I Need You because I Love You

Immature loves says I need your because I love your.  Mature loves says I love you because I need your. Erick Fromm

Love is an incredible power. 

When growing in love I feel as though there are two stages, immature love and mature love. 

My favorite love quote of all time is from Erich Fromm who states, “I’m immature loves say I love you because I need you.  Mature loves says I need you because I love you.”

Let that sink in for a moment. 

There will be people in your life that will come in for the simple fact that they need you.  However they mistake that need for love.  They love you because of what you can do for them.  Rather if it’s financial, emotional, or physical some people will just use you with the false idea that it’s love. 

No.  That’s not love. 

Love won’t use you. Love won’t take advantage of you.

Love won’t take you for granted.

Love isn’t a word that you throw around to get someone to do what you want.  Love is an emotion that someone should use when the thought of you not being there is too much of a pain to bear.  When you can’t fall asleep without that person touching you.  Or no matter how much you visit and talk to each other you still get that same excitement when you see that person every day. 

Love is about supporting each other, being each other’s cheerleader, and being that persons mirror when the rest of the world will lie to you.

Mature love is kisses on the forehead when your partner thinks you’re asleep.  Or random emails during the day letting them know how much you miss them. 

Mature love is being there when that person needs you the most and you never see it as an inconvenience to you. 

Immature love only sees what they get out of it with very little to no consideration for the other person.  Immature loves is selfish… and in fact I would dare to argue that I wouldn’t consider it love. 

Love is very selfless. 

Today, I challenge you to email, text, or better yet, write a handwritten note to the person you love and placing to somewhere they will see…. Laptop, steering wheel, or next to his kids and let him or her know how much you mean to him.


Have the Happiest of Monday’s Y’all!

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