The Best Proof of Love is Trust

The best proof of love is trust.  If you can't love him then you need to leave him.

Lets be honest.  If you really loved him you wouldn’t be stalking his Instagram likes, Facebook feed, or DMs.  You wouldn’t be plotting how to break into his phone.  You wouldn’t be plotting drive by to his place at midnight.  You wouldn’t have a need to do any of that if you really loved him.

Why do I say you don’t love him? In order to love someone you have to be able to trust them.  If you are really concerned about this person hurting you then chances are he will.  If he has no intention of hurting you but you keep creeping through his DM then you need to let him go because you don't trust him. 

Life is ways too dayum short to be wasted on worrying about what the next persons is doing.  If you are that worried about him messing with your heart or playing mind games with you then talk to him.  Don’t stalk him.  If you are too scared to have a conversation like this with him then you need to let him go.  


What’s the point of being in a relationship with a person you feel you can’t communicate with?  Are you that scared of his reaction that it stops you from living your life?  Communication is key to a healthy relationship so if you don’t have that then you don’t have anything at all.  

To be able to communicate efficiently means you are able to trust the person with what you say and how you mean it.  This works two ways.  Not just you to him… how you react to him as well.  


I know way too many women who go back to men who have lied and cheated with them.  They go in and out of this relationship with the person with the same gripes they had the first, second, and third time. This is after they finally sit down and have a conversation about their needs and the person still never changes and she still never walks away.  

That’s why things don’t ever change, because you are too scared to walk away.  I don’t mean physically walk way.  I mean walk away from the drama, the life, the broken promises, the faux “I-Love-You.”  Walking away from him and all the drama he brings to the table will bring you a sense of peace.

Many times men will keep coming back to you after a breakup because he knows you will take him back. You keep taking the bait because after a day, a week, a month because you are tired of being alone or frightened that you won’t find anyone else.


Hello ladies. These are your own insecurities getting the best of you.

That’s what it all comes back down to.  Your insecurities.  Your need.  Your want.  Your desires.  YOU!

Yet, you will keep allowing yourself to stay in a web of lies, deceit, and fairytales just to have a warm body next to you for a limited amount of hours before the whole process happens over again.  

Yet, we as women have a tendency to not take accountability for our roll in these volatile relationships.  Yes, he shouldn’t be cheating or lying.  However, when you come back to him over and over and over again do you really think he cares about your feelings?  No.  He is now at this point where he knows you, and knows that you will always be the backup plan for him.  

Yet… you still go into his phone, stalk his social media, or even drive by his place to see he’s there or not.


Is this how you really want to live your life?

Girl, gas is expensive!

Ask yourself.  What are you getting out of a relationship like this?  Ah!  I know! You’re hoping he will change… for you.  Honey, let me be perfectly honest.  Humans can be very selfish creatures by nature.  The only reason he’s going to change is for himself.  


You want him to take you seriously?  How about really walking away.  Not answering the phone. Blocking him on all social media.  Not giving into the calls and text messages.  During this time you really need to be honest with yourself. Why do you keep this person around?  Why do you feel like this?  Why can't you trust him?  

If you can’t trust him.  Then you don’t love him.  You really should let him go.  Find someone who doesn't make you question them in the least bit.  

Without trust there is no relationship.

Without  trust there is no love.  

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