Love is the Only Gold

Love Is The Only Gold

Alfred Lord Tennyson wasn’t wrong when he said that love is the only gold.  Love is something we all aspire to have.  Love is what drives us.  Not only love in the emotional sense, but love in the physical and mental sense was well.  

In history we see over and over again that the travelers, pirates, and conquistadors all travelled for one thing, gold.  They wanted that gold because that felt that metal would make them rich, powerful, and influential.  However, at the root of all that they really wanted to feel loved by the people.

That’s what it all comes down to.  These goals, aspirations, dreams, and desires.  We do this for the ultimate intangible gift of love.  

People like to forget how powerful love is.  Love just isn’t a physical thing.  It’s mental and electromagnetic.  There is an unforgettable energy that we feel when we fall in love with our opposite.  It’s an unexplainable power that two people can feel.  You can feel this love in from your fingers all the way through to your soul.  You can feel it in the way you kiss and hold someone.  

Love isn’t a feeling of emptiness.  Love is full, it’s warm, it’s comforting, and it is honest.  

Lets not limit this to people.  This also go towards passions as well.  Since I was 10 I loved the camera.  All I wanted for Christmas was a disposable camera so I could take pictures.  I wanted to capture the moment of everything.  

That feeling never left.  

The feeling of love never leaves.

We can never truly successfully unlove a person or a passion.

We can push it off and place it in a corner where we pretend to forget about it, but we can't unlove it.

If you can, then I have to guess that you never loved that person or had that passion  in the first place.  

In human nature love has always been the goal.  Even if we don’t like to admit it.  Love fills us with validity.  Love inspires us.  Love gives us confidence.  Love is the true power.  Love is the true gold.

A year ago, on July 31st, 2014 I lost my grandmother.  She was love.  I implore everyone to reach out to your love ones, no matter how bad the situation is,  and just tell them you love them.  Send the roses while they can still smell them.

Happy Monday Y’all,


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