Invest in People who Invest in You

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The most important investment you can make is yourself.  However, for one to be successful you also have to diversify your portfolio.  This is why God blessed us with friends. 

Developing a friendship is a major investment.   The currency you are trading for this investment is your time.  Unlike money time is something you can never get back.  This is why it’s extremely important to be very selective about who you refer to as your friend. 

A great friend will not only cry with you when you’re sad but they will toast you in your accomplishments. If your friend can’t be there with you during all four seasons it may be time to really reevaluate who your friends are. 

I have heard stories over stories about people who were the Kings of the hill. They had money, success, and a name in the scene.   They were always flossing.  Purchasing the most expensive cars, the latest trends in fashion, and constantly throwing epic house parties to just be seen.  However, once these people fell on hard times and the money was gone, the parties stopped, and the drinks stop flowing their “friends” also disappeared. 

I can’t even imagine how devastating a feeling like that is. 

However, the one element all these people have in common when things went south is that they never made genuine connections with these people in the first place.  They did not invest in their personal time to develop these relationships therefore this is why they had no one left in their corner with them. 

Sometimes it just takes a hard and cold season in your life to help you see clearly who your friends are.  However, during that time of reflection you have to be honest with yourself.  Did you really make the effort in getting to know them? Did you listen?  Or did you take them for granted? 

You want to invest in people who invest in you.   In order for that investment to grow you must also invest in them as well.

In the comment below let me know how you invest in your friendships.

Finding real friends is a true investment of your time, but once you have them you really have  them. Don’t take someone’s friendship for granted.  This investment works both ways.  

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