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Wonderland Boudoir is a Dallas Boudoir studio who specialized in Boudoir Photography. We offer Boudoir Parties for Brides, birthday, and just a fun girls night out.

As you guys know this month is dedicated to friendships and boudoir parties!  A boudoir party is a great activity for bachelorette parties, birthday celebrations, or just a fun Girl’s Night Out event.  Today I want to give you guys a behind the scene glimpse of a boudoir party.

Late last year we put together our first boudoir party with these four beautiful ladies. Each lady has different comfort levels with the idea of boudoir so each of them wanted something different.  Some wanted to be more subtle while some of the other ladies wanted to bare it all! 

You may have arrived with a group but everyone gets 30 minutes of individual time with the photographer. Remember this is YOUR time.  Make the most of it and get the photos that you have always desired. 

Today I will showcase the whole party and for the rest of the month I will show case each of these ladies independently so you can see their individual sessions.  No two will be the same and that’s the fun in a boudoir party! 

About the Party

The party was AMAZING.  After all the girls showed up to our studio the drinks and food started to flow.  While we do provide champagne I believe that you should only have one glass prior to your session. While the champagne may give you liquid courage you don’t want to have drunk eyes.  Being coherent is an essential part of a boudoir party. LOL we want to make sure you’re getting the best photos in your 30 minute session.

Hair, Makeup, & Styling

The hair and makeup team will speak to each girl about their hair and makeup goals.  Hair and makeup will also be determined by the outfit that you choose. Styling is such an important part in good photos.  We will discuss what we think will be the best for you based on what you bring. 

You will need to have day old hair for your session.  Hairstylist prefer that.

While the makeup artist will most likely have your foundation sometimes it better to bring your own because some people have sensitive skin and the makeup artist foundation may break you out. 

When it comes to styling please remember to try on your clothes before your session.  I have a post that identifies the 7 things that you need to do before a boudoir session.  The rules found in this post also apply to boudoir parties.  Take this post and make sure you SHARE it with all your friends.

Wednesday’s post covered what a boudoir party actual is and the benefits to it.  As pointed out  in that post, at Wonderland Boudoir, each person in your party is allotted a 30 minute shoot time the photographer.

The 30 minute sessions include:

Hair & Makeup

  • 1 outfit
  • Private Gallery with 30 of your best photos
  • Of those 30 photos you get to pick your favorite (one 8x12) digital photo that you want fully edited
  • You do have the option to buy additional photos or your entire set

Without further ado let me how you guys how much fun a boudoir session with you and some of your girlfriends can be!

Wonderland Boudoir, Dallas Boudoir, Boudoir Dallas, Boudoir Party
Wonderland Boudoir, Dallas Boudoir, Boudoir Dallas, Boudoir Party
Wonderland Boudoir, Dallas Boudoir, Boudoir Dallas, Boudoir Party

Wasn’t that so much fun?!  If you’re interested in booking your own boudoir party please check out our investment page.  Then head over to our contact page to give us a call or send an email for more information!

Remember we are offering 25% off out Boudoir Parties this month!

In the comments below let me know please let me know if you have any questions about boudoir sessions that I didn’t cover!

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