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Wonderland Boudoir is a Dallas based boudoir photography studio who loves creating memories that will last you a lifetime.  One of our favorite ways to accomplish that goal is through boudoir parties.  Boudoir parties are a great way for you and up to 5 of your closest girlfriend to have some girls time while having beautiful photos taken of yourselves.  Boudoir parties are great for bachelorettes, birthday, and gifts for that special someone in your life.  During the month of May you can save 25% off this awesome session!  Please contact us for more details!

 We had our first ever Boudoir Party late last year with four amazing women.  You can actually see their photos in a previous post, What is a Boudoir Party.

We had SUCH a blast at this session… maybe too much fun.  LOL.  In our previous post we shared what it looks like behind the scenes of a boudoir party session.  This go around we wanted to share with you the individual photos of each woman.  Today let me introduce you to Ms. A.  Isn’t she GORGEOUS?!

#Happines is a #Habit, Happiness is a Habit, Dallas Boudoir Photography

Yes!  You may have recognized our beautiful client from the post Happiness is a Habit.

Each lady had a different idea of what they wanted to wear for their session.  Ms. A decided to go with classic sexy.  She brought with her long lace and colors that complimented her skin complexion. 

For her face we went with a soft flirty look that matched the transitioning seasons from Fall to Winter.  Her wavy hair complimented the overall look of the session.  She wanted a mix of playful and sexy with a dash of classy.

Ms. A brought with her an array of clothing options.  She knew where she was going but didn’t know exactly how to get there.  Therefore she made sure she brought with her more than enough outfits for her session.

TIP: Having too many options is better than not enough. This goes for almost every aspect of your life. 

Most of the clothes that Ms A is wearing came from Forever 21.  Yes, it is possible to look as fashionable as her without having to break the bank. 

If there is one thing Ms. A did not leave at home was her confidence.  This woman SLAYED IT!  She left any ounce of insecurities she had at the door and embraced the whole boudoir experience.  She was clearly in the moment.  You can easily see this in her photos.  Ms. A was focused, listened well, open minded, but wasn’t scared to share her opinions and what she wanted out of the session. 

Ms. A was also very genuine. She is as beautiful inside and out and I think that translated well from her photos.  I adore the fact that she could go from cute to siren in .0001 seconds.   I LIVE for it! 

How to be #Confident, Dallas Boudoir, Boudoir Dallas, Wonderland Boudoir Photography

What you can learn from Ms. A?

Lesson 01: Confidence is fucking Sexy.

The End.

Lesson 02: Wear clothes that flatter your frame. 

Ms. A is a beautiful curvy woman and she was able to portray that with complete ease.  In her first outfit she rocked a catsuit… some people may refer to it has a winter romper, but whatever name you have for that outfit it was amazing.  The romper has a design on the center that cinched her stomach and made it look even smaller.  Also, you can tell she tried it on because the outfit wasn’t too tight or too big.  Too tight or too baggy clothes don’t make you look smaller.  Finding clothes that fit your frame correctly makes you look smaller. 

 If you want to hide your stomach for a boudoir sessions do not bring a simple bra and panty set.  Wear a baby doll dress, bring a chemise, or rock a teddy. These outfits not only hide your tummy, but make you look even slimmer when posed correctly by your photographer. 

Lesson 03: Wearing nude heels to a boudoir sessions is an absolute plus. 

Nude heels help to elongate your legs, adds more muscle tone, and cranks up the sexy factor by at least 25%.  Nude heels are a must for any adult female’s wardrobe, with or without a boudoir session in the future.

So without further ado here is Ms. A!

#Confident, #Confidence, How to be Confident, #Boudoir, Dallas Boudoir Photography, Wonderland Boudoir
#Confident, #Confidence, How to be Confident, #Boudoir, Dallas Boudoir Photography, Wonderland Boudoir
#Confident, #Confidence, How to be Confident, #Boudoir, Dallas Boudoir Photography, Wonderland Boudoir

So what did you think of Ms. A boudoir session?  Amazing wasn’t it?!  Be sure to follow up on Friday for Ms. K boudoir session.

 If you’re interested in Wonderland Boudoir shooting your Boudoir Party remember that we are having a 25% of sale on our Queen’s Court , Boudoir Party, for the month of May.  Please contact us when you and your girls are ready to shoot!

In the comments below let me know which outfit you liked best on Ms. A and why? 

Today you have a chance to win a $40 gift card from Victoria’s Secret when you leave a comment.   The contest ends May 30th, 2015 at 11:59AM CST.

The winner will be announce on Facebook and Twitter on May 30th!   

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