You are Far Too Smart to be the Only Thing Standing in Your Way.

You are far too smart to be the only thing standing in your way

As humans we have made it this far on the planet because of our reasoning and critical thinking skills.  However we do have a tendency to just over think things.  My friend had a great saying for this…  I don’t recall the exact phrase he said, but it was something like Analysis Paralysis.  This means analyzing something so much that we don’t end up making any move.

I had a problem with doing this.  I am what you call an INTJ.  It’s one of the rarest forms of the 16 personalities and even more rare if you are a woman.  I also had to take a test to see what side of my brain I use a lot.  I use 51% left and 49% right.  Therefore I’m a pretty logical person.  I always look for the most logical answer… but sometimes that comes with the price of over examining every single angle to the point you don’t make a decision.  I can’t tell you how many times I used to say, “fuck it” and lay in bed to fall asleep.

Then there comes the other side of this (I told you I think with both side of my brain), the people who say fuck it and don’t do anything at all.  They know what they need to do but see that it requires “too much work” and don’t do anything at all. 

Both these extremes can be harmful to how you live your life.  Yes, it is important for you as a person to look at the whole situations and make a decision, but over analysis can stop you from making a decision.  Sometimes you just have to cannon ball into that pool and call it a day.

If you are just bumming around toying with the idea of doing something with your life you need to just do it. Why spend your life on what if analysis?  Attempt to make your goals happen. Don’t get discouraged if you fail 29 times.  All that matters is you getting back up 30.  If your friends are bummy I’m sorry dude then you probably should let them go.  Often, the people surrounding you will have an effect on how you are living your life.  Find people who motivate you and have them in your corner.  Once you change your view I will guarantee the air will be fresher.

Nothing can stop the right view and mindset from achieving its goal. 


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