Dallas Boudoir Photography: Drop your Fears and Embrace your Sexuality

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I mean look at her perfect face.  And that makeup though!  While some women choose to go on the more conservative side I have some women who like to bare all.  This was Ms. T.  Unfortunately I can’t show you guys the photos because I want to try and keep this site no more than a PG13, but what I loved about Ms. T is that she had no issue baring it all.

Letting go of all your fears, owning your session, and baring it all is the most important part of having a successful boudoir session.  I know it’s hard. There is a lot of fear that comes with expressing your feminine sexuality with someone you just met.  The beauty of a boudoir session is to help you face your fears and embrace your beauty.

Ms. T did just that.  While I will keep the more intimate photos private I did want to share this set with you.  I love how a simple black dress was used as a tool to really showcase her beauty.

The makeup was done by Alessandra.  How gorgeous is it?!  I really can’t stop looking at her eye work.  Alessandra is a dream and if you need a great makeup artis in Dallas then Alessandra is your girl!  Please check out more of her work at makeupartistdfw.com

Without Further Ado, Ms. T!

Wonderland Boudoir Dallas, Dallas Boudoir Photography, #Dallas, #Boudoir, #Photography, All Black Everything
Wonderland Boudoir Dallas, Dallas Boudoir Photography, #Dallas, #Boudoir, #Photography, All Black Everything

Thank you so much for checking out Ms. Taylor and her work!  This week I will be showcasing nothing but recent work so make sure you check out each and every day.  Make sure you go and visit Ms. A photos session from last week.  Her boudoir session was great because she brought her confidence game.  Confidence and facing your fears are two important elements of a great boudoir session.

In the comments below please let me know which photo was your favorite!


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