There are four words more power than ‘I love you’, and those word are ‘I’m here for you.’

There are four words that mean more than I love you and those words are Im here for you

There are four words more power than ‘I love you’, and those word are ‘I’m here for you.’

I’m here for you.   This is such powerful phrase.  It’s a sentence that will make even the strongest of us feel weak in the knees.  Loving someone is great, but loving someone and being there for someone are two different ideologies.  I feel as a society we may have forgotten that.

The phrase ‘I love you’ gets thrown around so loosely these days.  It seems as though it has almost lost its meaning.  Anyone can say I love you, but actions are more powerful than words.  Many times we know when someone loves us.  They don’t have to say it. You can tell by what they do for you and how they treat you. Those actions include just being there for you.

Not only being there for you in your time of need, but being there for you in your time of joy and happiness.  It’s great to just have that person in your corner.  

Loving someone doesn’t mean that you will always be there for that person,  but being there for that person always means that you love them.

Someone being there for you is so fulfilling.  Knowing that you have that person that you can run to  is a wonderful safety net.  Whenever you feel like you’re freefalling you can be confident that you will have that person to catch you.

 This person doesn’t need to be a lover.  This person can be a brother, sister, or best friend.  While a significant other is always nice don’t forget that before you met that person you had a base camp of mom, dad, siblings, and friends.  Know that no matter what’s going on in your life they will always be there for you… as you should be for them.   Never take these relationships for granted.  They can disappear faster than you would ever expect.

You should be there for them.  Listen, reach out, email, or send a random text just to say that you love them.  No reason needed.  Just that you are thinking about them.  Even if they don’t reply back take comfort in the fact that you made them smile and feel loved.  That is a feeling that everyone can appreciate.

My Aunt TC does that to me every once in awhile and even though I don’t always reply back… I love her to death.  It brightens my whole day when I receive a text message from her first thing in the morning.  I am so blessed.  I really am.

Today is Monday.  When you get a chance, please send one of your friends a random text message saying, “I’m here for you. Always.” 

Make someone’s Monday special.  Words are your most powerful resource. Let someone know that you are there for them. 

Happy Monday Y’all!

In the comments below tell me who you’re going to text message and why.  This morning I will text my mom and my Aunt to let them know I always have their back.

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