint and understand the concept of art.  Some of the art teachers would look at my style and ask  me who taught me to paint.  No one did.  They said that I hold my brush like a professional painter.  I was 7 at the time.  

Even in high school I love creating items in clay.  I love getting down and dirty and creating a blank canvas into something beautiful.  This is what I think about photography.  My ladies that come in are a blank canvas and it’s my job to create beautiful art from each woman’s  unique likeness.

Your Hair & Makeup Team for Boudoir is Not Judging You

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The Hair and makeup teams is not judging you.  The hair and makeup artist that Wonderland Boudoir teams up with are fantastic team and hand picked.  I not only review the their work and how it compliments my style, but I also take notice on how they treat my clients.  I personally have zero tolerance for anyone who makes my clients feel uncomfortable and insecure.  I may be docile and introverted at times, I will speak up when I need too.  

The hair and makeup team are licensed professionals that know how to listen to your wants and needs to help figure out to how work them to fit your personal look. When you see them staring they aren’t judging they are trying to determine what will realistically work for you or what modifications they can make to enhance your beauty.  They will often talk to you about your daily regimen.  If you are feeling insecure about your hair, skin, or makeup skills my team is more than happy to show you some tricks of the trade and products that you can use in your day to day life.  

Hair and makeup is only there to help.  They are mostly scared of you judging their work because they want to make sure they are capturing the look just how you envisioned it while at the same time creating the look based off my shooting style.    We have a great article on why you need to hire a professional makeup artist for your boudoir and wedding day.  

The Honest Truth about Boudoir Photography

If nothing else puts you at ease think about your boudoir session this way… boudoir photographers have the same insecurities as you.  We are still normal people with normal problems.  We just so happen to have the luxury of taking hundreds of photos each year of women of all shapes, sizes, and cultural backgrounds.  Each woman looks significantly different than the next.  Each one carries a sense of beauty in them that sometimes that don’t notice until the final photos come back.  

Just Face the Facts

You are beautiful.  Don’t allow your insecurities to determine what you do in this life.  Own them.  Make them sexy, and flaunt it shamelessly.

In the comments below name something that you USED to be insecure about and what you did you get over it.  

Today I’m giving away a $50 gift card to Victoria’s Secret.  The winner will be determined  on 08/29/2015 at 11:59AM.

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