Nothing can Bring You Peace but Yourself

Nothing Can Bring You Peace but Yourself

Ralph Emerson Waldo was a really wise person.  He said that, “Nothing  can bring you peace but yourself.”  That is still true today.

Too many times we look to other people or other things to find peace.  We attached ourselves to people who we think may be the answer we need to our own problems.  However, the answer can only be found inside of you.  I know it sounds so cliché but stick with me here for a second. 

We move around so much in this busy world that we hardly take a second to listen to our own inner thoughts.  A real phones off, TV off, computers closed approach.  We don’t sit still long enough to reflect on what we really need out of this world to make us happy.  If we don’t do that how are we expect to know if we are making the right decisions?  Sometimes we just need a cut the cord weekend. 

Cut the cord?  What if this, that or the other happens?  Well, it’s very true that really bad and unexpected things can happen if our phones are off, but we have to trust they won’t and make some personal time for ourselves.  We need to do this to have time to reflect on what we really need and how we plan on accomplishing those things.  Sometimes we can’t find peace because we are too involve in things that don’t give us time to think

We can’t find the solution in food, alcohol, pills, drugs, or other people.  Those answers… no matter how hard they can be at times, can only be found inside of us. 

In the comments below tell me how often you cut the cord to allow yourself to think?

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